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Blue Love Story – Episode 35

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 35 : BEN’S CONDITION ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




“Ben, please don’t leave me. God, help him.”



The ambulance responded immediately and the nurses carried Ben in it. I hop in the ambulance. I want to be with Ben and make sure he’s breathing until we reach the hospital.


I quickly called Dad and Momsh to seek for help. I couldn’t handle Ben’s condition alone.


“Dad, I need your help. I don’t know what’s happening to Ben. He lost his conscious and we are on our way to the hospital.”


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“Alright, just give me the name of the hospital and I’ll be right there.”


I ended the call and look at Ben. He don’t have any wounds but he fainted. I am still in panic that’s why nurses on the ambulance injected me a sedatives.


Ben was delivered on the emergency room. Both Dad and Momsh had come. They are in panic too.


“What happened to dear Ben?” Momsh asked.


“I don’t know, Momsh. Uncle tried to kidnap me and but fight him. I was just gone for a short moment to call for a help. And then we saw him lying on the ground screaming his pain.”


“This is what I am saying. Ben did not listen to the doctor’s advice and very determined to not do the surgery,” Dad said, disappointedly. I look at him. “Surgery? What do you mean surgery, Dad?”


Dad look at me, surprised and confused. “Ben didn’t told you about it?”


“Tell about what, Dad? He didn’t said anything about the check up. He just said that the check up is good, nothing else.” “Ben have a serious problem, Jaja.”


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BENJAMIN’s Point Of View








“Heart, me and Dad are concern about your condition, please don’t make it bad.” I sighed and look straight into her eyes. “I am just afraid to know what’s my condition.”


“I am here. Don’t be afraid, heart. We are here to support you whatever condition you have.”


I was frightened to what I have done to Jaja. I’ve hurt her because I lost control. I couldn’t forgive myself if I hurt her again. My sanity returned when I saw her



crying and begging to believe her. I do believe her. It was just my mind doesn’t act with my body movements. I couldn’t control myself.


We enter the Doctor’s office, the one who did the check up and responsible for scanning my body. He sit on his swivel chair and he’s holding an envelope.


“Mr. Alvarez, this is the result of MRI we have done.” He took out the black thing from the envelope. “You have a Intracranial Neoplasm.” “What do you mean with that?” Dad asked.


The Doctor showed us the picture on it. “You have a brain tumor, Mr. Alvarez. This medium sized circular white dot is a tumor on your brain. It is malignant. This size is very dangerous based on the symptoms you are feeling right now. You have a change in pattern of headaches that become more severe. You also have an unexplained nausea or vomiting. You also said that you suffered from a sudden blurred vision, difficulty of balancing yourself. Your behavior is also suddenly changing. And the very worst case here is you’re experiencing a retrograde amnesia that sometimes you lose control and forgot things.”


Stunned. This is what I am talking about. I don’t want to have a check up because I know I am sick, dangerous ill.


“Doc, can this be cured?” Dad asked.


“Couldn’t be cured but we can remove it. Chemotherapy is no use, it would just slow the growth of the tumor but it can’t kill it. You need to undergo on a brain surgery, Mr. Alvarez.”


“Doc, if ever we did the surgery, is there a possibility that I’m going to lose my memory?” I asked.


“Yes. Brain surgery is fatal but we can assure you that you’re gonna live. The problem here is there is a possibility that’s you’ll suffer from an anterograde amnesia. You’re gonna have a difficulties in remembering your previous memories.”


I look at Dad. “I don’t want to do the surgery. I don’t want to forget Jaja, Dad. I don’t.”


“Don’t worry, Mr. Alvarez. You’ll undergo into a therapy after the brain surgery and we’ll help you regain the lost memories if ever you suffered from an amnesia.” “Still, I don’t like to undergo on a surgery. Just give me medicines that can slow this f*cking tumor in my brain.”


Dad hold my hand and kept me calm. “Alright, Doc, just give us a prescription.” “If ever you couldn’t handle the pain anymore, you must undergo on a brain surgery before it kills you, Mr. Alvarez.” .


••••••••• END OF FLASHBACK •••••••••••






JAJA’s Point Of View






I couldn’t accept the truth. That’s why Ben has been acting strange. It is because he have a brain tumor that affects his behavior and memory. Everything he had weirdly done has been answered.


Ben! You’re unfair. I told you that I am here and ready to support you for every problem you’re gonna encounter. But you still faced it alone.


I felt my knees weaken because of the news I heard. I couldn’t hold my tears any longer. Pain and sadness filled my heart. Ben is sick yet I don’t know what is it. I should be angry at him for keeping the truth as secret from me. I should have cared him more. And now Ben is on a fatal situation.


“Doc, how is my son?” Dad asked the doctor that got out from the ER.


“We need to do the surgery, Sir. Your son’s life is in danger now and we couldn’t save him if we haven’t removed the tumor on his brain immediately,” the doctor said.


“But, Doc, can you assure to us that he’ll live?” I asked.


“We can’t promise you that, lady. But we will do our outmost best to keep him alive.”


I hold the Doctor’s hand. “Please, do everything to save him.”


The Doctor nod and quickly moved. Dad hold my hand.


“Are you sure you want to do it? There’s a possibility that he’ll forget you,” he said.


I smiled. “Just to see him alive is enough, Dad. If he don’t remember me, then I’ll


make him remember me.”


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::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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