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Blue Love Story – Episode 32

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 32 : HOPEFUL LOVE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




I look at Ben who was on sweet sleeping. What happened earlier is really brain draining and shock killing. I believe Ben that he didn’t mean what he have done to me. The question that keeps on bugging me these past few days is does Ben have a mental problem? He is not Ginny, he don’t have DID.


I touch Ben’s face. “I love you, heart. I love you very much even you’re like that. But I’m afraid that one day, it was yourself you’re going to hurt.”


I rise up and pick my phone on the bed side table. I dialed Dad’s number. After two rings, he answered the call.


“Jaja? Why the sudden call me late at night? Is there something happened?” Dad’s voice is full of concern.


“Sort of, Dad. It’s about Ben.” I look at Ben. He furrowed his brow again like he’s angry. I massage his brow to make it at ease.

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“What happen to him?”


“Dad, Ben is acting strange. He acts like he have mood swing. But I think he’s sick. He just don’t tell it to me. He’s experiencing severe headaches and sometimes he feels like he want to vomit. Ben.. sometimes he lost control and hurt everyone around him. Dad, I don’t know what to do. I want to bring back the Ben that I met.” “Did he hurt you?” Dad’s voice is now alarmed. “Ye-yes, Dad. But it’s not too much. He just lost his control in jealous.”


“Why? Did you make something that made him jealous?”


“He saw a picture of me hugging my old friend, Dad. I explained it to him but he didn’t listen. Dad, he’s my friend. Nothing more.”


“I believe you, Jaja. Ben just love you very much and got scared. Don’t worry, I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. Jaja, stay away from him as you can. We don’t know what’s happening to him. I haven’t seen him these past few days after the party that’s why I don’t know what’s happening to him.” “Okay, Dad. Sorry for disturbing you.”


“It’s okay. Thank you for letting me know Ben’s condition right now. Sleep now, Jaja. Good night. If ever Ben had awaken, make him drink a glass of milk and give a sleeping pills on it. It’s better to be alert.”


“Thanks, Dad. Good night.” I ended the call. I return from lying down and faced Ben. I hug him very tight. “Have a sweet dream, sweetheart.” .


BEN OPENED the door when someone buzzed the bell.

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“Dad, what are you doing here?”


I look at the door from the kitchen. I smiled when Dad look at me.


“I’m here to check you and Jaja.” Dad came in. They walk towards the kitchen. “Ben, are you okay?”


“Yes, Dad. Why’d you ask?” Ben look at me like he was saying did-you-tell-it-to-him?


I smiled at him apologetically. He hold my hand and smiled.


“I heard what you did on the company. Ben, you’re getting too much rude.”


“I’m sorry, Dad.”


“Let’s have a check up.”


Ben look at his Dad, confused. “Why?”


“I want to make sure you’re not acting like Ginny.”


“I don’t have a split identity,” Ben seriously said.


“Heart, me and Dad are concern about your condition, please don’t make it bad.”


Ben sighed and look straight into my eyes. “I am just afraid to know what’s my






I AM WASHING my hands on the lavatory of the girl’s comfort room of a restaurant. Momsh is so excited that she even invited me and the whole Colleen family in the restaurant. We’re going to receive the result today.


“So you’re still not contented with Ben. You’re looking for another guy to ease your itchiness?”


I turned to face the lady who speak. It was Olga. She just enter the comfort room.


Only the two of us is here inside.


“Oh! What happened to your cheek? Did Ben slapped you because of the picture?”


I knitted my brows. “So it was you who sent the picture.”


“Of course. Ben must know that his girlfriend is having an affair with a resto crew.”


I smirked. “Well, you’re wrong, lady. I have no affair with others. It was only Ben. I am loyal and not a b*tch who cheats.”


Olga’s stare is like slicing knife. “Gold digger.”


I laugh. “It’s better to be a gold digger than to be a slut that make out with another.”


“Are saying that I am slut?!”


“Of course not. Why? Are you affected?”


“If you think Ben loves you very much, well you’re wrong. I’m going to take back what’s mine.”


“What’s yours? You dumped him and I picked him up. Now, he’s mine. You have no rights to make him yours because you have thrown him away.” Olga laughed. “You like things that I already thrown?”


“You already thrown it, but you’re going to pick it up? What are you? Are you getting poor that’s why you’re picking back what you have abandoned? Too desperate.”


“You’re the one who’s desperate here. I am Ben’s first love.”


I laugh again. “Lady, let me tell you something that I know you don’t know. There


are four stages of love. First stage is the First Love, yes you’re his first love and


indeed, you still have a spot in his heart but it is just a spot. Second stage is One


True Love. Third is One Great Love. And last is Hopeful Love, the unexpected


love that arise from an unexpected time and scene. I am his hopeful love, lady.


Hopeful love is very special.”


“I am his one true love.”


“Are you sure about that?”




“One true love? Come on! You lost it, Olga. You lost Ben since the first time you cheat. Ben deserve to be love, not to be cheated. You broke him. You made his life miserable and now you have a courage to return to his life? Where’s your shame?” “Don’t assume too much, darling. Don’t dream too high, you might break your own self if you fall.”


I smirked at her. “Move on, lady. You are now just Ben’s past.”


“This past will surely make your life miserable.”


“Do it. I can live with how miserable that is. I’ve been through a lot of miserable times. Do not threaten me because I am not the kind of girl who get easily threaten.”


“You are just his rebound!” she shouted. Now she lost her poise.


“Better luck next time, lady. You lost your chance to be with Ben for the rest of your life.”


I left her in the comfort room and return to our table. The Colleen family isn’t here yet, only me and Momsh. But Momsh said they’re coming here once we saw the results and was confirmed that one of them.


“What took you so long, darling?” Momsh asked as I sit on the chair. “Just cleared someone’s mind, Momsh.” .


::::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::













>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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