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Blue Love Story – Episode 31

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Episode 31 : WHO IS HE?!






JAJA’s Point Of View




“Heart, what are you doing there? You’ve been staying there for more than an hour.” I knock the door of the bathroom. Ben had run to the bathroom when we wake up, then he acts like he’s feeling nausea. “I’m okay, sweetie. Just prepare the breakfast.”


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Ben had been quiet yesterday after we encountered his ex, Olga. I don’t know but I am feeling threaten because of her presence. There is a feeling that she’s going to take Ben from me.


“Heart, Momsh said she want to see me.” I served him the breakfast. “Okay, sweetie. Just come home before 5 PM.” “I have something to tell you, heart.”


“What is it?”


“Have you gone to the hospital? You should go to have a check up. You’re sick.”


“I’m not sick, sweetie.”


“But you’re crying in pain of your head last night.”


“It’s just a migraine, sweetie.”


“But I am concern about your health. You’re demanding about your headaches and every morning you’re feeling nausea. ”


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He smiled. “Okay, sweetie. I’ll have a check up. Don’t be paranoid.”


“I’m not paranoid. I just want to make sure you’re alright.”


He took my hand and kiss the back of it. “Okay, sweetie. I love you.”


“I love you too, heart. Have a check up.”


“Okay, my queen. By the way, where is your meet up place? I’ll drop you there.”


“Don’t busy yourself, heart. Momsh would just fetch me here.”


“Alright, I’m leaving. Take care, sweetie.”




I ENTERED the restaurant that Momsh had said to be our meet up place. She couldn’t fetch me because she have a short errand to do first. I just wait for her to come. I choose the table at the very corner to avoid noise. “Good morning, ma’am. Can I take your orders?”


I look up at the waiter just to be flabbergasted.


“Ed?!” I said in surprise. He was my best friend back in Uncle’s place. Ed blink a few times and then stared at me, remembering me. “Jaja?!”


I smiled. “The one and only.” I stood up and hugged him tight. “Oh God! I missed you, Ed.”


“I miss you too, Jaja. Where have you been? I didn’t see you on Uncle Troy’s canteen these past few weeks.”


“Have a sit. I’ll pay your time.” We sit on the chair. “Uncle Troy sold me to a club, Ed.”


“What the f*ck?!” Ed lowered his face when the customers nearby look at us.


“What a heartless Uncle.”


I smiled. “How are you?”


“Still, handsome.”


I laughed. “I know. How’s your Mum?”


“They’re doing good. My brother is going to school this year so I am trying all my best to earn money for his fees. How about you? You look rich now, huh?” “I am rich, Ed. I met my grandmother on Mum’s side!”



Ed’s eyes widen. “You-your Granny? You have a living relatives than your Uncle?”


“Yes. She’s here.” We both stand up to face Momsh.


“Sorry for keeping you wait, darling. Who is this man?” Momsh asked when she noticed Ed close to me.


“Momsh, this is Ed, my best friend on Uncle Troy’s place. Ed, this is Momsh, my grandmother.”


“Hello, good morning, ma’am,” greeted by Ed.


“Good morning. You’re Jaja’s bestfriend? You must know her very well.”


“Not really, ma’am. We just became best friend for just a year so I don’t know her very well. I don’t even know that she have a grandmother.” “Well, it’s okay. She also have no idea.”Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


“By the way, can I take your orders, beautiful ladies?”


Momsh laugh. “I like this man, Jaja.”


Me and Ed giggled. Ed leaved us after he get our orders.


“I’m so excited to see the results tomorrow. I know you are my granddaughter but that result would be the key to make the information more stronger.” “Momsh, are they gonna accept me as their relative?”




I OPENED THE door and saw Ben sitting on the couch.


“Heart, you’re home early.” I walk towards him. I stop in front of him.


Seems like didn’t notice me. I kneeled in front of him.


“Are you okay, heart?” I hold his hand that made him jump is shock. He look at me.


“Yes. I’m okay. How’s your day, sweetie?”


“Good, heart. How about you? You come home early.”


“Suffered from headache, sweetie. But I am okay now. Can you prepare me the screwpine layered cake? I’m craving for it.”


Even I am confused of his actions, I still did his request.


“Here’s your cake, heart.” I walk towards him, he’s staring at his phone.


He look at me, like I am an enemy. I step back when I saw pain and anger in his eyes.


He slapped me that made me lie down on the carpet. It’s hurt.


“Where have you been?!” he asked loudly.


“Heart, I meet Momsh. Why are you asking? I told you about it earlier, right?”


“Really? Meet Momsh? Or you just made it a cover to meet up with your lover?”


Stunned. “What do you mean? What are you saying?”



He showed me his phone. A picture of me and Ed, hugging in the resto, is there. “Who is he?!”


“He’s my old friend. Our meet up is unexpected. I miss him that’s why I hug him.


Ben, he’s my friend!”




“Ben, please! He’s is my friend. Believe me!” I cried.


He raise his hand aiming to slap me. I prepared myself for another slap to touch my face.


“He’s my friend!” I covered myself, trying to protect myself from him when he hug me.


“Oh God, I’m sorry. Sweetie, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He’s also crying and hugging me tight.


“Ben, what’s happening to you?” I asked between my cries.


“I don’t know. I don’t know.”




:::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::




>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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