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Blue Love Story – Episode 3

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 3 : AROUSED ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .


JAJA’s Point Of View










That’s the only feeling I have right now.


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I am quiet the whole duration of waiting for the man who bought me.


Though I know that my Uncle is blinded by the money, I still begged him, hoping that he’ll realize that I am his niece. But no, he just looked at me like a thing that brought gold into his palm.


I bite my lower lip. Here comes my tears again, started flowing nonstop. I know that my life would be more miserable in the arms of Mister 89.


You thought beauty is a gift? I am now telling you, it is not. It is only a gift for those in luck. This beauty of mine only brought misery to my life. I wanted to scar my face and my body, to make it more undesirable. But I can’t. I have no courage to do it. I am scared and timid.


I looked down, trying to hide my face with my hair, when the driver and a man hop in a limo I am right now. The man sit next to me. I heard the closing window that connects us with the driver. Now, we are like in a small room.


I jumped on my sit in fright when I felt his hand touched my arm. I restrained myself from crying, afraid to anger the man.


“Don’t move. I will unlock your cuffs.” He pulled my arm.


It is familiar.


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His voice is familiar. I took a glance at the man. He wears tuxedo, his hair was


brushed up, his face is neat. He have set of deep eyes, pointed nose, and thin lips. It


was the man whom I had bumped a while ago. The man who said that he like me


and wanted to take my service.


“Y-you,” I faintly whispered.


He looked at me, stare rather. He had heard me. “Yes,” he said.


“Why did you buy me?” I asked confusedly. I gulped when I saw fire in his eyes. “You made me aroused. You made me want you so badly,” he answered. He grabbed my arms that made me lift from the seat. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my body into him. He kissed me, torridly, like a hungry man starving on a meat.


It is new to me. I am completely stunned above him, don’t know what to do. It’s strange, I wanted to kiss him back but I don’t know how. I felt my body heated up and got more sensitive. What is really happening to me?


I gasped when his hand run down from my hair to my back, slowly feeling it. He is still holding both of my arm using his one hand. I moaned as he bite my lower lip and licked my tongue. Next, his tongue brushed down to my neck and up to my ear, he licked my earlobe. Everything he’s doing brought tingling sensation towards my body, shivers through my spine, and made my *ss throb. I should be disgusted



because his saliva is in my skin but no, I am only feeling the sensuality he’s giving. Am I also aroused?


He moaned as he caressed my b*tt. “I really want to take you now,” he whispered. His free hand pushed my head and deepened the kiss. I am not a fast learner but I easily learned to fight his torrid kiss.


We are in the middle of our making out when his phone rang. He cursed between kissing me and let go of me. He slowly pushed me up to sit while he’s still catching my lips.


“What is it?” he yelled when he answered the call. He looks like constipated, his face is angry.


I fixed myself. I lifted up the strap of my dress back to my shoulder. I can still feel his lips on my neck.


My heart is pounding hard and loud, I am also breathing heavily like I have been in a marathon. What just happened to me? Did I really enjoyed his actions? It is not good. Ain’t really good.


“What the f*ck! Why didn’t you tell that to me earlier?” He look angry and panicked. “Okay, just wait. I’m on my way.”


After he ended up the phone call he looked at me. There’s no more fire in his eyes.


He sighed and sit straight. I think he won’t continue the making out happened. I got relaxed and breathe softly. He removed his coat and gave it to me. “Cover your body. You’re making me out of control.”


I gulped again as I reach the coat. I immediately wore it and covered my body. It’s too big for me, I think it became a dress for me.


Silence filled the car. There’s no conversation happened during the trip. I saw from


the window that the car entered the parking lot of a condominium. As the car


stopped, I readied myself to get out.


“Wait,” he stopped me.


I turned my head to see him, questioningly.


“Don’t you ever run away from me after I unlock your chains on your feet. I am warning you,” he said solemnly.


I just nod. He got out and opened the door beside me. He sit to reach my feet. I hold my breath as he unlocks my chains. Slowly, I got out. He held my hand and pulled me. While walking, I am staring at our clasped hand. I haven’t notice where we have gone and which way we have taken.


When we entered the elevator, I looked up to him. Staring at him intently. He’s too tall for me. I haven’t even reached his shoulder level. I am too small for him. He look so prim, intelligent, and respectable on his suit.



“Don’t stare at me like that. It’s giving me another meaning,” he said, not looking at me.


“What meaning?” I asked out of curiosity.


“By the way you stare at me, you’re inviting me to take you here.”


I turned my gaze away from him. Is that his impression? He’s weird.


He pulled me when the elevator get open. We walked on the long pathway where several door were seen by me. It is a grandiose condominium. He’s super rich to afford to live here and bought me. We stopped in front of a room.


“Close you eyes. Turn back. And don’t look unless I said so,” he commanded. I did what he said. He don’t want me to know the password of his room. “Come in.” He pulled me again. He closed the door when we got in.


“You’ll live here with me. For now, you’ll sleep here alone. I am leaving for awhile but I’ll return here tomorrow. If you’re hungry, just go to the kitchen right there,” he pointed out the direction of the kitchen. He pulled me again and we came up the stairs. He opened one of the room. “This is your room. You can now sleep here, if you want to take a bath, the bathroom is right there. All you need here is complete. Nighties and undies are there in the cabinet. I am leaving.”


My mind worked up when I heard the door closed. He really leaved me here? I ran towards the door and tried to open it but it asks for a password. Nice! I am a prisoner here in a grandiose condominium.


Tiredness hit my body. I decided to take a bath first before sleeping. I saw a pair of nighties that’s big for me and a panty. I am thankful that the undies fit in me. I throw myself on the soft bed. While lying, I remembered what happened during the trip. I wonder if Mister 89 is here, what would happen tonight?


I shook my head so hard to erase what I am thinking. I turned aside and made a fetus like position. I don’t think I can sleep here, in an unknown place. I sighed. I hope that everything will be alright.


I miss my family, my home. Tears began to flow again. Homesick and loneliness is killing me.


I don’t know if how long I’ve been crying until I fell asleep.




:::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<



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