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Blue Love Story – Episode 27

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 27 : DO NOT BELITTLE ME ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




I stood up and decided to get a food after Dad and Auntie Fely leaved me, Frederick might return and bug me again. Ben has not come back yet.



I smiled to people I passes by that is smiling at me. I can see that other ladies are staring at me but as Ben had said, I shouldn’t be conscious and anxious to their stare, I should make them aware of my presence.


“Hi! You’re Benjamin’s date, right?” A lady approached me. She’s wearing the necklace that I have designed. She must be one of the relatives of Mrs. Vallo. “Yes,” I answered.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


“I am Danna, the granddaughter of Mrs. Vallo.” She extend her arm to me, inviting for a shake hand.


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“I’m Jaja,” I introduced myself and accepted her hand.


“Jaja. You’re the designer of this necklace?”




“Great! I love this necklace. You are very talented.”


We talked for a few minutes and then she leave. I went to the corner after I finish the food. I grabbed the glass of wine from the tray held by the roving waiter. I stayed at the corner. While drinking the little by little, I watched the musicians play their piece. I know these musicians, they a great performer.


“So, you’re here. Are you feeling happy to see me being rejected by your date?”


I turned to face the lady. It was the lady who approached Ben and was rejected by him in a rude way. Have not she moved on yet?


“Of course not,” I answered and faced the musicians again.


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“Don’t turn your back at me if I am still talking to you. Don’t you know who I am?!”


God! Did we offended her too much for her to keep on bugging me?! “I don’t know you.”


“What an arrogant lady.” She laughs. “I am Leah, the pianist princess of this country. You still don’t know who I am?!”


“Well, sorry, Leah, but I still don’t know you.” I turned to face the musicians again.


They have just finished their piece. Their performance is great.


“You bitch!”


I faced her. “Do you know who I am?” I asked.




“Then stay away from me. You don’t know what I might do to you if you keep on


pissing me off, Leah.”


“Are you threatening me?”


“Why? Are you threatened?”


“Of course not!” She rolled her eyes. “Your dress is expensive. Only rich people can afford to buy that.”


“Why? Can’t you afford it?”


“Of course. In fact, I have lots of Donna Karan’s gowns.”


“I don’t care,” I said and grins at her.


She knitted her brow and was about to pull my hair when I stopped her. “Nah-uh! You are a pianist princess, right?” She nod.


“Are you going to make a scandal that could bring down your fame? Think, lady. Use the brain.”


She gritted her teeth. “I challenge you.”


I furrowed my brow. Now she challenge me.


“As I can see, you are rich. I challenge you to have a duel with me, in terms of playing piano.”


I sighed. Piano? I looked at the piano beside me. Piano is one of the way to determine if a person is rich or not. Piano is a piece of instrument that requires a great time to study. And only rich people can afford the fees of music school. “Play one music you know. I will start.”


Leah sit on the chair and started pressing the keys. She had caught the attention of people around. They gathered and circled on us. They are watching Leah. She is indeed a better pianist and she’s really professional the way she press the keys. Seeing a great pianist playing in an unexpected time and place is amazing. She finished her piece and the audience give her a round of applause. “You’re next,” she said boastfully and let me follow her.


I sit on the chair and gulped. I stared on the keys. They are beautiful but I don’t know how to use them properly and in tune. I love music, indeed, but I haven’t studied piano. I have no idea of which song or who’s legend should I imitate because I do not know any piano song!


“Are you just going to stare at the keys? You challenged me, right? Now where’s your bravery?”


Leah is making fun of me. People around us are now laughing and I can feel their stares. I gulped again. I have set myself in trouble easily and I don’t know how to get out quickly.


I took a deep breath and think of a piece I know. I look at the keys and placed my fingers there and started pressing the keys. I closed my eyes and remember Mum. She use to teach me this piece before, it was her original piano song. It was a melody song with full of feelings. It is the only song I know. I pressed the keys as I feel Mum’s presence beside me. I really miss her. I cast away the presence of


people around me and just feel the every keys like I was a professional pianist. I


smiled when I finished the piece.


Silence filled the air.


As I open my eyes, I saw Ben in front of the piano. He’s smiling widely and proudly. I smiled at him and stood up.


I faced Leah who was dumbfounded just like the audiences.


“Where did you learn that song?” Leah asked. “It’s not familiar to me but it is the best piece I’ve ever heard.”


“It was made by the very special person in my life. By the way, I don’t know how to play piano but I play with feelings. I am poor but I am educated. Do not belittle me. I have a lot of talents that can surpass your talent,” I said to her. “Where did you learn that song?”


I turned to face the lady who asked me. “My mother taught me this piece, lady. It was her original piece.”


Mum said she was a musician before but when she met Dad, she let go of her passion and choose love over the profession. She had missed the great opportunity in her life when she married Dad.


Mum once said that if a thing is really made for you, even you let go that opportunity grab it, it would return to you. There are lots of opportunities in world but one great love is only one, so don’t ever let go that one great love. “Who is your mother?” I can see hope and longing in her eyes.


“Jane Relativo, lady,” I answered.


I was surprised when she hugged me tight suddenly, crying.


“Lady, what’s happening to you?” I asked in concern.


Ben walk towards us. “What’s the matter?”


“I don’t know. She asked where did I learn the song and when I said the name she hugged me.”


“I knew it. You look like your Mum,” the lady said when she let me go from the hug.


Indeed, my Mum is my resemblance.


“You know my Mum, lady?” I asked, surprisingly.


“I know her very well. Mother know her daughter very well.”




::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::




>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<

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