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Blue Love Story – Episode 24

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Episode 24 : WORTHLESS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




I am feeling nervous and aware of the people’s stare. We are currently on a meeting, Dad and Master let me join them. Now, Master is currently looking at my designs. I am beside him and I can see his reactions as he flip the pages.


“Look at her designs,” Master said and give the sketchpad to the one near him. The designers clustered on one side and looked at my designs. They are nodding and smiling.


“Sir, the designs are beautiful,” one of them said.


“Send a copy of it to the client 560.” Master give the sketchpad to his secretary and

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faced me. “Very talented lady.”


“Thank you, Master.”


I know that the people on meeting are confused on how I call Master but they didn’t asked for the fear of waking up Master’s aggro. “You’re not going to hire her, son?” Dad asked.


“What do you think, everyone? You want to work with her?” Master asked the other designers.


They are smiling and excitedly nod. “Of course, Sir.”


“Good.” Master faced me again. “I’m gonna leave you to them for awhile. Even I want to be with you now I can’t. I need to attend a meeting.” “It’s okay, Master. I would like to start working with them now.”


Master stood up as well Dad and the other designers. “Pray that the client would like the designs of Jaja.”



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After Master and Dad leaved, the designers rushed towards me. They happily introduced theirselves and kindly welcomed me. They pulled me in their private studio here in the building. They assisted me on everything and introducing me to other employees as the new designer.


“Jaja, can we ask you something?” Kaelo asked.




“Why’d you call Sir Benjamin as Master?”


Should I tell them the truth? But Master have a rule that I shouldn’t tell them anything regarding to our previous relationship.


“I called him Master because when we are together, he acts like a boss.”


They nod. “We had thought Sir Benjamin had become a teacher and you are his student.”


I smiled. Little did they know that Master is really my teacher. My personal teacher.


“You know what, we are thankful because you came. Sir Benjamin almost brought havoc on the meeting. You’re his angel.”


I smiled again. “Stop complimenting. I’m just a normal lady.”


“Are you his girlfriend?” they asked.


They have a lot of questions, really.


“No. Not yet,” I answered.


“Is he courting you?”


“Yes. He’s my suitor.”


“That’s the reason why Sir Benjamin changed his mood suddenly when he saw you.”


“By the way, let’s start working and designing.”






BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




I didn’t know that Jaja can design. I only know that she draw and design dresses. “I like Jaja for you, son. The first time I saw her, she got my heart. Marry her now.”


We are currently on a trip going to my next meeting. Dad is the contact of the new client of our company so he joined me.


“Dad, don’t be too excited. I want to experience the moments that a couples do.”


“Have you not experienced it yet? You’re too slow, son. You love her, do you?”


“Of course. I love her very much.”


“More than you loved Olga?”


“Dad, she’s a past now. Don’t bring up that topic.”


“I just to make sure, Ben. Jaja look innocent and fragile. I don’t want you break her, Ben.”


I sighed. “I am serious with Jaja, Dad. I love her different from the way I loved Olga. I realized that Olga was loved by me because we’ve been so close before.” “Promise me, Ben, you won’t break Jaja. And be fast, marry her now.” Here comes the marry her again. “Dad, I told yo–”


“Just say you’re not ready yet. But I am warning you, Ben. Jaja is still young and green, indeed, but I know she really loves you. Don’t let her go away. Treasure her. She’s worthless.”


I was silenced. Dad never liked Olga the way he likes Jaja. Is this the sign to settle down and be with Jaja for the rest of my life? .




JAJA’s Point Of View




I FELT SOMEONE nudged my shoulder. When I look up, I saw my co-workers


giggling and smiling wildly.


“Here’s your lover boy, Jaja.”


I turned to face the door. Master is standing there, staring at me. It’s been a week since I became their new designer. Client 560 likes my designs so they ordered lots of jewelries that was designed by me. My co-workers are willingly helping me despite it was Master’s will.


“You’re having an OT again. Stop making yourself tired. Let’s go home.” Master took my satchel and hold my hand. He faced my co-designers. “All of you should go home also.”


“Okay, Sir Benjamin. Take care both of you.”


“Thank you,” I thanked. Master pulled me into the elevator.


“Tomorrow evening, the Client 560 is inviting me and you on their party. We’re going to the mall and we’ll do shopping,” Master said. “What kind of party is that, Master?”


“It’s a 60th celebration for their agency.”


I’ve learned from my co-designers that the Client 560 is a modeling agency. They’re one of the great clients of JewelCore because they are also representing the jewelries of Master’s company.


Master opened the door for me so I hop into his car. He circled around and hop in.


“Wear your seatbelt,” Master said. He sneaked a glance at his wristwatch. It’s


already 6 in the evening. He inserted the key in the engine and turned on the car


and we leaved the building.


“How’s your day, Master?”


“It’s good. How about you? How does your co-designers treat you?”


“They treat me like an angel, Master.”




“Yes. It is because your mood suddenly changes into better every time I am around, Master.”


Master laughed. “Well, they’re right. You are my angel.”Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


We are talking until we reached the mall. Master pulled me into the girl’s boutique. “Good evening, Sir and Ma’am, how may I help you?” asked by the saleslady. “I’m not good in terms of lady’s dresses. Assist my girlfriend to pick the best gown and stiletto for her.”


“No problem, Sir. May I ask, what is the occasion?”


“It’s a night party for elites.”


“Well, you have gone into the best boutique! We have beautiful gowns and lots of branded stilettos here that suits this lady well. Come with me, Ma’am.” “I’ll just wait here. Wear everything the saleslady say then show it to me.”


I followed the saleslady when she had picked up the gowns and shoes that she thinks could fit into me. She lead me to the dressing room.


I pick the first gown and worn it along the stiletto made for the gown and then I’ll


come out and show it to Master.


Master smiled. “Try the next one.”


The saleslady had picked five gowns so I’ve tried five different gowns and five different stilettos and shown it to Master. But as Master’s reaction from the first gown, he’ll just smile and then say ‘Try the next one.’ I finished trying those gowns and shoes so I give it to the saleslady who assisted me. She left me on the dressing room. I wear back my clothes and got out from the dressing room. Master is already waiting for me holding three paper bags.


“Let’s go.”


“Master, didn’t you like the gowns that I had worn?”


“I liked them all so I buy it all along the stilettos.”


My eyes were literally widen. I’ve seen the price tags of the gowns and shoes I had worn. They are too expensive, the prices are too high.



“These things can’t equal your worth. Only people who can’t appreciate and love you can sell you like your Uncle. That hundred dollars isn’t enough. For me, you are worthless.”


My heart beats fast and fell in love again because of his words. Master is really sweet monster.


“I love you, Master.”


“I love you too, Jaja.” He hold my hand and kissed the back of it. “Let’s have a






::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::


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>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<

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