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Blue Love Story – Episode 22

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 22 : SEDUCING MY MASTER ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




It was sudden. We haven’t stayed on the beach resort for 12 days because an emergency happened on Master’s company. I thought he’s angry because he heard what I and Valerie was talking about but he is angry because of the emergency. He didn’t said what kind of emergency is that, he just said that we are leaving.


We stopped in front of the condominium. Master opened the door beside me. “I’m going straight to the company.”


“But, Master, where am I staying while waiting for you? I don’t know the password of your condo unit.”


Master took the piece of paper on the dashboard of his car and wrote something.


He gave it to me and kissed me.

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“See you later. Prepare us lunch, I’ll be back here quick.”


“Take care, Master.” I said.


He hopped in his car and drive fast. He’s really in a hurry. I look at the piece of paper he gave me. I smiled when I saw what’s written on it. ‘MyJaja’ is the password of his condo.


When I entered his condo unit, I was surprised because of the new design. This is what I had suggested to him before when we are on a trip going to the resort. So he really took my idea and made it in his condo. It’s sweet.


I went straight to the kitchen to cook a lunch for us. I laughed when I saw the refrigerator, there is no chicken on it. Even eggs. I am busy on cooking when the phone on the side, Master had placed a phone here in the kitchen, rang. I don’t need to run on the living room to answer the call. “Hello?”


“Just need to make sure you’re on the condo. What are you doing?”


“Cooking, Master. Are you on the company yet?”


“No. I’m still on a trip. There’s a traffic jam. By the way, how did you find the new design of the condo?”

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“It’s wonderful, Master. It’s my idea.”


“Yeah. Your clothes is on my room. That would be OUR room. I remember you love sketching so I bought you lots of sketchpads. If ever you get bored on waiting for me, just take it on your old room. Alright, I got to go. See you soon.” “See you soon, Master. Take care.”


“I will.”




I WAITED FOR Master to enter the condo. I give him my sweetest smile.


“Hello, Master. You look tired.” I noticed.


Master smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my waist. He pulled my body against his body.


“Company gives me headache.” He kiss my lips but it is just smack.


We sit on the couch. I wrap my arms on his body and look up to him. “Do you want me to massage your head, Master?” “What head? The upper head or the other one?”


Master have a problem yet he is still naughty and green minded


“Upper head, Master.” I stand up and walk on the back of the couch. I hold Master’s head and began to massage it. I want to ease his stress by just giving him relaxation through this kneading.


“Your hand is good. Where’d you learn that kind of massage?” Master asked. His eyes were closed and feeling the sensual kneading. “I used to massage my parents before, Master.”


“Did you miss them?”


“Yes, Master. I really miss them. So much.”


Master hold my hand that is on his temple. “Too bad I haven’t met them. I should have a man to man talk with your father as I court you.”


I smiled. “Master, I just realized that if my parents didn’t died, I shouldn’t be on my Uncle’s side and my Uncle have not sold me and I would never meet you.” “That’s destiny.”Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


“You believe in destiny, Master?”


“I don’t. But when I met you, I become a believer.”


I smiled. He grabbed my arm downward so my body become close to Master’s


back, only the couch is between us. He tilt his head upward and looked at me


straight in the eyes.


“I love you, Jaja.”


My heart beats fast. I am really in love!


“I love you too, Master.”


I felt his one hand at the back of my head. He’s pushing my head down to meet him. He’s going to kiss me. I closed my eyes and feel his soft lips touch mine. The kiss is not torrid, not hungry nor angry. It is a loving, caring kiss.


He stopped the kiss. “Let’s eat before lust consumed my sanity and couldn’t control








BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




Funny and ironic.


Falling in love with Jaja is unexpectedly expected. Indeed, I fall in love from the first sight. I limit myself to kill this affection I felt towards her but love really conquers all.


Living with Jaja is the happiest life for me. She completes my day, she fades away my anger and negativities in me.


The cold breeze touch my skin. It’s cold outside. I went inside the room from the balcony. Jaja is still not here. I went to the bathroom and knock the door for it is locked.


“Master, wait up! It would take me too long before I come out.”


“What are you doing there?”


“I’m taking a bath, Master. You go to bed now, I will follow after this.”


“Okay. Be fast.”


I switched the television that is attached on the wall of our room while waiting for


Jaja to come out. I am busy drinking my brandy when Jaja come out from the


bathroom. She’s wearing a robe.


“What’s with that robe?” I asked.


I see Jaja took a deep breath. “Master, turn off the television.”


Even I am confused, I turned off the tv. I look at her questioningly. She turned the radio on and started to sway her waist.


Amazed and excited. Is she going to seduce me? I gulped.



She smiled sweetly while walking leisurely and dancing along the erotic beat of the song on the radio. It was romantic and lustful.


“Master, just stay where you are and enjoy my show,” Jaja said.


She removed her robe, slowly. She’s on the end of the bed now when she totally


removed the robe.




She wears pink apron with ‘Master Benjamin’ written on it.


“You’re waking up my desire, Jaja.”






JAJA’s Point Of View




I did the lap dance just like Valerie had taught me. Master is only wearing pajama pants and he’s half na.ked. As I reach his upper body, I kissed his stomach up to his chest. I can hear his gasp and I can feel his stomach had tighten.


Lust can be seen on Master’s eyes. I took out two handcuffs, the other one is the cuff that I used way back when I was sold. The other one was given by Valerie. “What’s with this handcuff?” Master asked but he still let me cuff him on the bed’s post.


“Foreplay, Master.” I took the brandy from his hand and took a sip on it, boosting up the courage I had earned.


I poured the remaining brandy on Master neck down to his chest. Master is looking


at me with lust and love. I kissed Master on his lip, torridly and hot. I followed his


ear and I licked his neck, sipped the brandy on it. My tongue is slowly getting


down to his chest, played with his nipple.


“Jaja, that feels good,” Master moaned.


I did everything that Valerie had taught me in terms of pleasuring a man.


“Remove my handcuff,” Master commanded.


I shook my head. I hold his manhood that is proudly standing and boastfully showing his hugeness. I sit on it.


“That feels good, ugh! You’re tight still. I missed this.” He pulled me and kissed me torridly. “I miss your body.”


“I want to be a cowgirl now, Master.”


Master is surprised but I know his lust has leveled up. I am now enjoying on


seducing my master.




::::::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::







>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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