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Blue Love Story – Episode 19

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 19 : INNOCENT JAJA ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




“I’ll let go my room and just sleep here with you,” Master said. We are cuddling on my bed.


We’ve been staying here at the beach resort for five days and Master haven’t really used his room too much. Every night, he knocks my door and then he’ll sleep beside me. His room is useless.


“I thought you wouldn’t realize it, Master.”


“Just say you also liked my decision.”


I giggled when I felt his stubbles brushing into the back of my shoulder. I can feel his breath touching my skin, it makes my body warm a bit.

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“Master, are you feeling okay now?” I asked. “Yes. It was just a nightmare, don’t think about it.”


But the words you have begged me to promise is still running in my mind, Master. I am hoping that Master meant what he had said. That he’s afraid to lose me and he need me.


“Get up. Go take a bath and we will have a breakfast. I’m hungry.”



“Okay, Master.” I rose up. I am on my way to the bathroom when I felt Master’s presence behind me so I faced him. “Master, are you going to join me to take a bath?”


“I would love to but I should not. I’m leaving. I’ll just fetch you here.” He kissed me on my lips and then run outside my room.


I was about to go to the door to close it but Master returned and closed it. I smiled.


How I wish Master’s attitude won’t change now.


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MASTER ORDERED lots of pancakes for us two and there is a cup of syrup on


the side. I love pancakes but I don’t think we can finish this, but if we can, maybe


our stomach would be so full.


“Master, are you craving to pancakes?”


“Yes. It’s my favorite breakfast. Go and take your pancake before it gets too late because I’m gonna eat all of it.”


I took five circle of it into my plate and then poured some syrup on top of it.


“That’s enough?” Master asked in an unbelievable tone.


“Yes, Master. I love pancakes too,” I said and smiled at him.


Master stared at me. “How about me?”


“Master, there are eight pancakes on your plate. Don’t be greedy,” I said jokingly. “No. I mean, you love pancakes, how about me? Do you lov–”


Master has been interrupted by one magician that stood beside our table. The magician took out a coin from his pocket and then in just a snap, the coin vanished. I was about to amaze and clap when Master grabbed the magician’s arm and then took the coin out of the magician’s gloves. The magician walked out and I heard people around us clapping while laughing. They’ve seen what Master had done. “How’d you know that the coin is on the magician’s gloves, Master?” I asked amusingly.


“I have a keen observation and alert eyes.”


“His magic is almost perfect amazing, Master. Unfortunately, someone had caught him cheating.”


“That’s people. They are blind with the truth because they do not spread their eyes, listened to everyone, and opened their mind. They would be so narrow minded if they still feel amazed on the same magic trick that they have seen many times.” “Master, do you have grudge on magicians?” “None. Why?”


“You talk like you’re angry with magicians.”



“To that magician, I am pissed. He had interrupted me from talking.” Master’s face is serious again.


I sliced some pancake and aim it into Master’s mouth. “You better eat, Master.” Master eat the pancake and didn’t talk. I am still waiting for him to continue his question that has been interrupted awhile ago. “What was you question awhile ago, Master?”


Master shook his head. “Forget it.”




WHILE WALKING and looking for some stuffs that I could buy here in resort to make as a souvenir, my attention was caught by a stall on the very end of the line of vendor’s stall. Master is not with me this time because he’s going to join the wakeboard competition that would be held at 10 AM on the wakeboard lake here in the resort. It was sponsored and event of this beach resort.


“Hello, lady, what can I for you?” the vendor asked me when he notice that I am looking for an apron.


“I am looking for an apron that have a unique design.”


“Well, lady, there are lots of apron here. Better say it to me for you to find it easily.”


“Are you accepting requested designs?”


“Yes, lady, we are.”


I took the plain pink apron that hangs on the wall. “Can you write something here?”


“Of course, lady. What would you like, print or embroidered?”


“The latter one.”


He handed me a piece of paper and a pen. “Write here the words you want to be written on your apron, lady. You can make your own design or we’ll be the one to design it. It’s up to you.”


I wrote the words I had thought and return it to the vendor. “Just make it simple. How much is it?”


“Only $5 for you, lady.” He look at the piece of paper. He smiled and look at me. “How sweet. Is this your lover’s call sign, lady?”


I just smiled and give him $3. “Here’s the first payment, I’ll give the last payment when you’re finished. How long would it take you to do it?” “One day, lady.”


“Alright. I’ll go back here tomorrow then?”


“Yes, lady.”



“Thank you.” I went to the lake and walk towards Master’s place. He’s wearing fitted wakeboarder’s swimsuit.


“Jaja, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?”


“Just strolled around, Master. How’s your registration?”


“I’m done. I am the fifth contestant.”


I look at the number written in front of Master’s suit. “But your number is 89, Master.”


Master chuckled. “It’s my identity.”


I remembered that number way back on the auction happened few weeks ago. He’s Mister 89.


“Master, is that your favorite number?”


“No. It’s just a coincidence that my number on the auction is 89 because I am the 89th man who joined. This swimsuit’s number should to be 69 but the one who designed this made it 89. My favorite number is 69, my favorite position as well.” “69? What position is that, Master?”


Master laughed. “Too innocent, my Jaja,” he whispered into my ear.


He said “My Jaja”. Oh no! Am I dreaming?! I slap my face.


“Hey! What are you doing?” Master asked, in a panic way.


“I thought I am dreaming, Master. But it’s real.”


“What do you mean?”


I haven’t answered his question when the event coordinator called out the contestants of wake-boarding.


“Cheer for me,” he said and kissed my lips. He run to the part of the lake where the contestants are clustered.


While Master is running towards the place, I’ve seen that the ladies he passes by are giving him a second look. That’s my Master. He have a strong sex appeal. “Hi!”


I turned to face the lady. She’s smiling and looks like friendly.


“Hello,” I greet back.


“I see that you’re alone so do you mind if I join you! I’m also alone.”


“Oh! Sure!”


She sit beside me and faced the lake.


“Is that your boyfriend?” She pointed Master.


“Why’d you ask?”


“I just noticed that he’s too tall for you. Let me ask you, have you been making out?”


What’s the matter with this lady? Is she that open minded.




“Don’t be shy. Is he good in bed?”


“Yes,” I answered. Not just good, he’s also wild.


“His manhood is 9 inches, am I right?”


My eyes widen and look at her. “H-how’d you know that?”


“I just guess. I learn it from my friend. She said that you can tell how long they are by measuring their feet. I thought it is not accurate.” Is that it?


“So, can you take his whole manhood? God! You’re too deep if you can!” I just smiled at her. God! This lady is vulgar! .


::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::







>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<



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