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Blue Love Story – Episode 13

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BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




My heart jumped into my throat when I saw Jaja. I kneeled in front of her and checked her pulse. I became relaxed a bit when I felt her weak pulse. I quickly called an ambulance and they said I shouldn’t carry her nor move her because it may just worsen the situation.


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My heartbeat is so fast because of the fear and worry. The ambulance responded quickly and took Jaja. They’d give her first aid before placing her to the stretcher. My neighbors got out from their condo units because of the commotion happening on the hallway. All of them gasped when they saw the bloody Jaja.


I come in the ambulance and stayed at her side. I want to make sure that she’s breathing. I am holding her hand tightly until we reach the hospital. I helped the crews on bringing down the stretcher and transfer her on the deliver bed that’s waiting on the hospital. They let her lay on her side because her wound is in her back.


“What happened to her?” asked by the nurse.


“She was hit on her head and stabbed on her back,” I answered.


“Make a way! Make a way!” shouted by a nurse who is running in front of the bed. “Sir, please wait here. You’re not allowed to stay here inside. Please.”


I get out of the operating room and nervously walking outside. I can’t calm myself because I still don’t know if she would be okay.


I took out my phone in my pocket because it rings. It was mother.


“Mum, you had called me in the wrong time.”


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“Benjamin Alvarez, why’d you slapped your sister?! The psychiatrist had said that we shouldn’t hurt her for it may trigger her violent behavior!”


“I’ve had enough, Mum. I’ve done it to her because she almost killed Jaja.” “Jaja? That slave?! Benjamin, she’s nothing! Stop giving so much concern to that slut!”



“Shut up, Mum. Now if you only called me because of your brat daughter, better end this call. I have no time to understand you two.”


“That slave is a witch! She had bewitched you. You’re not like that before!” I ended the call.


I sit on the bench and sighed. I tried to relax myself, keeping myself calm. Mum was right, I am not like this before. I don’t care if people around are in danger. I didn’t give so much concern to everyone, even for my family. But Jaja. She is different.


It takes an hour before the doctor get out from the operating room.


“How is she, doc?”


“She’s stable now. We had stitched her back and her head. She will undergo for a further examination to make sure that there’s nothing broken bones, cracks on her skull or hemorrhage. Please fill this form up for us to know her identity.”


I took the form and filled it up. I used a fake last name for Jaja. I don’t know her complete name. I had just stated there that she is my live in partner to avoid further questions. About the accident happened to her, I had just stated that she was hit and stab but and a psycho did it to her. Police had come and interviewed me from what had happened. I don’t need to lie to cover up my sister’s fault. She need to be disciplined.


After paying to the hospital in order to accept Jaja, I immediately go to her private room. She have bandage on her head and was lying on her side. I sit in front of her and watched her sleeping. I touched her pale cheek, I miss seeing this cheeks blushed.


I heard knocks on the door. My secretary along with Timmy came in.


“Jamin, how is Jaja?” Timmy asked.


“She’s okay now. Doctors just need to make sure that she’s alright.”


“Sir, you look like a mess! Here, I brought you clothes. I’ve sent cleaners into your condo to clean mess and blood stains as the investigators permitted to do it.” “Thank you.” I took the paper bag and go to the bathroom of Jaja’s private room. I had just noticed that I am shaking with worry.


“Ginny is out of control now. She had ruined your office when I got there. God! She’s a freak! No wonder Frederick had name her wicked Ginny,” Timmy said as I got out the bathroom.


He handed me a sandwich but I just placed it on the table. I am not in the mood to eat. I just want to see Jaja breathe.


“Benjamin, are you alright?” Timmy asked when he noticed my silence.


“Timmy, why do people change?” I asked out of the blue while staring at Jaja.



He stopped for a while. I know he’s thinking. “I had thought five reasons, Jamin. People change because they’ve been hurt, inspired, forced, suffered from the life changing events, bored or frustrated. There are lots of reasons why we change, Jamin. Why’d you ask?”


“I’ve been acting strange this past few days, Timmy. I’ve never been this way before. I think I’ve been changed.”


“Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. Your face isn’t serious every time I visit you. You’ve been the one who’s initiating the conversation. You always get absent minded then suddenly you’re going to smile or your ears are turning red. Your patience is a bit longer now. And you’re always excited to go home.” I look at him. “Really?”


“Yes. Because of Jaja. You’ve changed because of her. It’s a miracle!”


We look at the door when it opened. The doctor came in holding a paper. I quickly


got up and walk near him.


“How is it, Doc?”


The Doctor smiled. “Thankfully, there’s no hemorrhage and nothing found cracked or broken bones. She may wake up one of this days.” I nod. I am totally relaxed.


“One more thing, Mister Alvarez, is she on her legal age?”


I furrowed my brow. “What do you mean? Of course she is on her legal age.” “Please don’t get offended. We have noticed that her body is exhausted and there are lots of swollen part on her. She’s also suffering from the swelling on her private part that may cause her so much pain and she might have some complications on it. Mister Alvarez, I advice to you that let her rest until she had totally recovered.” “Alright, Doc.”


“I may now leave you here, Mister Alvarez. If she had awaken, please let us know.”


The doctor leaved. I saw Timmy grins.


“What?!” I yelled.


“Poor Jamin. You can’t take her until she recovered. Follow the advice of the doctor.”


Instead of feeling pissed, I just feel nothing. I don’t feel disappointed with the idea.






JAJA’s Point Of View







My eyes opened widely. I wanted to sit but I felt my back aches. My head hurts too. I look around. I am in a hospital. My gaze switched to the couch in front of me. Master Benjamin is sleeping there in a sitting situation.


I remembered what I had dreamt awhile ago. Ginny is stabbing me as she say those words. She looks possessive when it comes to Master.


“You’re awake!” Master Benjamin said. He came near me and sit on the chair in front of me. “You need something? Are you thirsty? Hungry?”


I shook my head. “N-no, Master. You look tired, Master. You should take a rest.”


He smiled. “You are the one who need a rest, Jaja.”


Jaja. He called me on my name. He used to call me ‘slave’. What is the meaning of






::::::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<

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