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Blue Love Story – Episode 10

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 10 : APRON ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




“Sir, are you okay?”


My senses brought back when my secretary nudged my shoulder. I blink many times and sighed.


I can’t concentrate myself on the paper I am reading for Jaja is occupying my mind the whole duration of my working hours. She’s always I am thinking, her body, her moans. F*ck! Jaja’s making me out of control. “What is it?” I asked.


“This is the things you had asked me to buy, Sir. I have been talking to you for more than ten minutes but you’re staring blankly on the paper. Are you okay? You need something?”


I need my slave! But of course I haven’t said it.

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“Do I have meetings this afternoon?” I asked instead.


She checked her sched organizer. “Yes, Sir. You have a meeting with Mister Toller at 2:30 PM and a business date with Miss Heran at 5 PM. There is also a new–” “Cancel them,” I cut her. “Say I am not feeling well.” She just nod. “Alright, Sir. You need medicine?”


I shook my head. “You can now leave me here.”


After my secretary left, I immediately called the landline phone of my condo.


Several rings had passed until she finally answered.


“He-hello?” She’s panting. Like how she pants when I am pumping her. Hearing


her making me hot again.



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I heard her gasp. “Master, why’d you call?”


“Why do you sound like just got from f*cking?” I asked.


“It’s not that, Master. I came from my room and ran down stairs when this phone rang. It made me breath heavily,” she explained.


“By the way, cook lunch for us. I’m going home.” I ended up the phone and stood up.


I look at my office’s door when it opened. Timmy came in, smiling widely. “Jamin, you look like in a hurry. Where are you going?” “To heaven,” I answered as I put my things in my suitcase.


“Woah! Are you going to kill yourself?” he said in panic.


“I’m going to kill myself with pleasure,” I corrected.


He grins. “You mean you’re going to heaven using your bed while riding on your


lady? What was her name again?”


“She’s Jaja.”


“How is she?” He knows what I am when feeling great lust.


“Coping up with the situation and making herself getting used to me. I’m leaving.”


“You really can’t wait to feel heaven, Jamin. Good luck!”


I drove my car as fast as I can. I don’t understand myself, I am getting weird


because of her. It seems like I miss her very much though I have just seen her this




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JAJA’s Point Of View




I quickly prepared lunch after Master Benjamin called. I don’t know why but I felt a tingling sensation when he said he’s coming home. Assuming, you may say, but I feel like I am his wife.


Oh God! What am I thinking?! Wife of a crazy and psychopath man? That’s too much.


I have just finished preparing the foods in the table when I heard the door opened and closed. He’s here. I became excited all of a sudden. “Slave?” he called out.


I immediately get out of the kitchen and walk towards the living room.


He aimed to me the paper bag he’s holding. I took it and opened the bag. It consists different color and design of aprons.


“Master, why’d you bought lots of apron?” I asked confusedly.


“Top it on your negligee.”


“Am I also going to cook wearing negligee?”


“No. Just wear it every night and don’t remove it. It’s my new fetish.”


I gulped. Does he feel more lascivious if he sees me wearing an apron? “Are you hungry?” he asked.


“Not yet, Master. I have just eaten the cake I made yesterday so I am still full. Are


you hungry, Master?”




“I had prepared the foods in the kitchen.”


I was about to go to the kitchen when he grabbed my waist and hug me. “I am hungry and I only want to eat is you.”


He kissed me hungrily. He sit on the couch and pulled me to sit above him. I easily


lost my sanity and lust consumed my mind. We’ve been kissing for more than five


minutes when he let go of my lips.


“Do you know fellatio?”


My fine body hair stood up as I heard the word fellatio. It brought back my sanity.



I shook my head. “I-I know it, Master, but I don’t know ho-how to do it.” I know my face is color red because of the shyness. “I’ll teach you. Get down,” he command.


I obeyed him. I kneeled down on the carpet. My body is shaking because I know what he wants me to do. I don’t think I can do it. “Open my zipper.”


My hand is shaking when I reach his zipper. I can see that there’s a bulk on his pants. I gulped. I know it is big since it had entered my well.


I felt his hand touched my hand. He guided me to unzip his zipper. Then signed me to remove his scanty. His long shaft spring up and pridefully stood up. I gulped again.


How did this thing fit inside me? It’s too big, long and hard.


“Hold my shaft.”


I hold him in there. It’s hot. My heart is beating fast and my throat dries up. My hand tightened.


“Not that tight,” he complained. “Caress it up and down.”


I did what he said. I am still blushing for his manhood is in front of me, it is awkward for me.


“That’s it. Lick the body up to the head.”


I did everything he said.


“Your tongue is hot, slave. Suck it. Suck my d*ck.”


“H-how, Master?”


He look at me in a lascivious way. It’s lewd but it’s making me heat again.


“Open your mouth. Then put my p*nis into your mouth. Don’t let your teeth touch it, it’s hurt. It’s like f*cking a p*ssy.”


I took a deep breath and followed the step he said. It’s difficult to me to put his manhood into my small mouth. But still, to pleasure him, I tried my best to do it. “Look at me while doing that. Pleasure me, slave.” He hold my head and plunged his fingers into my hair. He looked at me while my mouth is sucking him up and down.


It takes a few minutes until he stopped me. “Let’s do fours.”


“Fours? What is it, Master?”


“Kneel and place your both arm on the carpet to support your body. I’m gonna enter you from behind.”


After positioning my body, I felt his shaft slithered into my p*ssy.


“Still so tight and juicy,” he said as he pump me.



My br*asts flailed as he thrust hard. The sensation I felt made me moan and reached the ecstasy.


“Wear the apron later. And learn to pleasure me.”




::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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