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Baddest Girl – Episode 49

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Episode 49


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Danny’s POV



I loosen my tie and rest my back on my chair.



It has been a week since Kierra divorce Killian and I swear have never been this frustrated in my life.



She needed time, I gave her time and am still waiting for her reply.



I remember that night so well like it just happened few seconds ago.



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I walk inside my house with Kierra trailing behind me.



She removed her stiletto heel and slip her leg inside the pink flip flop.



“I must confess Danny, your house is damn big. You work on it? She asked and I chuckled.



“Yea, I feel the need to renovate it so I did put a lot of money on this building.” I replied.



I toss my jacket on the couch and went inside the kitchen.



“Nora.” I called and she rushed inside the kitchen.



“The dinner ready? I asked and she nods.



“You can serve it now, Kierra will be joining me.” I said before leaving the kitchen.



I walk back inside the sitting room and met Kierra already in her camisole, her jacket was also on a couch.



“I will be right back, just give me twenty minutes.” I said before climbing upstairs.



I enter my room and dropped my briefcase on the bed, I remove my clothes in a goal and tie a towel around my lower body.



I went inside the bathroom and mix my bath before sitting inside the bathtub.



I sigh as the cold water touched my skin.



After washing up I went back inside my room and rub my lotion on my skin after which I opened my closet and went in.



I opened the first glass wardrobe and pick out a pajamas and wore it then went to the down one and pick out a black baseball Shirt.



After wearing clothes I left the room with my phone on my hand.



I met Kierra scrolling through the new iPhone 11pro I bought for her.



“You good? I asked catching her attention.



“Oh yea, you look good.” She said as I sat beside her which made me smile.



“Sir, the dinner is set.” Nora said as she invited us for dinner. (Topster Stories) More interesting stories from I held Kierra’s hand and lead her to the dinning room.



I pull out a chair for her and she sat down after mouthing a thank you.



She bite on her waffle and moan. Oh!



She moaned.


When she realize what she did she blushed.



I acted as thou I didn’t hear her.


The dinner went smoothly and we went back inside the sitting room discussing.



I held her hand into mine and gave it a light squeeze.



“Kierra, I know that things haven’t been really okay for you and I am sorry about that. Kierra I love you and I just….I just wish that you can give us a


chance, please.” I begged


“Danny.” She called with so much un yield emotions in her eyes.



“I need time Danny, I love you yes but I need time.” She said and I nodded.






It has been a week now and I just don’t understand, I am confuse and frustrated.



One because am yet to see her talk more of receiving an answer.


Two because I can’t think of any other thing aside her.



This is a real .



I picked up the telephone and speak into it.



“Kira see me in my office, now.” I said before dropping the phone.



I stood up from the chair and walk towards the shelf. I search through it and pick out one of the files.



“Sir you called me.” Kira asked and I nodded.



“Pick that file on my desk, go through it and prepare a short memo from it.” I said before turning to face her.



“I need it before leaving the office today.” I said in a dismissing tone.



She left and I went back to my seat.


I don’t know if I should call Kierra, I wanted to give her some time but it is taking too much longer than I expected and it’s frustrating me.


Kierra’s POV



I miss Danny, I really want to call him but I really can’t.



Something kept holding me back.


I keep chewing on my gum as our last conversation keep repeating in my head.



I want you Danny, have always want you just as much as you do.



I just don’t know what’s holding me back, I don’t know if it is the rumors going around that I divorce Killian for another man or because I feel insecure.



I picked up my phone and search for his contact, I saw it and I unconsciously dialed the number.



He picked up the call, his voice sound like that of a tired sexy man.



“Did I disturb your work? I asked concerned.



“No Kierra, I was about to leave though.” He said and I bite my bottom lip trying not to say something sexual to him.



“Can you pick me up while going home? I asked



“You want me to pick you up? He asked and I chuckled. The way he asked it feels like he is amused.



“Yea, I just want to see you.” I said and he chuckled.




“Okay, i’ma pick you up in twenty minutes.” He said before hanging up.




I think its time for me to move on, it’s time for me to confess my feelings for you Danny.






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