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Baddest Girl – Episode 38

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Episode 38


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Killian’s POV



I walk out of the mall and walk towards my car. I press my car key and open the door then went inside.



I drove straight to my penthouse suite and open the door,I enter the elevator and smiled to myself. I really really love Kierra, sometimes I feel like am incomplete without her.



I do love her and seriously I want to spend the rest of my days on earth with her,travel together,sleep together,cuddle each other, profess our love to each other and have kids together.


I have plans for our future together,I just want her to feel save with me.



The elevator dinged and I went out I got to the living room and dropped my briefcase on the center table then go inside the kitchen to have a glass of water.

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My mind wander off to Kierra again when the water enters my mouth,damn it. That woman is driving me insane that I don’t do my sh!t without thinking of her anymore.



I dropped the cup on the counter and went back inside the sitting,I picked up my briefcase and climb upstairs to my room.


I was tired but still I have to cook something before she gets here.



Immediately I got inside my room I dropped my briefcase on the bed and strip off my cloth before walking inside the bathroom. I have a warm bath and came out of the shower as quickly I opened my closet and wear a black shit with v neck and my sweatpants.



I covered my head with a warmer before rushing downstairs. I got inside the kitchen and opened the fridge to look for what to cook. I saw preserved meat and pasta.


Maybe I should make that,I bring them out of the fridge and place them inside a neat bowl. I put a clean pot on the cooker and pour in a not too much quantity of water.




I put the pasta inside the pot and covered it waiting for it to boil while I cut in the onion.



I want to make sauce with smash tomatoes.



About an hour later I was through with the cooking,I glance at my wristwatch and it was just some minutes past seven. I carried the food to the dinning table and set it up, I put a candle on the table and a matches then I rushed back inside to bath again.



Few minutes later I was downstairs,I stare at myself and the food nervously I quickly off the dinning light before going to open the door for the most gorgeous woman I ever met.



“Hey babe.” She greeted. Her scent is intoxicating she is a snack.



“Sweetheart.” I called and flashed her a smile while she walk inside the sitting room and sat down on a couch.



“For real did you cook? What’s that smell? She asked glancing around.


“Yea, I cook.” I replied and she stared at me I awe.



“You surprised me Killian.” She chipped.


I walk her to the dinning and sat her down through the darkness then went and turn on the dim blue light. I walk to my bar and brought out a bottle of champagne and two glasses.


I walk back inside the dinning and dropped it on the table then lit the candle light.



“You planned all this? She asked and I nodded.


“Thank you Killian.” I muttered holding my hand in hers.



We started eating quietly as I secretly glance at her,she was wearing a short brown skirt and a peach crop top,she look hot in those.



“You are distracting me.” She said and I looked up to see her glaring at me.


“How do you mean? I blurt.



“You are simply boring holes in my body Killian.” She said and winked at me.


My face flushed as she said that.



The dinner was quiet with less interaction between us.



After the dinner I cleared the table remaining only the wine. I sat back on my chair as we exchange looks.



“That was a wonderful dinner babe,thank you.” She said.



“Anything for my pretty girl.”



We sat there without saying a word which was making the place too awkward.


I stood up from my chair and walk closer to her.


I got down on my kneels and brought out the ring box from my pocket,opening the ring box I can hear her gasp. I stare directly into her eyes and flashed her a smile,


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“What are you doing Killian? She asked staring at me with wide eyes. “You are a wonderful woman Kierra,you have proven to be smart and loving.


I love you Kierra, I think it doesn’t make sense but it does now,it really does.


Am in love with you babe and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


So now I want to ask you Kierra Brown.




Will you marry this imperfect man and make me the happiest man in the world? I asked.



She stare at me in shocked not knowing what to say.


Five minutes pass,ten,fifteen and I was patiently waiting for her precious answer.



“I….I will marry you Killian Black.” She said with tears in her eyes.


I slip the ring on her third finger and kissed it before standing up and hugged her.



“Thank you babe.” I said as I caress her hair.



I stood up from my seat and open up the champagne,i pour in our glasses and we held it up.



“To us.” I said.



“To us.” We both click the glasses together.







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