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Baddest Girl – Episode 37

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Episode 37


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Danny’s POV



I knew what her answer will be from the start,I just wanted to give it a try but it seems that I was right.



She will never choose me over him.



“Am sorry Danny but I can’t be with you anymore,I have Killian now and I am happy with him. It doesn’t matter if I had always loved you in the past but right now Killian owns my heart.” She said.


I stood up and sat back on my seat with a smile plastered on my face.



“I knew that this will be your answer,I just wanted to give it a try.” I said

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“Am sorry Danny….”



“No you shouldn’t be sorry rather I am sorry for the inconveniences.” I cut in.



The waitress brought our food and I started eating,I looked up to see her staring at me.



“What? I asked



“Are you mad at me? She asked and I chuckled.



“Am not mad at you and it’s not your fault though,it’s good to suffer rejection sometimes though have never fall a victim of rejection before.” I said and chuckled.



“It is embarrassing” I muttered.


She smiled and i continued eating my food while she starts eating hers.



Few minutes later we were both through with our lunch, I paid the bills and we walk out of the restaurant.



I walk towards my car and turn around to see her about to enter hers.



“wish you the best on your relationship with Killian Black.” I said before entering my car and drove off.




Some people might ask “Danny are you okay?



Damn I am fu.cking fine!


I don’t feel hurt.



Shit! It does hurt,but what can I do?


I have to let her go,she make her choice already and I can’t change that.



A real man will love to see the one he claimed to love happy and if staying with Killian makes her happy then who am I to take that away from her?



I won’t dare do that,never!



I drove straight to Zach’s company and park inside the parking lot.



I walk inside the company and enter the elevator,while I was in the elevator my thoughts were filled with Kierra.



I applaud myself for letting her go,no hard feelings.



I got to Zach’s office floor and meet up with Sierra.



“Hey sister in law.” I greets.


She quickly looked up and flash me a smile.



Just so wonderful!



“Have told you to stop calling me that Danny,am not married to Zach yet.” She whined.



“But you soon will.” I reply and she chuckled.



“Silly head” she mumbled.



“Is Zach inside his office? I asked and she nodded.



I walk towards the door and knock on it.



“Come in.” His voice said from inside.


I winked at Sierra before going inside.



“Hello brother” I greeted.



“Danny? What are you doing here? He asked.



“Well,I came to see you or can’t I? I asked.



“Why not,of course you can”



I sat down on a couch and rest my head on it,my hands deep inside my trouser pocket.



“Anything the matter? He asked.



“Not really,I just sort things out with Kierra unfortunately her mind is made up so I wished her well” I replied and heaved a sigh.



“She chooses Killian? Zach asked and I nodded.



“Good for her then” he muttered.


“Are you okay? I know that it hasn’t been easy for you to let go of Ariana and confess your love to someone else then later got rejected,anyways it wasn’t her fault but still…..”



“I am fine Zachary,in fact I feel like I just regain some lost strength” I said flexing my muscle.



“I will just take a quick nap in your inner chamber.” I said before opening the door.



Few days ago Zach proposed to Sierra and they will be getting married soon.


She and Kierra bought a house for their mom.



Am happy for my brother really, and Sierra is really excited about it she deserves it though.



I lay down on the bed and place two pillows under my head.



After Zach and Sierra’s wedding then I’ll k ow what else to do.



Kierra’s POV



Why do I feel like I just rejected my own happiness for someone else?



Did I make the right choice?


God knows how difficult it was for me to make thus decision for myself, why I end up choosing Killian is a misery to me.



And the final word Danny said to me,it sounds like some sorts of warning “wish you the best”.



I don’t know what to think anymore.



I walk towards my desk and drop my car key on the desk.


I was so tired,not because I walk but because I was thinking way too much.



I sat down on my chair and stare at the pile of files I have to attend to.


Gosh this work is tiring.



A note was dropped on my desk and I pocked it up.



You’ve taken a lot of time in having lunch baby,meet me in my house tonight got a surprise for you



What could the surprise be?


And why did he leave so early today?



Whatever I am so tired of thinking,I think I need a nap.








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