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Baddest Girl – Episode 3

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Episode three

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Nicole POV


I drove her straight to my house.


She glance around the sitting room dreamingly.


“Cole,this is your house? She asked


“Yea, its my house you can own one too only if you want” I replied and she look at me.


“What do you mean by that? She queried.


“I’ll explain but first you have to eat something” I said and went over to the kitchen.


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I dish out the portion for both of us


“Come over here” I called and she walk to the dining table.


I know that she have a lot to ask but that will wait till we finish our lunch.


We started eating and I keep stealing glances at her.


She look different now and tattered.


Her hair look long and messy, what is wrong?


She was eating the food hungrily and I stop eating staring at her.


After eating I clear the dishes and went back to meet her in the sitting room.


“So tell me Nicole what do you mean by what you said earlier? She asked


“Kierra, I don’t know if you can do it but this is what I do for a living.


I don’t want to be independent to anybody, this is how I make my money.


This is where I got the money to buy this house and my car, the other things that I have I got it from it” I replied and she look at me .


“Tell me Nicole what is it? I will do anything it take to save Sierra please just tell me” she begged.


“I am a stripper Kierra” I said and she stare at me.



“A stripper? She asked


“Yes I am the head of the strippers in a strip club” I retorted and she look around the house.


“You got all this from dancing on the pole?


“Kierra am telling you this because I want to help and this is my only means of helping you.


If you agree to this you can get the money to deposit for you twin sister treatment tomorrow morning” I said.


She keep silent for some minute then look at me and herself. “I can’t continue like this Nicole, I have suffered enough ” “So…..”


“I will do it, I will be a stripper” she replied and I smile.


“Welcome to the strippers world baby girl, now let’s get you set for tonight job” I said and dragged her to my car.


“Where are we going? She asked


“To do a body wash up on you” I replied and concentrate on my driving. Kierra POV

The car pulled up in front of a big cosmetics shop.


“Now let’s get you sexy” she said and smile.


Am I doing the right thing.


A stripper? Isn’t that more like a prostitute?



The name stripper is just a cover up both strippers and prostitutes are the same.


I can’t imagine myself dancing on the pole in front of men.


We got in and Nicole push me inside a room, there a lot of girls were already waiting for me.


“We will get started now miss” they said and made towards me.


After all the body wash with strawberry scent.


I was lead to the makeup department, after the makeup I stood infront of the mirror staring at myself.


I can’t believe that this is me.


My hair was packed in a ponytail, my long lashes now look more longer and artificial nails was fixed both on my fingers and toes.


Nicole stare at me and smile while I return it shyly.


A set of clothes was brought for me to select.


“Don’t worry I’ll do that myself” Nicole said walking towards us.


She started looking at the clothes one after the other.


She handed a short gown with a little opening on the back and push me inside the dressing room before I could say anything.


I wore the cloth with the heel and came out , I almost fell off the heel but was quickly held by Nicole.


“We have more four hours to teach you how to walk on heels” she said and I nodded.


After settling the bills we left the place.


“Nicole, what if I can’t dance? I mean I will be nervous” I said


“Wait wait, where is the bold and troublesome Kierra? Don’t tell me you’re nervous just to dance in front of some rich dudes who will settle your bills in no distant time.


Spare me that Kierra, you are doing this for your sister, yourself and most especially your poor mom” she replied and I nodded.


She is right, am not only doing this for Sierra but my family at large.


I can save my family from the abject poverty we are subjected to.


I can put an end to it.


She drove inside the duplex and dragged me to her room.


I glance around the room in awe.


It was so big and fabulous.


She opened the closet and I nearly faint.


“This…..this at all yours? I asked after seeing the shoes and clothes.


“They are all mine, you can have twice of it if you work hard” she said and I nodded.


I can do it.


Am tired of poverty, I want to be an independent woman.


I want go flip my own cash and write down checks.


She brought out couple of heels and wear it one after the other.


Dancing and tweaking on them.


“See, it doesn’t hurt now try it girl” she said.



I wore one of them and stood up nervously, what if I take a step and fall down? I summoned courage and walk around on it shaking.


She helped me by holding my hand while I walk around and dance.


“Now I will teach you how to tweak, this is the most important thing in stripping.


You must be a tweak goddess, tweak on that d**k and he will spray you the cash” she said and I smile


Nicole have always been naughty since our days in the college.






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