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Baddest Girl – Episode 29

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Episode 29


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Danny’s POV



Though I was tired I tried making pasta for her after which I get started with the salad.



She was sitting on the stool why scrolling through her phone.




“Too much aroma,are you sure that food gonna taste good? She asked with a mocking voice.



“Don’t be ridiculous,you have to taste it first before you judge” I said and roll my eyes.


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“You know,you are the only man have ever came to know with constant rolling of eyes” she said with a smile.



“Not a fan though just trying to learn small” I replied and she laughed



“Learn how to roll eyes? Danny you are funny but my stomach is hurting for food” she complains.



“Five minutes” I said and continue with my cooking.



After I was done cooking I dish out the pasta in two plates and carried it to the dinning table.



“Anything I can help with? She asked



“You lived here once Kierra,don’t act like a stranger” I said and she roll her eyes.



We settle down after she brought two glass cup and orange juice.



We started eating silently without Talking to each other.


“Hum, it taste yummy”she commented



“Without you saying so I know” I said and she scoffed.


“So boastful”she muttered.



After eating we packed up the dirty dishes and wash them up after which we went back to the couch.



“You wanna watch a movie? I asked



“Yea,you have breakfast at Tiffany? She asked



“Yea I got it”


I rushed to my room and brought out the disk.



We sat down on the couch watching it,after the first four episodes I noticed that she was getting tired.



“I got to go now Danny, it was nice staying with you though” she said and stood up.



“Okay Kierra,be careful” I said.



“I always am, friend” she said and wink.



She walk out of the house and enter her car before driving off.



I stare at the car until it was out of sight,now everywhere is boring again .



I off the lights and walk up to my room,I lay on the bed and drifted off to sleep.



Next day



“Sir you have got a free schedule today so I was thinking if you can visit the spa today sir” she said with a smile.






“A spa? I asked.



“Yes sir,I thought that you have been working hard for the new project that you stay overnight sometimes and you must be worked out so I think you need some relaxation then I thought of the spa” she explained .



“You think I should leave? No never mind, I’ll just go through some files and reply some mails before going out” I said in a dismissal tone.



Kira have been a wonderful secretary to me,always handling my deals professionally and neatly.



As an employee and boss we have gone through thick and thin together,at times when we used to work overnight I usually drop her off in her condo complex .



Most of the outsiders thought she’s my sister or better still girlfriend. How ridiculous huh!



I started replying some mails after Kira left,when I was through with that I went into the small secret room inside my office. A place where I relax most of the time.



I lay on the small comfy bed which can only accommodate one person and close my eyes.




My birthday is the next day,my twenty fourth birthday.



I was thinking of keeping a low key,maybe some family and friends.



My phone ranged and I picked it up.






“Uncle D ” a little voice called



“Melanie,how are you” I asked as a smile crossed my lips.



“I am fine uncle, happy birthday I advance” she said and I can’t help the broad smile that formed on my lips.



“Thank you Melanie,how is your mom? I asked



“Mom is fine, just that she went to Tokyo yesterday alongside dad for a business trip” she said.



“Let keep that aside,I’ll be in Texas tomorrow for your birthday uncle so don’t be surprised” she said and I laughed.



“Even if you tell me Melanie,I know that you’re planning something else” I said and she coughed lightly.



“Oh my uncle knows me too well,anyways bye uncle D we gon’ catch things up later I love you!



“I love you too Melanie” I said and she hanged up.



Melanie is my sixteen years old cousin.


She loves me so much and I can’t trade her for anything too.



She’s my daughter to most people lol…. Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below….



My birthday is going to be the funniest and the silliest since she’s coming.



I closed my eyes to sleep.


Maybe I should just send some messages to those I want to invite.


After sending the message I dropped my phone and slept off.



Kierra’s POV



My phone beeps and I looked at it.



A message from Danny?



I unlocked my phone and read it.



So his birthday is tomorrow wow,what do I get him as a gift?


I don’t know,what if I get him a shirt? Or what exactly?



Am confused.



My phone ring and i picked it up.



*Better half*



“Hey sis”



“Sugar did you get any message from Danny? She asked




“Yea I did,his birthday is tomorrow” I said.




“Yes and I need you to take permission from work so that we can go shopping” she said.



“Okay I didn’t go to work anyways I was feeling down,come pick me up” I said



“Be there asap” she said and hanged up.



Should I get him a shirt or tie?



Will he like it?






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