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Baddest Girl – Episode 13

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(Innocent stripper)




(Hot kiss)


💅Episode 13💅


💎Kierra POV💎


I drank a full gla*ss of vodka as I stare at Zach.

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“You know I feel so sad” I said as I gulp down another gla*ss of vodka. “Why do you feel bad? Zach asked


“Sierra,can you please talk to her for me? I begged


“She might listen to you since you are her boss,I don’t know what to do in order to have my twin back.


I miss her” I added as I lay my head on his shoulder



“She loves you Kierra, she’s just hurt don’t worry she will soon forgive you” he coax me.


Zach is the type of big brother have always wished for.


Understanding and supportive.


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“You think so? I asked


“100% sure, she will come back to you” he a*ssured me.


“Now let’s get you to sleep before you get yourself drunk” he said as he helped me up on my fit.


He carried me to my room and lay me on the bed.


“Sweet dreams” he said and kissed my forehead before leaving.


I wish him to just sleep beside me here while I stare at his cute manly figure.


Damn he got me wanting.


When did i turned to a s3x craving b**tch?


I keep turning all over the bed till sleep elude me.


Next morning


I woke up with an hangover,gosh did I had too much drink last night? It’s just two cla*ss though.


I stop up from my bed and went to the bathroom after peeing and brushing my mouth I came out of the bathroom and wear a short knicker with a big shirt.


Rubbing my eyes I went out of the room.



I walk to the kitchen and pour myself a gla*ss of water.


Getting drunk ain’t my thing tho.


On my way to my room I bump into Danny and lost my balance.


He grabbed me by my waist and saved me from falling.


My hand on his chest and our faces inches apart.


I stare at his pink lips trying do hard to avert my gaze from it.


Now thinking about it,I think Danny and I have made body contact before.


His hand firmly on my waist,the sensation I feel down there just like that night.


Am I Hallucinating again? Danny would never do that to a STRIPPER.


He pushed me away from his grip and look away.


“Sorry” I muttered as I keep my head low.


“You should look where you are going,this is not a strip club” he said coldly. “I apologized already Danny,what else do you want me to do? I asked sadly. Why did he detest me this much?


Am a human too I deserved to be loved.


“Drop any deal you have with Zach and leave my house or better still move to his house” he replied as he made to walk away but I held his hand tightly.


“But…..but I think I love you” I stuttered


“There is a huge difference between lust and love.



You lust after me kierra and not love” he said and yanked my hands out of his. “Why? Can’t I love because am a stripper?


I just want to love you and be loved back is that too hard to wish for? I yelled Why am I being like this all of a sudden?


I think the thought of him being the guy that touched me that night is really driving me crazy.


He looked at me quietly and sigh.


“You are f**king annoying” he muttered under his breath.


“Hate is a strong word so I don’t hate you,I dislike your job and not you” he said with a shrug and sat down on the couch.


“If I quit being a stripper,will you…….you try and love me back? I asked with


tears in my eyes.


Sierra POV


I dress up for work in one of the clothes I bought last night.


Looking at my reflection in the mirror I stare at myself.


I look absolutely beautiful in those dress.


But why will boss want me to be wearing s3xy clothes to work?


I mean ,there is nothing going on between us though.


I pick up my handbag and came out of the room.

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My food is already covered in the kitchen but I wasn’t hungry so I left it there for mom to eat when she came back.


I left the house and boarded a taxi down the street.


“Zach Marvin empire” I said to the cab driver.


The drive to the company was a bit longer due to traffic.


On getting to the company I paid the cab driver and rushed inside the company.


Most of the staffs of the accounting department that occupy the first floor were staring at me.


I nervously stretch my skirt a bit.


I took the elevator upstairs.


On getting to the last floor I greeted his secretary.


“Is the boss here already? I asked ignoring the fact that her eyes were on me.


“He asked of you an hour ago” she replied finally.


Oh sh*t .


I press the door bell and went in.


Since his office is very large more like a sitting room.


I stroll to the middle of the office,there he was busy pressing his computer.


He was looking handsome in his white shirt.


Wait am I drooling over my boss?


“Good morning sir” I greeted but he just hum without looking at me.



“Sorry that I came late sir,it was caused by traffic” I added and he finally look up.


“Oh,its you Sierra” he said with a smile.


I was waiting for him yo say something about my dress.


Is it that poor that he have nothing to say?


I was becoming sad already.


“You look hot” he finally complement and I blushed hard.


“Thank you sir” I replied.


“I will go make your coffee” I said and turn to leave.


“Don’t bother,Rita already done that” he said .


“Okay,do you need any other thing sir? I asked rubbing my palm together.


He stood up from his chair and walk closer to me.


His gaze fell on my cleavage and I felt nervous.


He stare at my lips then back to my face.


“Am sorry” he said.


“For what? I asked but rather than answering he slammed his lips on mine and kissed me hungrily.


I was dazed at a moment.


What’s wrong with him?


I tried to fight him up but instead he Carried me up on his table as he put away his laptop.


He stare at me with his ocean eyes.


“Please” he begged.


“But,what the hell is going on? I asked


“I don’t know too,but whatever it is,is stronger than I can resist.


I just want to kiss you till am tired” he said and cover my lips again with his.


I don’t know what to do.


Should I give in?


I don’t want him to see me as a whore.


What do I do? I think I have a soft spot for him already.


I don’t want to be used,I don’t want to be a toy he Can use whenever he dim fit.


To be continued


Authoress Promzy.



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