Wonder Woman – Episode 8

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Episode 8


[Stella! ]




Dave brought home a woman to our matrimonial bed I cried. Its 7:30pm I’m sure that Kyle and Kira are not going to be home early. I heard someone climb downstairs I looked up it was the bitch Dave brought home


“Maid my baby and I need two glasses of smoothies” she ordered I look around in


search of the maid she was talking to


She scoffed “Bitch I’m talking to you”


“Slut do I look like a slut to you? If that’s what Dave told you then you are the maid, fool” I spat


“Jeez she talks” she said sarcastically


I laughed hysterically “that’s the way to the kitchen” I pointed and was about to walk up stairs when she slapped me at that moment Dave was coming down from the stair case


“Stella what’s going on?” He asked


She smirked at he held her face and turned to Dave pretending to cry “Babe this good for nothing maid slapped me” she sniffed


“You were actually the one who slapped me stop lieing” I scoffed “Carly would you shut up!” Dave yelled


I was surprised Dave just yelled at me because of this slut I blink repeatedly in surprise


“You were the who laid your flight hands on her” he spat and did the most surprising thing


He slapped me! Dave just slapped me because of this slut!



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