Wonder Woman – Episode 7

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Wonder Woman




Authoress Jane Ese


Episode 7


[Woman beater 2 ]


Next morning


Carly’s pov


I got up to meet that I was the only one on the bed. I wen to the bathroom did my stuff and went downstairs to the house chores I found out that Kira had already done that. Relieved of house chores I decided to go back to the sitting room to watch a movie passing the dining room I saw a tray with a covered plate on it and a note beside it, it read:


“Mom Kyle and I gone to work sorry for not informing you before we left I don’t want to disturb you. I’ve found another good school with affordable fees for Kayla and Kendrick we would go and find one for ourselves when we are on off from work. KΒ² has gone to school the food here is for you, dad is still sleeping upstairs bye mom

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I smiled and sat down to eat while I was eating Dave came downstairs “Good morning” I greeted he didn’t answer rather he passed me and went to the kitchen I heard him opening the pots probably in search of food


“Woman! is there no food in this house?” he asked obviously getting pissed off “I don’t know I met my food here” I answered “So you are tryna tell me that there’s no breakfast for me?” he asked quizzically “Maybe” I replied quietly he was already in the dining room with me before I could say “Jack Robinson” he took one of the plates containing hot soup and poured it on me



“Dave what did I do wrong” i asked painfully “How can you eat and I would not huh?”


“I never knew that there was no food for you to eat”


“Instead of you to accept your wrongdoing you are still proving to be right” he slapped me I held my face in face in pain


“What have I done to you Dave? I’m suffering because of you I never complained yet you choose to start beating me up”


“Don’t you ever say that Carly or you would regret it” he said and left me on the floor. I cried my eyes out till I slept off on the floor….


Kira’s pov


It was already time to go home my boss allowed me to leave early today saying that I am very hardworking that I needed enough rest I readily agreed. I have already found a suitable with affordable fees for Kyle and I. I called Kyle to infirm him that I close from work early therefore I can’t wait for him at the club as usual he agreed and told me to go home straight. I hailed a cab


“4A pine crescent” I told the driver he nodded and drove off







Wonder Woman




Authoress Jane Ese

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