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Wonder Woman – Episode 6

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 6


[Woman Beater ]



Kira’s pov


I’m getting ready for work, Yea Kyle and I went on a job hunt it was so stressful most of them complained we were too young. We had to walk for many hours around the city until we found a job for Kyle at a big club as a bar tender. we had to walk again for sometime until I was opportune to find a vacant spot at an equally big eatery the pay wasn’t that bad it was okay. I had to wake up early in order for me to get to work early since its my first day I don’t want them to have a bad impression of me. I got ready and went to call Kyle so we can leave for work together……

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Kyle’s pov


I was getting ready for work when someone knocked on my door I’m sure its Kira she may have probably gotten ready


“Come in” I said mom walked in “Oh morning ma” “Morning son how was ya night?” she asked “It was okay and yours” “Fine, I see you’re getting ready for work” “Yes I would be leaving soon” “Thank you very much for supporting us but as you’re about to resume work please adhere to your boss instructions, keep good company, don’t make trouble and above all protect your sister” she advised “Okay mom I would be leaving now take care of yourself and please be careful with dad” I pecked her cheek


and forehead. I head to the door and was about to open but Kira beat me to it “Morning bro I cams to check if you’re ready” “Yea as you can see I am so can we go?” I asked “Sure” she answered. Mom came out of my room and Kira greeted her “Good morning momsi” “Morning Kira” mom smiled and left. I locked the door to my room then We left for work………


Carly’s pov


Its already 8:30 pm called that they would be home late I agreed cos its the nature if their job. I am still yet to get a job and our financial status is degrading Dave isn’t doing anything to help rather I have found out that he drinks I don’t want Kira and Kyle to know about it.



Someone was banging the door “Open the door you lazy foolish woman” Immediately I knew it was Dave I quickly ran to open the door “Welcome Dave” I greeted “Shut up you stupid woman where are your useless children” he shouted he really reeks from alcohol “Kira and Kyle are back from work while Kayla and Kendrick are sleeping upstairs” “Mtcheww useless thing” he said and pushed me away. He sat on one of the chairs in the sitting room and asked me to serve him dinner “I’m sorry Dace Kayla and Kendrick ate the last food I have not even eaten I was gonna wait till Kira and Kyle comes back from work cos Kira is gonna bring food from work” I stated calmly “So you’re trying to say I should wait till your useless children come before I eat” he yelled “Please they are not useless” I said calmly “Are you mad?” he shouted and slapped me hard on my face “Dave what did I do to deserve all these? what have I done to you?” I asked tearfully “How dare you ask me questions huh?” he yelled and started beating me, he beat mW to pulp and went upstairs locked the door secured it with a key so I wouldn’t find my way inside. I sat on one of the staircases leading to the children’s room I cried my eyes out “God why? why me? why has life decided to treat me this way?” I sobbed. I went to Kira’s room and luckily it wasn’t locked I didn’t want to go to Kayla and Kendrick room CIA they are gonna ask me series of questions. I got to Kira’s room I freshened up took first aid from her bathroom treated my face and wore one if Kira’s boyfriend shirt since it was big enough to size me after everything I layed on her bed and slept off.


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I heard Kira calling “Mom I’m home” I quickly covered my face with her duvet so that she wouldn’t see the cuts on my face she got inside her room and wait straight into the bathroom took her bath and came to lie on her bed she raised the duvet I tried turning quickly so she would not see my face Kira asked”Mom what’s this? why is your face like this?” I pretended as if I was in a deep sleep she came out and went to call Kyle from his room. I heard them enter the room “Kyle you really need to see mom’s face I’m sure it was dad who beat her up” Kira stated “Mom please wake up I brought food for you”,Kyle said shaking me so I could wake up at this junction I could not pretend as if I was sleeping cos they know I’m a light sleeper “Ahh” I pretended to yawn truthfully Kyle was holding a tray of food. They allowed me to finish eating before they started bombarding me with questions “Breath Kira and Kyle ……………. Your dad didn’t do anything I only fell


from the staircase and I missed my daughter that’s why I came to your room” I tried to convince them “But…….” Kira tried to say “Kira its okay with the questions



mom needs to rest” Kyle cuts in Kira shrugged he helped me lie down and covered me properly then Kira came to join me on the bed we cuddled and slept off




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