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Wonder Woman – Episode 5

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 5




Carly’s pov


Ever since David lost his job 2 weeks ago life has became tough for us everything was hard for us we rarely ate 3 square meals a day, our clothes and shoes are getting worned out and very soon my children’s tuition feed would expire. Just then Kyle walked In with his siblings they looked sad


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“Kyle what’s wrong?” I asked


“Mom we were sent out of school because our tuition fees has already expired” Kyle answered


“You need to see the way my enemies where laughing at me” Kira sobbed “Oh my! my baby is crying” I pulled her into a hug she put her head on my chest I patted her hair “Dear Kira everything’s gonna be okay, alright” I said assuringly she nodded in reply


“Now you guys go into your room freshen up, your food is in the microwave” I added “Okay mum” They chroused



David went out in search of a job he has being doing that for the past few weeks and there’s nothing to show for it; I think its high time still go in search for a job too. I went upstairs, freshen up, dressed up and left the house in search of a job




I came back home exhausted, I couldn’t find any job either they say “We don’t need a working mom” or “We are in need of only youngsters” I felt ashamed and embarrassed.


“Ahh” I groaned I was pulling the jacket I was putting on when kyle came downstairs he was heading to the kitchen when he saw me he smiled and walk towards my direction “Mom where were you?” he asked worriedly “We were so worried about you” he added

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“Sorry I made you guys worried I went in search of a job so I could support your dad” I answered “Oh! so how was it? did you find a job” he asked “Sadly I didn’t they were all saying they need young people, its so annoying” I said frustrated “Its okay mom everything is gonna be alright” He said assuringly “I believe you my son” I said smiling “I bet you must be tired let me help you upstairs to your room so you could freshen up and take proper rest while Kira and I would try to fix up something for dinner” He said “Thanks” I said smiling.




Kyle’s pov


For the past few weeks the air in the usually lit up house has been tensed up everyone who used to be happy and beam with smile are now moody especially Dad he’s grumpy these days he gets angry at every slightest mistake/thing. I’ve noticed that he is hanging out with one of those drunkards who cause nuisance in the neighborhood I just pray he doesn’t corrupt dad.


I can’t even face my friends anymore. Kira was in my room helping me in tidying it up.


“Kira shouldn’t we support mom and dad” I suggested


“Yea I agree with you Kyle but how for we support? where do we start from?” she asked


“Mom went on a job hunt”


“Oh I see why we couldn’t find her, how was it? Did she find a job? what job? does it pay well?”


“Breath Kira……… Sadly mom couldn’t find a job they all wanted youngsters”


“That’s so sad”


“Its kinda sad but its not” I stated


“How?” she asked


“Since they all said they need young minds we are young right? let’s grab this opportunity and go in search of a job”


“I sure do have a wise bro” she said smiling I smiled


“I’ll work in a bar as a bartender and you work in a restaurant as a waitress”


“That’s cool, but first we need to inform mom”


“Sure I will baby sister” I teased she laughed





We are at the dinning table having dinner I decided to inform mom about me and Kira’s plan. I cleared my throat to gain their attention earning a death glare from dad


“Mom dad I and Kira has decided to start start working” I said Nobody said anything all avoiding dad’s wrath until mom cooked up courage abs broke the silence “Uhm……. Kyle why have you guys decide to work?” she asked “We are only trying to support you and dad” I said she smiled


“I really appreciate your concern but are you sure you wanna do this?” “Yea we are very sure” I turned to Kira “Right?” I asked her “Yea Mom we want to support you guys” Kira said


“Its fine by me but once you find a place please do not hesitate to let me know


okay?” she said


“Sure thing mom”

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“Thank you” she said as she stretched her hand and placed it on mine


“Kyle promise you would get me chocolate once you get a job” Little Kayla said “Yes I would” I replied


“Its only chocolate you know about” Kendrick muttered I smiled “I would get all of you something okay?”


“Okay big bro” Kendrick smiled I glanced at dad all these while he has been quiet not contributing to what we were saying I sighed “Everything’s gonna change for good soon”



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