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Wonder Woman – Episode 2

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 2☺


⏩Fast forward⏩


Wedding day


Carly’s pov

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“You may now kiss your bride” The priest said we kissed for some minutes before I broke the kiss because if we should continue we are gonna need a bed


“You’re looking very beautiful” David whispered I blushef and we walked to the exit of the church people were cheering happily my bridal train were clad in beautiful off shoulder blue gown and David’s “men” as I call them were dressed in



blue suit jacket and black trousers the sight was beautiful I threw my flower bouquet and Alessia caught it laughing heartily the other girls were dragging it with her I laughed and entered into the black car waiting for us.

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Next morning


David’s house


Still on Carly’s pov


“Ahh” I yawned, memories of yesterday night flowed through my head I blushed in embarrassment, I finally loosed my virginity to the one I love. I turned to the other side of the bed I realised that I was alone on the bed while I was thinking of where David was the door clicked open i quickly pretended as if I was sleeping “Good morning Sunshine” David said God! How do I face him

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“Don’t be shy dearie, didn’t you enjoy it?” He asked “No I didn’t” I said to myself “Oh you didn’t when you were moaning out my name telling me not to….” David


teased “Oh will you shut up and let’s eat” I said cutting him and pointing at the tray he was holding


I stood up from the bed still holding the duvet tight to my chest


“Army you’re so funny there’s nothing I have not seen there” he smirkef I tried to walk to him and hit him when I felt a sharp pain in between my legs


Oh! I forgot to add that David is so big down there “Ahh God” I hissed in pain still bolding the duvet tight.


David’s pov


I woke up early to make breakfast cos I know that Arly would be so tired from last night Yea “Arly” I just found a nick name for her


I made tea and put some slices of bread on a saucer and put it on a tray. I went upstairs to the room and opened the door I knew she was shy to fave me I think I need to make use of this opportunity, I teased her she was about to stand up to hit me when she suddenly hissed in pain I quickly dropped the tray on the bed side table and went to help her cos she seems like she was about to fall down


“Are you okay?” I asked “Yea I’m okay, you are the cause of this” she said and pouted like a baby she’s so cute


“How?” I asked “You’re too big down there” she said shyly I started laughing due to my uncontrollable laughter I mistakenly fell the tray. Now breakfast is gone


Few minutes later


I helped Arly in bathing and cleaned up our ruined breakfast



“Now our breakfast is ruined what do we do?” I asked “You’re the cause but I would cook” she said and was about to leave for the kitchen “No I would order for food” I said as I held her hand “Okay” she answered. TBC


Now that they’ve gotten married the real drama is about to start.

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