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Wonder Woman – Episode 13

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Wonder Woman




Authoress Jane Ese


Episode 13


[Finding a place to stay ]




I think we should go to my friend’s house” I told Kira


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“Okay mom which one should we go to?” She asked


“Let’s try Bella’s house”


“Okay mom”


We walked to Bella’s house which is a little bit far from my or should I say Dave’s house?


I got to the front of the house and rung the bell


She came out smiling but the smile disappeared as soon as she set high eyes on me “Good evening Bella” I greeted


“Good evening” she answered as if we had quarreled before “Uhm please can I spend the night at your house?” I asked politely She laughed hysterically “You Carly my house?”


“Yes please we would leave first thing tomorrow morning Bella please just this one” I pleaded


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“I’m sorry to burst your bubbles I can’t accommodate you in my house” she replied “Bella please just…….”


“Just what! Don’t you understand english? Now leave my house get out!” She shouted



Tears gathered in my eyes threatening to fall I cannot recall the last time I begged someone for something since I married David but ever since he lost his job everything changed


I sniffed”Kira let’s go I know another place to lay our head tonight” I told Kira I turned to Bella “Thank you very much Bella” “You welcome now get out” She yelled


We left and head to Nora’s house on getting there I was told that she had had relocated she’s the only person I’m sure would help me I decided to try Ella’s place


She’s a sassy girl I expect the worst from her


We got to her house we met her drinking and smoking with her friends Oh I forgot to add that the once innocent timid Ella is now a prostitute “Good evening Ella” I greeted


“Good evening Carly what do I owe this visit because since you got married to that man you never visit me except we meet on outings” she said puffing out smoke from her mouth


I sighed “I’m sorry about that I was just so busy with work” “With work you say, so what are you doing here?” She asked I explained everything to her


Instead of her to sympathize with me she and her friends started laughing like fools “So now that your ‘boo’ has driven or should o say forgotten you what do you want or expect me to do?” She asked


I ignored the fact that what she said was annoying and rude


“Please can I spend the night at your hou….” I was saying when she cut me off


“Carly I have heard enough now get out of my house!”


“Ella please you know how I helped you when you were in need ple….”


“Carly get out!” She shouted and pushed me out I cried “God why me?”


“What have I done that you decided to punish me this way?” Kayla and Kendrick were already sleeping I strapped Kendrick to my back with a wide cloth while Kira did same yo Kayla


I don’t know where to go


“Mom what about aunt Alessia?” Kira asked Yea Alessia she never came into my mind

“Its a little far can you walk?” I asked worriedly


“Yes mom I can we need to find a safe place for us to spend the night its already late and its dangerous out here” she said


“Yea that’s true” I replied


We walked briskly to Alessia’s house I could hear voices of people from inside I guess her family and her husband’s is here I don’t think she would accommodate us but there’s no harm in trying I rung the bell

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“Who’s that?” I heard Alessia’s ask from inside She opened the door


“Oh my Carly what are you doing here with your belongings by this time of the night?” She asked


Yea its already 10:30 pm


“Its David…..” I choked on my tears


“Its okay just calm down and explain” she said


I explained everything that had happened from genesis to revelation crying “Carly its okay” she said pulling me into a bear hug patting my hair softly “But I’m afraid that I can only accommodate a person” she smiled sadly “Really that’s amazing thanks a lot” I appreciated her kind gesture


I turned to Kira “you will be the one to stay her so you could continue schooling” “No mom I want Kayla to live with her she’s very young I don’t want her to have a taste of this bitter side of life” she said


“Kira is right Carly just let Kayla stay I would take care of her” Alessia said “Thanks a lot Ally I don’t know what to do right now without you” “It’s okay Carly” Alessia smiled


Kira dropped Kayla from her back she woke up immediately she’s a light sleeper like me


“Aunt Lessia” she squealed and went to give her a hug “Kayla baby how are you?” Ally asked


“I’m fine aunt is uncle Ben inside?” She asked I smiled as I watched them bond so sweetly

“Kayla you would be living with aunt Ally from now on”


“Yayy” she shrieked


I smiled


“Mom why did dad drive us away? Is it because of that idiot?” She asked How did she know?


“I don’t know why Kayla but I think I would be taking my leave now be a goof girl” I pecked her fore head


“Bye Ally please find a job for me thanks in advance” I smiled at her “Sure I would do that bye” she replied and took Kayla with her inside



Kira and I took the luggage rolling then behind us to God knows where there is clearly no where for us to go


God help me


“Mom there is a shop over there we could spend the night there” Kira suggested “Okay dear let’s go but I’m afraid of those bad boys who wander about at night or thrives”


“Same mom but there’s nothing we can do God would take control” she assured I gave her a warm smile in reply


We walked down to the shop arranged our luggage at a corner I dropped Kendrick from my back carried him in my hands and slept off





We had been looking for where to pass the night for up to 2hours we gave Kayla to Aunt Ally I’m happy that she would live a good life. I rest my head on one of the luggage and slept off


Few Minutes Later


I heard noises in my sleep I groaned its just noise the noise was getting too much I


had to open my eyes I met the shocker of my life I was wobbling in fear and shock God please save me










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