Wonder Woman – Episode 12

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Episode 12


[Driven out❌]


Closing Time




Kyle and I met at the school hate he asked me to and take Kayla and Kendrick from school then I should go home he said he he would do my shift at the restaurant I disagreed but after much persuasions I had to let go

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I took Kayla and Kendrick from school and went home I was almost home I thought about how dad has changed he has really changed drastically he now drinks I know mom decided not to tells us because she knows that Kyle would confront him but I found out o have my own ways dad has started beating and maltreating mom. I just hope that dad is not doing anything stupid right now. As I drew closer to the house I heard people shouting at each other I just pray it isn’t our house


“Kayla Kendrick hurry up I need to quickly get to the house” I tell K2


I got home and met mom outside with dad throwing all our belongings outside the


house I got angry immediately


“Mom what’s wrong?” I asked


“I didn’t do anything wrong Stella came in I don’t know what happened but I heard them arguing the next thing I knew was that he came out looking angry packed our belongings into their respective luggage and threw then out of the house but not without beating me up” mom gave a lengthy explanation crying I saw dad and that Godforsaken bitch


“Mom I’m sorry about that” I said and put my bag from my back and dropped it with mum


“I would be right back mom” I said and left I think I need to talk sense into those two







Stella walked in looking angry


“Honey what’s the problem?” I asked


She didn’t reply


“Darling please talk to me” I pleaded


“Look David if you want me to live in this house with you send that Godforsaken bitch outta this house” she said


“Why would I do that? She’s my wife” I said


“Okay I’m leaving” she said and took her bag to leave “No honey please stay” I pleaded holding her hand


“Like I said if you want me to stay send her out how can I be sharing my man with another?” She asked


Β©Written by Jane Ambrose





After series of argument I finally agreed after all she’s not useful anymore I have all I want in a Lady in Stella.


I went to the children’s room, with the help of Stella I packed all their belongings into their luggage and threw them out of the house


I was about to move the last one when Carly halted me “Dave why are you doing this to me?”


I didn’t answer I tried walking away when I heard the most annoying thing ever “Its because of that bitch right?”


“Dave you are…..”


I didn’t allow her to finish before I cut her short with an ear deafening slap


“Are you mad? You fucking bastard how can you call my beloved a bitch?” I asked still beating her with the anger in me I beat her up till my anger subsided


“Bitch you have 30 minutes to move your belongings outta this compound or else” I sneered and went inside to meet Stella


“Ella are you okay with that now?” I asked “Yea babe I’m so happy I love you” she cooed I smiled


I grew angry again when I heard her stupid children’s voice outside. I came Stella followed behind me


“Dad why have you decided to pay us like this?” Kira asked


I scoffed “kira when did I become your classmate or school mate that you could talk to like this?” I asked angrily


“Dad what did we or mom ever do that you drove us out?” She asked again She sighted Stella behind me “oh it’s because of that mother fucker right?” She scoffed


Oh my where the fuck on earth did she get the guts to talk to me like this?


She was about to talk again when I gave her two resounding slaps


“Never in your life should you talk to me like that” I slapped her again


“Dad mark my words and today’s date if possibly time you would come back


crawling and begging on your knees for forgiveness you and that fling shall lick


the dust of my feet” she cried


I angrily pushed her she fell and had a cut on her lips and face I dragged her to where her mom was and pushed her down


“Carly take these bunch of failures called children out of my house I don’t think anything good would come out of them leave my compound and return no more I


hate bad luck” I hissed and walk into the house


“Honey let’s go inside” I said and grabbed Stella’s waist as we walked into the house





‘I never knew Dave would turn out like this’

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I thought he was really nice and loveable person ‘God why me’ I wailed


“Mom get up let’s go” Kira said raising me up from where I laid out of frustration I stood up and helped Kira in arranging all our luggage


I strapped Kayla to my back and took Kendrick’s hand I used my other hand to roll a luggage


I knew something was behind that heated argument they had earlier I think it was that bitch that asked him to drive me outta the house and he really did after all I have done and gone through with him


If he had only banged her I would have not uttered any word but he had the guts to send me out


“Dave why” I cried silently


“Its okay mom I have called Kyle he said he would not be able to come he is running a quadruple shift to earn extra money he also said we should find somewhere to spend the night” Kira said



“Okay dear I would have to find somewhere to spend the night” I replied Oh God where do I go?












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