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Wonder Woman – Episode 11

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Wonder Woman




Authoress Jane Ese


Episode 11


[School ]




Kira already found a good school for us I told my boss that I would be resuming school and I would be doing evening shit on week days and double shifts on weekends. I was getting ready for school I bet Kira must have gotten herself and K² ready. I finished dressing IP came out and head to Kira’s too on my way I heard mom and dad arguing I just pray he doesn’t beat her up again.


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I got to Kira’s room and knocked on the door “Come in” she said from inside “Morning sis”


“Morning bro”


“How are you?” I asked


“I’m okay” she answered


“Where’s Kayla and Kendrick?”


“They are eating breakfast downstairs”


I sighed “I hearc mom and dad quarrelling again few minutes ago I just pray he doesn’t beat her up”


“Hmmm….I’m tired of this situation”


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“Its okay Kira everything would be okay soon”


“Yea we are getting late for school let’s leave” she said


I came out of the room and went down stairs I got to the dining and met Kayla and Kendrick arguing

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“Pussy face” Kendrick cursed


“Dickhead” Kayla spat


Geez! Where did these kids learn how to curse?


“Hey that’s enough” I cautioned


They turned “Morning bro”


“Morning dear you guys should eat fast else we would be late for school” ‘Okay bro” They chorused


Few Minutes Later


We were outside waiting for a taxi we have been waiting for almost 30 minutes yet no sign of a cab I tried checking for anyone online I still couldn’t find one.



Things like this had never happened we had 4 drivers 2 for mom and dad one for Kira and one for Kayla and Kendrick while I drove my car myself


Its the nature of the house that’s the cause o. This moreover that f××king bastard who calls himself my father sold almost all the cars he had left the garage that used to be filled up is now empty.


We waited more for some minutes we were already getting late if we wait more than this we would be very late


“Kira we are going to be late if we keep waiting for a taxi” I told Kira She sighed “So what should we do?”


“I think we should start walking maybe along the road we would find a taxi” I suggested


“Ok let’s start walking” she said


Our movement we slowed down because of Kayla and Kendrick we had to carry


them in our arms. The distance was very far from our house. By the time we got to


their school our hands were aching badly and we were already late. We had to run

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and walk so we could quickly get to school we finally got to school at 8:30am we


were pardoned because we are new students, we went straight to the principal’s


office he gave us the requirement like school maps, notes and other things needed


“Welcome to glendwood high you are now a student of this prestigious school” Mr


Hardin the principal said


“Thank you sir” we chorused


We walked out of his office


“Bye Kira we would meet at the end of school”


“Bye bro” she said and left





I held the school on my hand searching for my class when I bumped into someone making her books fly in the air


“Oh I’m sorry” I apologized and bent down to pick the books


“Its okay dear” she said


“Thanks” I replied


“I’m Tessa and you” she introduced herself “I’m Kira” I replied


“Nice meeting you” she said


“Same here let me help you with that” I said stretching my hand to take some of the books


“Thanks don’t worry” she smiled


“I insist” I replied


She smiled and gavee part of the books we walked towards the library where she was to keep the books we chatted that was when I found out that we werw in the same class she led me to the class and luckily there was a vacant seat beside her. We sat down and waited for the teacher to arrive we were having biology the teacher entered the class


“Good morning Mrs Cassy” we greeted “Good morning g dearies have your seat” Tess told me that she was our class teacher


“We have a new student in our midst come forward and introduce yourself” Mrs Cassy said


I knew I was the one she was talking about so I stood up and walked in front of hge class


“Hi I’m Kira Davids i’m from gracious high school” I introduced myself to the class


The laughed what’s so funny?


“Why did you leave such school and come here?” Someone asked


Everyone laughed again tears burned at the back if my eyes I remembered I used to live a life of luxury before


Why is life so cruel?


“Enough of that” Mrs Cassy shunned them “Kira go to your seat now”she added I walked toy seat and sat down


“I’m sorry about that” Tessa apologized


I smex “its okay its not your fault”


“Feel free to the me if anything is bothering you” she said


I smiled And turned to look at Mrs Cassy paying attention to what she’s teaching





Tessa offered to help me bring my food I sat down writing fie her. I saw a group of dolls walking down to where I sat down as they drew nearer their leader’s face became familiar they got to my table then it dawned on me that the leader was Jessica.


Yea I knew her in gracious high school she was a bully, my class mate and a cheerleader until a scandal drove her out of the school she went into hiding we thought that she was dead until of recent we heard that she had started attending a low school j didn’t even know I would meet her again “Hey bitch I’m talking to you” she half yelled


She has always been slutty


“What is it?” I asked her


She scoffed


“Don’t talk to our queen like that” one of her minions said “Queen?” I raised my eyebrows


“Shut up what are you doing in my school?” Jessica asked


“Your school?” I scoffed “no one told me that the almighty Jessica owns a school” “You have always been a rich kid so what are you doing in this school?” She asked “or your dad went bankrupt?” She asked again


I hot angry I hate being reminded of the situation of the house I angrily slapped her everyone gasped she held her red face she wanted to slap me back when Tessa held her hands it was Tessa


“Stay of my path bItch” Tessa cursed and forced her hands down Jessica ran away crying


“Do you know her anywhere before” Tessa askef “Yea she attended my previous school” I stated “Oh I see why she’s trying humiliate you”


“Yea” i answered and took a tray of food I started eating Tessa smacked my head “What wax that for? I asked


“You didn’t even ask which one was for you” she frowned I laughed “Do you know how you look like?” We laughed again



































Wonder Woman




Authoress Jane Ese

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