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Wonder Woman – Episode 1

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 1


Carly’s pov


“I prefer this gown to that one”


“No I love this one” I shook my head as i watched Nora and Ella argue about the design of wedding dress I should put on, on the day of my wedding day. We were at a bridal shop, I am getting married in a forth night to the love of my life Daniel.

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Well, my name is Carly Ambrose, I’m 29 years old, I have a brown back length hair, i have 4 friend: Alessia, Nora, Ella and Bella I must say that I’m very pretty and well endowed but I can’t phantom the reason why I had to wait for several years looking for a suitable person for me until I found David, the man of my dream.


“Earth to Carly” Bella said as she snapped her fingers over my face, yea she’s dramatic


“oh what’s that?….. uhm….. I prefer that one that has net sleeves so there would be


no need for a jacket and the blue flower would be okay” I blabbed, I looked at the girls, they fold their arms staring at me the shop seemed quiet until Nora the noisy one said “Carly what are you talking about?, we had already settled for what you’re gonna wear we were actually talking about what color of nightie we were going to put on for hen’s party/sleepover gosh! Carly where were you?”


“Uhm….” I stuttered thinking of what to say “Sorry girls I was lost in thought” I


apologized Ella was about to protest when Alessia the quiet one cut her short “Its fine dearie let’s go see your pretty gown I bet you would love it”


They showed me my gown let me say I was “wowed” I went into the dressing gown I took some pictures and sent it to David and mom “Thanks girls I love love it” I smiled sheepishly “You welcome dear” They chorused “So now that I have finally found a gown to wear I think we……” I delayed “Carly please say it” Nora


said poutingly “ok… we are going shopping” I said “Yayy!” They squealed “Let me go pay for this” I said as I led the girls to the cashier table.

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David’s pov☺


“That was funny” I laughed as James one of my colleagues at work cracked a joke we were on a break at work do we decided to eat out on a restaurant nearby



“Guys let’s be serious, we need to plan for our friend’s wedding” Dan said looking serious, Dan Is my right handman, he’s gonna be my best man on my wedding day “Okay, so what color of suit are we putting on?” Jake asked “Red” James said “White, what do you think David?” Dan asked


Forgive my bad manners I’m David Brian, 30 years old, I have a tanned skin, black hair, blue pair of cute eye balls, gentle, handsome above all I’m everyman’s dream


“I think I would have to call Carly and ask her what colour of bouquet of flowers shed buying so we could use a matching colour” “Okay” they replied briefly I smiled and picked up my phone to call my fiancée she picked at the 3rd ring “Hey babe” I cooed “Hi boo what’s up” she said I think she must be smiling “Awwn” I heard her friends saying she shut them up and laughed heartily


“Have you chosen a suitable dress for the wedding?” I asked “Yea I have, you should check your phone I sent you some pictures ” she said “okay I would do that immediately after this call so what colour of flowers are you buying?” I asked “Blue” she said “okay I love you” I added “I love you more” she said I smiled and dropped the phone on the table “so guys we are wearing blue suit” I told the guys “okay” they agreed I glanced at my wristwatch its few minutes to the end of break at work “Guys I think we should get back to work” “Sure” they answered I played the bills and we left




This us just an introduction the real story would start soon,

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