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What Love Did To Him – Episode 9

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Come , which kind Mumu you be? How did you get my number?” she asked him still staring at the phone, ” I was just asking you to follow protocols, I got the phone number from your poster” He replied pointing at the poster and laughing. ” You know, you are sick” She said standing in front of him, ” So that’s is my number, I will call you when I want” He said and made to walk away, ” Bye” She told him, ” Bye bye , I will call you” He assured and walked away from her, he was almost getting to the main gate when he turned back to stare at her, she was also staring at him. He waved at her and she waved back, he then faced where he was heading and went out of the main gate, at least, his mission has been accomplished, he had charged his phone. ” He isn’t proud after all” Queen said to herself as she sat on the bench outside her shop. ” Hello angel” She heard a voice from behind and of course, she turned immediately. ” You again? Alika” she asked calmly with a sweet smile on her face, ” You remember the name, and I seem to meet you in a happy mood today” He also smiled. ” Yeah, am in a happy mood today, you know, if not, I could just throw you out like the other day” She answered, ” But I can still throw you out if you fail to be a gentleman” She added quickly as he made to sit down, and he finally sat. ” Gentlemen dont sit without being given the permission” She educated while he stood up, ” You may sit” She



told him and he slowly sat down. ” you are tough ” He complemented as he sat down, ” I love being tough” She answered with a smile. ” Maybe that’s because you dont know who I am” He suggested while her facial expression changed immediately, ” You are full of yourself” She blurted out as she was now visibly angry, ” Who the f–k are you?” She asked him while he sprang up. ” Its better you calm down” He advised her as he made to touch her, ” Get out of my shop!!” She shouted, even passer by now stopped to look, its surprising no one could recognize Alika, the leader of the famous cult group, the pipe line guys. The reason behind this wasn’t far fetched, the pipeline guys always went out on mission with cover face Jacket, they only revealed their faces to their victims and that person surely dies. Alika was once a student of the school, he had to drop when he couldn’t cope but his friend , Da Monk isn’t a student at all, just a random guy he had met in uniben and they had both started the cult together, but now they are over 50 of them who are unidentified, who has time to notice them in times of danger? You probably dont what to see the man shooting the gun when you hear the sound of the gun. So at that, Alika and Da Monk remain unknown.. __


” I said you should leave !!!” she shouted again, the passers by were now getting irritated at the stubborn young man, some students could now be seen throwing abuses at the young man , ” You self leave now” some would shout but Alika didn’t mind. The shout was now getting louder and a security man at the gate had to intervene. ” Young man, leave here” The security man shouted in anger as he got to them, ” Sir, mind your duty post” Alika spoke back, ” Are you talking to me? I am more older than your father” The old man shouted and pushed Alika to the floor, Other securities from the main gate were now approaching the scene. ” This boy get mouth dey talk to me any how” The man reported to his peers, Queen could sense trouble coming up so she quickly locked her shop but didn’t go away. Yeah, she had to lock her shop, you can’t trust uniben students in times of trouble, they seize the opportunity to steal the wares of sellers who forgets about their wares and get themselves so involved in what doesn’t concern them, Gossip. ” Mr man let go of me” Alika shouted as the security man held his shirt but the man didn’t release him, rather he gave Alika a slap, who does that? Slap the leader of the pipe line guys. ” you slapped me?” Alika asked smiling, ” Yes and I will do it again” The man answered and sure, the old man did it again. Alika didn’t say any other thing, rather he managed to free himself from the man and got away from the crowd. Queen breathed in relief, took her school bag an walked towards the main gate, she was obviously going home, it had been a long, sweet, bitter day. ” I wish



he would come play his flute for me” She said to herself as she stood at the main gate , resting on a pillar.



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The morning was cold as it use to be, it was a new day and students could be seen trooping in and out of the main gate. In a small, free land area just before the main gate, trees of different species bearing no fruits could be seen. Sometimes, lovers will come together to sit or climb on those trees to have quiet time or serious students to read their books. This morning, there was just a man on one of the trees, he was covered by the green leaves of the tree and the unsuspecting passer by knew not that there was someone up the tree. It was Wincho, he was with a camera and ready to take the picture of Gabriel as he would surely pass the main gate to the school. The unsuspecting Gabriel could be seen from a distance approaching the main gate, he was wearing a school bag and was on a blue jeans and white top, he had a fancy eye glass on his face. Wincho sighted him from afar and was at least happy he doesn’t have to stay on the tree all day, he set the camera and got ready to take the shot, just as Gabriel approached the tree, he took the shot and smiled at himself, he brought the camera down and clicked on a button to see the picture he had taken, but who he saw wasn’t Gabriel, he had taken the picture of a girl in front of him, she was all in white and facing Gabriel whom she had successfully shielded from the camera, ” How?” He asked himself as he turned to look at Gabriel again, but he was gone..


What happened? She wasn’t here when I took the pictures, how? ” Wincho asked himself as he stared at the camera, what had really happened.


That morning, Gabriel wasn’t the only students going into the main gate, there were many more students just coming to school, among these students was Amanda dressed in all white , a white flowing gown. She was on the opposite side to Gabriel and was also walking towards the main gate but just before she got there, she sighted him. ” Let me just greet him” She said to herself, ” He is my seat mate” she added and crossed over. ” Hy Gabi” She greeted as she blocked him in the front, and that was when wincho tapped the camera button and the picture was taken, it was too fast and he didn’t see her, it had happened simultaneously, he clicked the button , she stood in front of him, or she stood in front of him, he tapped the button. ” Amanda, Good morning” He greeted back, ” I hope they haven’t taken our seat today, we are a bit late” She told him, ” Then we will look for different seat today” he answered as they walked into the main gate, this was the point when wincho looked to see him again, but he was gone.



” That physics assignment, have you done it?” Amanda asked him, not that she hasn’t done hers, just to strike up another conversation. ” Yeah, I have” he answered. ” Is the answer to number one, 3.7N? She asked again, ” No, it is 3.8N, you need to approximate, 3.76 to 3.8 ” He explained. ” But in a practical, you should leave your answer in two decimal places” he added while she nodded, ” Thank you” she appreciated and they walked to the class in silence, luckily for them, no one took their seats, no one like the front seat.


• ” That girl is tough” Alika told Da monk smiling, ” For no good thing shall come your way easily, it was written, man shall sweat to make ends meet” Da monk told him while Alika shook his head negatively, ” I like her being tough, I like tough girls, but the person I got problems with is that security man who slapped me yesterday, he must not see tomorrow” Alika told him. ” Verily verily, I say unto him, tomorrow, he shall join the rest in Paradise ” Da monk assured. ” As for the girl, I will continue to try” Alika concluded passing his gun across his nostril, ”


And God will crown your hard work with success, do your best and he will handle the rest. May the good lord give you strength to win, guide you, protect you, and crown you stress in the name of the father , son and holy spirit” Da monk did the sign of the cross while Alika imitated and they suddenly bursted into laughter, ” You know this your religion is now getting into your head o”Alika said to him, ” If not for my quest to revenge, I should have been a priest” Da monk told him while Alika put on a serious face , ” Revenge on what?” Alika asked him, ” That’s a story for another day” Da monk answered and went upstairs, his eyes could be seen filled with tears waiting to pour out


• ” Gabi, you didn’t call me yesterday” Queen said to him as they sat on a long bench outside their hall, he was pretending to be reading a book but he at times, he would stylishly steal a glance at her frowned face, she was obviously angry at him for something he did not know. ” So, wait, is that why you were angry?” He asked as closed and dropped the book , ” Am not angry !” she shouted, ” I see, yes you are not angry” he answered calmly, ” I didn’t promise to call you, and moreover, I had no airtime on my phone ” he explained. ” You should have bought airtime” she told him in a bit of a calm voice. ” I didn’t want to buy, you had my number too, you could have called me” He opened the book again, ” I had no airtime too” she informed him, ” Then why didn’t you buy?” He asked her, ” Because… I dont know” she said calmly while Gabriel bursted into laughter, though there was nothing to laugh about. ” Please, I want to steal Queen for some hours” One of the bigger boys in class interrupted them, he was part of those guys you would think belong to cult groups by just looking at them, he was huge, muscular and has a fine



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face with well trimmed beards. ” Queen please I wanna see you” He told her as he drew her up gently by her hand, Gabriel swallowed his spit and kept a calm face although he knew he was angry, ” She shouldn’t know am jealous ” He thought as he concentrated on the book and they left. ” There is something I want to tell you, please dont be mad at…..” Gabriel heard him say, but he didn’t get the rest, they


went further from him. ” Maybe Girls are just like this, they are foolish!!” He said angrily to himself, ” Why are they foolish?” He heard someone beside him, he turned and it was Amanda, ” Amanda” he breathed, ” Gabi, not all girls are like that” She told him, he sighed.


” Gabi!!” Queen voice could be heard from afar, she was calling Gabriel who was walking home with Amanda after the day’s lectures. Gabriel stopped, so also did Amanda, Queen caught up with them. ” Ah, Gabriel have been calling you from afar” She said breathing hard, ” Please can I see him privately?” She requested from Amanda, ” No, as you can see, we are going home and….” Amanda was interrupted, ” save it!” Queen shouted, ” Gabi, please I wanna see you” She turned to Gabriel, ” As you can see, am going home with her and you dont expect me to leave her alone, it won’t be nice” Gabriel told her, ” I see” She sighed, ” Just read this when you are free” She folded a paper into his hands, ” What is it about?” He asked her, ” Throw it away if you don’t wanna read it” She advised and walked away. ” What is there?” Amanda asked him as Queen left, ” Its mine, none of your business” He answered staring sternly at her, ” Okay, then eat it!! ” Amanda told him angrily and walked away. ” What!!! so na so I take lose two women?” He asked himself as he stood alone on the road staring at no one, ” Na Mumu you be now” he heard a voice from inside of him.



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