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What Love Did To Him – Episode 8

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wait, Gabriel, how do you know


my name?” She asked him smiling, ” Me? Do I know your name?” He asked back with a smile. ” Yes, you just called my full name” She informed. ” Maybe it just a mistake” he told her, ” Nope, tell me the truth, how did you know my name?” She asked as she sat beside him, he knew he had to explain to her how he got her name but he knew he shouldn’t tell her he was the guy who had saved her the night she was attacked. ” Okay, I got a glimpse of your name during the physical clearance , I got it from there” he lied, that was the only thing he could use to cover up. ” Oh, okay, I been one start dey suspect you” She laughed. ” okay Queen , dont hold me down, I wanna go charge my phone” he stood up again, ” Ah, you can charge here now, why do you want to leave?” She asked with a frowned face, ” Because you were rude to me before, you always ignored me..” She interrupted him, ” I am sorry, that is just the way I am” She smiled. ” anyways, I wasn’t leaving, just wanted you to apologize” He said as he passed the phone and charger to her, ” you are funny, let me just charge it” She went into the shop while Gabriel stared at her.


” Make sure it get full” He shouted after her, ” Okay sir ” she answered as she bent and plugged the phone before coming back to him. ” so what are your own full names?” She asked him as she sat beside him, ” Jnr Gabriel Silas” He told her. ” Wait is jnr meant to be a name? It is a title” She told him, ” That’s my business, the only name you need to know is Gabriel” He said . ” I think that was rude” She formed a frowned face again, “Yes, you mist feel what I felt those times you were rude to me” He said with a laugh, ” But I have apologized” She countered, ” Yeah, sure is I’ll also apologize when I think I have been rude enough” he said and they both bursted out in laughter. It was really surprising and shocking that he could actually be cool with a girl, he had never sat down to ever have a lengthy



discussion with any girl, but today’s own was just a mystery, Queen must have done something to him..


” There is something I have always wanted to ask you” Queen started trying to start another discussion as the previous one was now getting boring. ” So ask, but if it is my phone number, I ain’t giving you” he permitted while she bursted into laughter. ” I ain’t gonna ask of your phone number, why are you always with this wood?” She pointed at the flute, ” Oh God, this isn’t a wood, it is a flute” He corrected, ” What is it made of?” She asked him, ” Are you blind, of course it is made of wood” He answered. ” Then it is a wood ” she concluded. ” No by the virtue of the holes in it, it has been made flute” he corrected. ” But it is a wood to me” She persisted, ” It is a flute” he countered, ” It is a wood” she disagreed, ” A flute it is” He wasn’t ready to give up, ” A wood” She continued with a loud voice, ” Okay, I agree, it is a flute made of wood” he said breathing out, ” Nope, I don’t agree with that, it is just a wood” She insisted, ” Okay then, I agree” he surrendered. ” please can you play for me?” She asked after she was certain that she won him in the argument. ” idiot, who on earth plays wood?” He asked back, ” This is a wood and I can’t play wood, I only play flute” He continued. ” Oh God, okay, its a flute!!” She shouted with her both hands in the air. ” So who is the winner now?” He asked laughing, she just frowned her face to show that she didn’t actually want to surrender but there was nothing she could do. ” Okay now, will you play for me?” She asked again, ” No, unless you answer my question, who is the winner now?” He asked again, ” Okay , I surrender, you win!!” She shouted as she got up to go inside the shop, ” hey, where are you going, dont you want to hear me play again?” He asked with a laugh and she sat down back. ” rude girl” He told her sticking out his tongue, he drew the flute from his cover and placed it into his mouth, ” Feel this” he said and took a long breathe, after then, the sweet sound of Tende fill the air. ♪ Background love song echoes ♪


The sweet sound from Tende touched her, she couldn’t believe he played it so well, it made her feel uneasy as she wanted to touch him and hold him tight, but she knew she shouldn’t do that as she wasn’t meant to do that, they were just friends, but to her they were more than friends, truth be told, she was falling in love with him. Congratulations Gabriel, the flute has done it again.

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• Alika was in his house thinking of queen and how rude he thought she was, or maybe he was actually the one that had screwed up. Da monk wasn’t around, Da Monk had gone for some sort of small mission. ” No, I think I simply screwed up” he thought as he took a sip from his glass of wine, ” But the girl is d–n rude” he thought angrily and hit his hands on the table. ” she doesn’t know who Alika is”


He thought, ” Anyways, she is a girl, I should just keep on trying” He concluded


and just then a call came into his phone. ” Hello Don Carlos” Alika greeted as he


picked his phone, ” Alika, I heard the grandson of Silas is there in uniben, I think


we should kill him, I heard he was the closest to his grandpa” Don Carlos voice






why should we kill the grandson? he has done nothing to us” Alika asked calmly, he didn’t see any reason why they should kill the grandson of Silas. ” Alika my boy, it is not about him doing anything to us, Silas was my enemy and I think we should still use this as a medium of showing that am still angry with him even in his grave” Don Carlos explained. ” But don…” Alika was interrupted, ” Alika, it is a ten million naira deal” Don Carlos interrupted, ” Am in Don, send me the pictures” Alika said with a visible smile on his face. ” I will tell my informant over there to take his picture, I dont have the picture yet, I dont even know how the boy looks like, my informant is the one who knows him” Don explained, ” Okay don, when you are ready, I am ready” Alika assured and put an end to the call. ” Silas, in your next life, dont mess with me” Don Carlos spoke out loud in his well furnished sitting room, a long pipe could be seen in his mouth , it was emitting smoke. He was about dropping his phone on the table but he immediately remembered he still had a call to make so he took it back and dialed a number. ” Wincho my boy, nice work you are doing over there” he started with a laugh, ” Thank you Don” Came the voice of the receiver from the other end, wincho. ” I just need you to do something small for me” Don Carlos said and removed the pipe from his mouth, ” OK sir” Wincho agreed. ” That grandson of Silas, I need you to send me his picture” he instructed , ” I will give you five hundred thousand for that” Don Carlos added. ” Okay Don, I will do that, thank you so much Don” Came the happy voice of Wincho. ” Till then” The Don concluded and ended the call.

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Wincho is a self employed cafe owner In the university of Benin, he owns the most popular cyber Cafe in Benin and of course every one thought he got it through hardwork, no one knew he is a secret agent of the Don Carlos, no one even knows who Don Carlos is. Wincho had met Gabriel once and that was about some weeks ago when they had just resumed. Gabriel had come to his cafe for his online clearance, he had heard that Wincho’s Cafe was more cheaper and accurate. ” So your full names?” Wincho had asked him as they sat side by side facing the computer system, right from the time Gabriel entered the cafe, Wincho had thought he looked familiar. ” Gabriel Matt Silas” Gabriel told him, ” But for you, call me



Jnr. Gabriel Silas” He added. ” It is not for me, it is for your clearance” Wincho informed him, ” I just told you Gabriel Matt Silas” Gabriel told him. ” is your Granddad called Silas?” wincho asked calmly, ” What else should my grandad be called, Chinonso?” Gabriel asked him, ” Wait, was your grandad Gabriel Silas?” Wincho asked again, he was calm. ” How did you know?” Gabriel asked him, ” Hmm, because you used Jnr.” wincho answered, ” Why didn’t you think my dad was Gabriel Silas?” Gabriel asked staring sternly at the system, ” Hmm, my instincts, your grandad came to me first ” Wincho explained,



” Okay, your instincts were right, I was named after my Grandad” Gabriel answered him staring at the computer system, ” My instincts are always right”


Wincho answered and proceeded with the online clearance, some weeks after that, he informed Don Carlos about it, the way he viewed Gabriel, the boy was up to something. Now , he has be given the duty to get the picture of Gabriel, that was easy, he already had a camera so that shouldn’t be a problem to him. All he needs to do was to take his picture when he wasn’t aware, something even an amateur in the business could do. He planned it for the next day, he would just have to look for him and take his picture, he has to do it early. He knew he had made a mistake, he should have just scanned his passport into his system when he had come for the clearance, oh what a fool he was. He had seen him on many occasions In the school, he had even seen him earlier today, in that new shop belonging to the girl that repairs phone.


• Gabriel was still in Queen’s shop, he had just finished playing his flute but queen was will moving her hands like he was still playing the flute. ” Wethin you con dey do now?” He asked in pidgin as he dropped the Tende,his voice interrupted her dance ” Wait, you have stopped playing?” She asked but he just eyed her. ” So, who taught you how to play the flute” She asked again as she placed her right hand on her hair and tried to arrange them, they must have gotten Scattered when she was moving to the rhymes of the music. ” My Grandpa, Gabriel Silas” He answered, ” wait, you were named after him?” She asked, ” Yeah , I am his name sake” He answered. ” oh, now I see why you are junior” She nodded her head. ” Will you play the flute for me again?” she asked him, ” who?” He asked, ” You, play for me” she replied. ” Nope, I ain’t playing for you again” he told her while she formed a frowned face, ” Okay, I will play next time ” He agreed and stood up. ” So am leaving now, would you mind please give me your digits?” He asked, ” What?” she asked like she didn’t hear him first, ” Your digits, I mean phone number” He explained, ” Of course I know what it means, that isn’t how a



gentleman should ask for phone number” she explained. ” Oh, how does a gentleman ask for phone number?” He asked pressing his phone, ” You kneel down” she explained. ” just then she heard her phone ring, it was from an unknown number so she picked it up reluctantly . ” Hello” she started, ” Hello” Gabriel replied as he placed his phone on his ear, she turned to him only to meet him smiling , she didn’t get what was happening at the moment. ” Please who is this?” She asked again still staring at Gabriel, ” Of course, its me Gabriel Silas”came the voice over the phone, at the same time she heard it from Gabriel, she slowly put an end to the call..











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