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What Love Did To Him – Episode 5

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Good morning Gabi, its 9:00am and you are still sleeping” His mom glanced at him smiling, ” Oh God is there anything for me to do?” Gabi asked seating up on the bed. ” Your sister has gone to school, you need to do the house chores” his mom informed him. ” Oh the three days public holiday is over” he thought as he managed to get up from the bed. ” Good morning mom” he greeted her and walked out. ” Good morning ” she replied with a smile. ” Let this girl do and finish secondary school jare” he thought to himself as he picked the broom to start sweeping. He wasn’t the only child, he had two younger siblings, Peace and Dan. Peace happens to be 16 years and in the sss 2 class while Daniel who is 12 and in the jss 1 class. ” please, any day anyone drinks can malt again, he or she should go and drop it in the dustbin ” he shouted as he came across three cans of malt on the tiled floor. ” Please who are you referring to?” His mom asked, ” Anyone that


drinks malt” He answered and continued with his sweeping. ” Who is Mama


Rekpene, Who are the pipeline boys? ” He asked as he swept but got no answer, at


a point he sat on the sofa and thought of the pipeline guy last statement, “I want the


girl” , ” Which girl?” He asked himself but just like the first, he got no answer. He

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swept the rooms and the compounds then went back to his room to complete his


sleep. ” What do you want from me?” Grandpa Silas asked the masked man who


was pointing a gun at him, ” Nothing , just to kill you” the man replied and shit


Grandpa Silas straight to his head, Grandpa Silas fell down dead. Gabriel jumped


up immediately, it was a dream. ” But Grandpa is already dead” he thought to


himself. Yes Grandpa Silas was already dead and that was all he heard about,


Grandpa is dead. He had just heard he was dead but never knew the secret behind


Grandpa death, he only attended the burial but never saw Grandpa’s dead body. He

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jumped up from his bed and walked towards his mom room, she was about going


out. ” Your food is in the kitchen” his mom informed him, ” But, it isn’t about the


food, how did Grandpa Silas die?” He asked , ” Grandpa Silas?” His mom repeater


the name in shock, ” Yes Grandpa Silas ” he answered. ” He died a peaceful death,


he died as an old man” his Mon said trying to put a smile on her face but it just


wouldn’t form as there was this expression of confusion on her face. ” He died a


peaceful death?” He asked again as he turned his back to go to his room, just then


the memories came back. ” Gabriel, I have lot of enemies, and I am not safe”


Grandpa Silas had told him once as a small boy, ” Papa, why telling me?” He had


asked Grandpa Silas as they walked down his big compound, ” Because, I believe


in you” Came the reply, he had taken it as nothing, he was a young boy then.


Location: Ugbowo Campus Uniben,


Benin city, Benin Edo state.


When Alika the tortoise says he want a tuber of yam, you better give him twenty”


A young man shouted as he released a bullets into the air, students could be seen running helter scatter and screams of ” The pipelines guys have arrived” could be heard from the students who were running for their lives , it was a shout meant to warn the other students of the dangers around the corner. Some dead students could be seen on the floor, they are those that have been brought down by the pipeline guys. They were about ten in numbers and were all in white. They marched to a small hall where a lecture was going on, immediately they arrived ,all the students fled for their lives. The unlucky ones could be seen dead or injured. ”



He isn’t here” Alika the tortoise turned to his boys, ” But he was meant to be here, he should be receiving lectures” Another guy, the monk said . ” Hmm, he is really smart, but anyways, the pipelines boys surely leaves an evidence of visit” Alika informed, ” Let’s get the girl” He concluded and they marched to an hostel, Hall 2 as it its popularly called. It was a hostel meant only for female students, but at night guys would be seen hanging out in front of the hostel with their girlfriends. On seeing the pipeline guys, some girls started jumping over the fence of the hostel as a means of escape, where they got the power and ability from remains known to them alone. Those who were fat and could not carry themselves locked themselves up in their rooms. In room 60, Charity could be seen lying down on her bed, she is the only daughter of a pastor, she is a tall , fair and beautiful girl. She is precisely a 300 level SLT student, just one year to go and she is a graduate. She could be seen lying down on her bed with eyes closed, she wasn’t aware of the dangers looming around. Suddenly, her door barged open revealing the white Pipeline boys. Alika walked Into her room followed by the others, Da Monk as he is called was holding a rosary and chanting something inaudible. Just then Charity woke up. ” Alika, what do you want from me?” She asked trembling in fear, she of course knows the pipeline guys. ” Nothing much, I just wanna kill you” he said and released a bullet to her head. ” Da Monk, pray for the dead” he ordered and bounced out with the others except Da Monk, ” May the Good Lord forgive you your sins, save you from the fire of hell and grant you life everlasting” Da monk shouted and did the sign of the cross on her before bouncing out..




Early the next morning, a body wrapped in white cloth could be seen being carried by two students and moving on the smooth , tarred road of the ugbowo campus, students could be seen with leaves and putting on black cloth, tears could be visibly seen on their faces. ♪Eternal, Eternal, Eternal life, I want to live eternal life, I want to live eternal life. Eternal , Eternal? Eternal life, I want to live eternal life , I want to live eternal life♪ was the song sang by the students involved in the mourning procession, None of them could was without tears on his or her face, a boy in front with a picture of the deceased cried more, he was uche, the boyfriend to the deceased, Christy. ♪ Eternal life, I want to live eternal life, I want to live eternal life♪ The music became louder as they went towards the uniben auditorium.


” Its time” a guy dressed in a black, cap covering jacket said to the other who was also on the same dress code. He nodded and advanced forward , pushing his way through the crowd. He got to the front and slowly removed a pistol from his side, he shot down Uche. The procession stopped immediately and the people began to



run helter scatter, those who were unlucky were lucky to have a bullets on their heads or other part of their bodies. As the crowd dismissed, five boys in black, cap covering Jackets came out to the front where the dead body of uche was lying. The opened their caps and it was the main hitmen of the pipeline guys. ” Da Monk, Pray for them” Alika the tortoise shouted as he spat on the body of uche the dead guy. ♪Eternal ,Eternal? Eternal life, they want to live Eternal life, they want to live Eternal life ♪ Da Monk sang as he took the loud speaker which was initially being used for the procession. ” May the good Lord, forgive them their sins, save them from the fire of hell, lead their souls to heaven , especially them who are most in need of his mercy” Da Monk shouted and bounced away with the rest of his gangs.


” Its mission accomplished” Alika the tortoise turned to his gangs and shot into the air.


• weeks turned into months and it was a new session, freshers started to resume, the university of Benin could be seen crowded by new students who were holding paper files containing their documents, they were in for clearance. The university of Benin has the best main gate among other Nigeria universities, it has a big gate which was meant to convey cars in and out of the school compound, and also a small gate meant for pedestrians. This orientation was on both the left and right side of the entrance into the university of Benin. On this Monday, students could be seen trooping in and out of the small gate while some were just coming and about to enter the school. The crowd outside the school was enormous, among this crowd were Gabriel Silas and Queen Nwok, Gabriel was putting on a school bag and he was all in white, Queen wore a white overall gown and was holding a paper file. The both of them were walking in the same line but at separate point in the crowd, while Queen was walking in the line towards the small gate, Gabriel was walking towards the big gates used to convey cars. The once crowded main gate suddenly became free as Queen and Gabriel approached it, the people were reducing. From the inside of the university of Benin, two students in all white could be seen walking towards the main gate, the guy passed through the big gate while the girl through the small gate but they both came into the school at the same time.>




” This one is wonderfully and beautifully made by God” Da Monk told Alika as they sat in the small Toyota car belonging to Alika, it was parked some distance from the main gate. The windows to the car were tinted, so no one knew that the pipeline guys were around. ” I will get her” Alika the tortoise told Da Monk smiling, ” I know you can, but let’s finish our mission here first” Da monk



instructed him but he shook his head, ” For her sake, I won’t kill today ” Alika replied him as he adjusted his specs and stared at Queen who was now passing by the side of the car. ” A new fish has entered the river ” he turned to Da Monk who simply smiled.


” Next two!!” The clearance officer shouted as two student, a boy and a girl came.out of his office, the next two student were Queen and Gabriel , they both walked in without one minding the other. ” Hey, children in white, I guess you are siblings right?” The clearance officer, a young man probably in his thirties asked with a smile on his face, for the first time, Gabriel turned to Queen and Queen to Gabriel. Her hair spread itself as they stared at each other, she was beautiful in his sight and he was handsome in her sight. ” Just a simple question, are you two siblings?” The clearance officer asked again, ” No” Gabriel turned slowly to him. ” Then why are you both in white?” He persisted, ” Just coincidental” she replied him while he nodded, ” Okay, your documents please?” He asked and they dropped their document which he cross checked and signed on, ” Sweet” he smiled and handed over the documents to a woman by his side. ” Thank you” they both said in unison and stared at each other again, ” Hey, the both of you, leave my office, dont make your falling in love coincidental” The clearance officer instructed with a smile, ” Next two!!” He shouted as they both walked out, as they got outside the office, they stared at each other again and departed in different directions.More interesting stories available @generalloaded.com.


• ” Alika, why didn’t you kill the prof, he is my rival?” Don Carlos asked over the phone as he spoke to Alika the tortoise, ” He wasn’t in school, we will kill him tomorrow” Alika lied. ” Please make sure you do, he is poking his nose into my affairs” Don Carlos instructed, ” Yes Don. We will sure do” Alika assured and ended the call. ” That beautiful creature did not make me kill today, tomorrow is the last day for the professor” Alike thought as he sipped his glass of wine.




Don Carlos is a famous drug dealer, he engaged in selling and making of hard drugs, he was very popular and his business was known to everyone but the law had refuse to get him, maybe because he had connections with the law. People saw him as a very big drug dealer and businessman but him alone knew he wasn’t the main man, he was just a boy working for a secret drug dealer..












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