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What Love Did To Him – Episode 13

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Da Monk, are you with your bible and rosary?” Alika asked as he stood by their small Camry car ready to go in, ” Thank you brother, I forgot I will have to pray for the dead” Da Monk smiled as he ran back inside, he was in a red flowing garment while the rest of the gangs were in black cover cap jacket and trousers. They all covered their faces with the cover cap of the jacket in a way that their faces couldn’t be visibly seen. They tucked their guns in their belts in way that it could be visibly and clearly seen. Da monk soon came out in his red flowing garment, his garment also had a cap that covered his face. There was this smile on his lips as he enters into the car, he was obviously very happy about the event that will unfold in some minutes time. They Zoomed off, as they would say, ” it is a good day to die hard”



Mr Ikemefuna, the physics 111 teacher was already in class , as usual, his face was frowned to show that he wasn’t happy teaching them, was there ever a time he had been Happy teaching them? ” Hey , you stand up, what do you know about relativity? ” he asked the unsuspecting guy, ” Sir , you haven’t taught us and it isn’t in our syllabus” The guy answered calmly. ” And so, you can’t read further, get out of my class” he shouted at the guy who jumped out happily, no one wants to be in Mr. Ikemefuna’s class. ” See you guys are not serious, you are only concerned about what is in your syllabus, that shows how dull you guys are, learn to make researches, read further” Mr ikemefuna shouted angrily as he packed his files from a table, ” Till you guys read ahead, good day” he went out of the class. ” But this man never teach us anything now” Jasper shouted from the back and the class bursted into laughter. Some students changed seat and started gossiping with friends, Queen moved to Gabriel. ” Dear, you have been strange since morning” She said as she stood in front of him counting his fingers. ” Queen , what if I die today, hat will you do?” He asked and she immediately beat his hands. ” Dont say such words, why will you die? Indeed, you aren’t a gentleman” she said forming an angry face..


” I know, just wanted to bring up a gist” He smiled. ” Yes I have a gist” She started, ” What gist, let it not be foolish ” He advised while she smiled and place her hands across his shoulders, ” Am going to the cinema tomorrow ” she said, “with who?” He asked staring at her pure white eyes, ” Alone of course, I heard movie, The wedding party 2 is out” She said happily tickling him to laugh, ” I didn’t even know about the Wedding party 1″ he said. ” so will you follow me? Let me take you out” She asked, ” You ain’t a gentle lady, I am the guy, and I am meant to take you out” he educated pinching her cheeks, ” Nonsense, 1980 theories” she countered, ” You will follow me to the Cinema and bill is on me ” she concluded with a serious face, ” Then am ain’t going if you are to pay for me” he finalised while she nodded, ” Fine then, just stay home, I will go alone without you. You are too proud ,I wonder what’s wrong with a girl paying for you, just pride” she said in anger and stood up from the chair, but Gabriel held her hand and slowly pulled her back, just then, a Camry car drove it with speed, raising dusts.


The first bullet send a wave of fear around the faculty. ” Don’t worry, we have marked the Israelites with the blood of a young lamb, we have come for the


Egyptian. So dont panic, we wont harm more than our target ” Da monk shouted from down. ” No one should move, if we get you, we kill you” Alika threatened and they bounced upstairs, they came straight to Gabriel’s hall, all the students were just there panicking, they couldn’t run, and they couldn’t jump through the



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window, their hall was a storey building, and if you dare jump through the window, that would just be an easy way to die on a fine day. ” Wow, what a fine day, you stand up” Alika said pointing the gun at Gabriel, his face was well covered by the cover face cap jacket. Gabriel stood up in shock and fear, ” You know why I want to kill you?” Alika asked, ” No, I dont” Gabriel said in a bit of a calm voice, what could they do other than kill him? ” Good and sharp reply, I just feel like killing you”Alika informed and immediately cocked his gun. He was about pulling the trigger when a man in black rolled in, he was also wearing a cover cap jacket but a black one, he stood up immediately and kicked the gun off Alika hand he gave Da monk a sweeping kick and Da monk fell heavily and his face was revealed as the cap fell off his face. Gabriel joined immediately facing Alika, Alika threw a punch, but Gabriel guided it with his hand and retaliated with a punch to the face of Alika, Alika staggered back. Da Monk did a Chinese get up and threw a kick, a back kick. The man bent back wards and Da Monk leg just hanged up in the air. The man stood up immediately and threw Da Monk a flying back kick. Da Monk fell down in pain. ” So it’s you?” Gabriel asked as he opened Alika cap. ” Now you know, do your worse” Alika smiled and Gabriel immediately gave him a knee kick to his stomach, Alika groaned in pain and slowly went down. Gabriel turned to the man who had been fighting for him, it was the man he was trailing the previous day, the one he lost in the sport complex. ” Who are you?” Gabriel asked him, ” Allamicher” the man replied with a smile, the class was no longer in much of a panic. ” Allamicher” Gabriel repeated and just immediately, a gun man, one of Alika boys came through the door and shot at the left leg of Allamicher. Allamicher fell down to the ground with a scream, the class went into panic again. The man pointed the gun at Gabriel but Alika stood up immediately. ” Leave him” Alika shouted, ” Give me the privilege to kill him” Alika stood up and took his gun, ” Please, dont kill him” Queen begged crying as she gathered the courage and moved towards them. ” Please , OK , kill me also” She added holding Da Monk by his garment and kneeling down, ” Please, spare him” She begged on as hot tears flowed down her cheeks, right before her eyes, two straight bullets were released to the chest of Gabriel, Gabriel fell down flat, ” No!!!” Allamicher shouted trying to stand up but he couldn’t, Queen also fell down flat to the ground. Alika turned the gun to Allamicher and cocked the gun. ” wait, leave him” Da Monk held his hand, ” Let him go and spread the gospel ” Da Monk said and together with his gangs, they all went out leaving three bodies on the floor, the unconscious Queen, injured Allamicher, and the guy in his pool of blood, Gabriel Silas



The students needed no prophet to tell them this time, they all fled in different directions leaving the three almost lifeless body to suit out themselves. Allamicher had been lucky to have a bullet to his leg so he was still at least breathing fine. He sat up slowly and stared at Gabriel who was now in his own pool of blood, he immediately removed his black jacket and tied it to his bleeding leg as he struggled to get up. That was when his eyes caught Queen, he had seen her at least twice with Gabriel, and she must be his lover. “Oh God, am in a deep mess” he wiped his face with his palm, he knew he had failed in his duty to protect Gabriel and Sir Ajan wouldn’t take it likely with him if Gabriel dies. He also removed the inner shirt he was wearing and made to stop the bleeding from Gabriel’s chest but he knew that will do almost nothing. He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a small cell phone. “Hello sir Ajan, please I need help, Gabriel is dying, and I am at the main gate of the University of Benin” he said in a rush and quickly disconnected the call preventing sir Ajan from saying anything. He thereafter switched off his phone, if he doesn’t, Sir Ajan will sure keep on calling. He stared at Queen who was also lying lifeless, “She also needs help” he thought to himself as he switched on his phone again, he dialed a number and placed the phone close to his ear. “Yeah, there is an emergency, there is a lifeless body here at the Faculty of Life Science, department of science Lab and technology University of Benin, there is a lifeless girl ” he said in a rush and once again disconnected the call, he had just called the nearest police station. “Don’t worry dear, you will be fine and one day, I hope you will be able to thank me for this favor I have done for you” he said to the lifeless girl as he lifted Gabriel up to his shoulder and exited the building. The whole school was scanty, no one was moving, even the security men were not at the main gate, everyone had fled the school premises, this always happens whenever the pipeline guys attacked. Inside the popular University of Benin, in a hot afternoon, only a man carrying a guy on his shoulder could be seen approaching the main gate, it was Allamicher..


About five hours later after Allamicher left the school premises, the police van accompanied by an ambulance sped into the main gate, there were about ten police men at the back of the van all trying to get himself a suitable position to stand. Not that they didn’t hear of what happened, they knew of it even before Allamicher called them but for security reasons, decided to come by this time when they knew the coast will be clear. Their siren was on as usual, the people must know the police were around. They drove straight to the faculty of life science and headed for the fresher’s hall where Queen’s body was still lying. They put it in the ambulance and it drove away while they waited to carry out investigations. They



would stop passerby to bore them with questions, to some passersby, they gave a straight face while to some, the laughed or smiled especially if their hands were close to their pockets.


It was the evening of the same day, somewhere in Lagos state. Mrs. Helen Silas could be seen sitting on a couch and resting her head on the chest of her husband, Jason Silas. They were enjoying the popular comedy Program, Papa Ajasco and company. “Honey, I have been trying Gabriel’s number for the past one hour now and it is not going through” Mrs. Helen told her husband whose attention was on the large screen TV in front of him. “You should know your son, he has probably killed the battery of his phone with games, you should know he play games a lot” Jason said and the wife nodded but still had the worried look on her face. “Don’t worry, just call again in about an hour time and you will see, he will gladly pick the call” He smiled, she smiled back. Suddenly, the screen to the TV set went blank, it came on again, and this time, it wasn’t the comedy program that was being played, rather it came on with a breaking news. “Tragedy struck again, the pipeline guys attacks again” the newscaster, a young beautiful girl started. “This pipeline guys, when will they stop all these?” Jason asked rhetorically, “This time, their attack was lunched to the fresher’s hall, faculty of life science, department of Science Lab and technology. According to witnesses, a guy whose identity was found to be one Gabriel Hugene was shot but his body went missing. They said the pipeline guys brought down three people, but only one body was found, a body of a young girl whose identity is not yet known. When will this Menace stop? “The newscaster concluded and the screen went blank again, when it came on this time, papa Ajasco continued but in reality, Dr. Jason is trying to revive his wife who had passed out, he had tears in his eyes.


Back to the University of Benin, somewhere in Ugbowo, two guys discussed outside a small bungalow. “Guy, that boy is tough” Alika told Da Monk, “I never knew he was the grandson to that old Silas we killed long ago” Da Monk said, “At last, he is dead, Don Carlos will be happy with us” Alika told him, Da Monk laughed. “You know you never knew he was the grandson of Silas, you killed him because he was the guy dragging the girl you want with you” Da Monk reminded him, “Anyway, I killed two birds with just a stone, I killed the guy fighting for my girl and I also killed the guy Don Carlos wanted us to kill” Alika laughed, “What about the girl, remember we left her lifeless body in the hall” Da Monk told him, “she will be fine, she have been taken to the hospital” Alika said, “You left the girl you love to die in the hall” Da Monk laughed, “Man has to do what Man has to do” Alika said. Though Da Monk tried to hide the angry expression on his face with a



smile, it was still a bit visible. He had wanted to kill Gabriel Silas all by himself, he wanted to revenge something only him knows but now, they had mistakenly killed him in a less painful way, “Anyways, die na die” he thought to himself as he stared at Alika whose was reaching for his ringing phone in his pocket..

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