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There was nothing else to do, he had to go home. Truly, he had really had the intention of calling Queen the previous day but he ran out of airtime when he called home. He reached his small self contain and broke down into the bed. It had been a hectic day and he thought he needed to rest, of course he had to rest but there was something stopping him he couldn’t place his hands on, yes, the letter queen had given him. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought it out, ” I pray it something good that is in there” he prayed silently and opened the paper. ” Am sorry” He read out the first two words, ” I wasn’t trying to get you jealous, the guy told me he had something to tell me, I should at least hear him out, it might



just be something else but am disappointed in him, it wasn’t something else, he had actually wanted to flirt with me. My motives wasn’t to get you jealous but to hear what he had for me. But there is something I don’t understand here, are you on the other hand trying to get me jealous using that fair girl? I know that’s your plan but sorry to disappoint you bro, I know what you are trying to do and am ain’t jealous. As for the guy, Jasper, I shunned him off. Now that I have explained the mystery, are we still friends?” He read the rest of the letter. ” Friends? She is my girlfriend not my friend” he said to himself, ” Oh, sorry, I haven’t asked her out” he hissed and dropped the paper. ” Cool letter” he said to himself and laid on the bed contemplating weather or not to call Queen but he ended up picking his phone and dialing her number.


” Gabi!!! ” came the happy voice of queen, ” Hi queen” He greeted, ” Hi Gabriel, how are you doing?” she asked him, ” Am good, I got your letter ” he said, ” Of course, I personally gave it to you” She told him laughing, ” Am sorry for the way I behaved” he apologized, ” I won’t forgive you until you do something for me” She told him, ” What is it?” He asked, ” Am bored, all alone in the shop, come and keep me company” She requested , ” Am tired, I need to rest” he said, ” Then I won’t forgive you” She concluded with a laugh, ” Beast, am coming” He said and got up from the bed, ” Are you on the way now?” She asked, ” Hey, give me time, I will be there” He assured and with that, they ended the call. ” That isn’t a punishment, this is good news ” he said to himself as he pulled his clothes and changed into a short knicker and top. He could soon be seen outside the house and heading towards the main gate.


• ” Hello Don, good evening Sir ” Wincho greeted as the call went through, ” Wincho my boy, how are you doing?” Don Carlos asked in a cheerful voice, ” Am fine Don” He answered. ” Okay, any thing for me?” Don asked again, ” Yes sir, I wanna ask if I can send you the pictures tomorrow, I was so busy today and didn’t have time to take the shot, I didn’t even see him today” Wincho lied, ” Wincho my boy, I wasn’t expecting the pictures this week, you have enough time to take it, just calm down” The Don told him, a happy smile could be seen on the lips of Wincho. ” Thanks Don” He appreciated and the call ended .


” So here I am, you have been quiet since I got here”Gabriel said to Queen as he sat on a bench outside her shop, ” Because I haven’t forgiven you ” she informed him, “But you said you would forgive me when I come here” He reminded her, ” I am free to change my mind” She told him and sat with her hands folded, ” Okay am sorry” He apologized, ” That isn’t how a gentle man apologizes” She told him, ” Then how?” He asked getting fed up, ” A gentle man apologizes on his knee”



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She told him with a smile, ” No problem then, just know a day is coming when it will be the turn of the gentle lady to apologize” he told her and went down on one knee, ” wait, you actually knelt down for me? wow, so cool” She laughed clapping her hands, ” Am sorry” He apologized again, ” You can get up now, I have forgiven you” She told him while he got up and sat on the bench staring angrily at her. ” hey, a gentleman doesn’t get angry after an apology ” she told him, ” I am not angry!!” He shouted ” I see” She signed. ” Here he comes again” Queen said staring beyond Gabriel, he turned just to see jasper, the muscular guy approaching them. ” Maybe i should leave” He stood up, ” If you leave, never you come back” She turned to him, she sounded real, he had no option than to sit . ” What do you want here? ” she asked as Jasper got closer to them, ” Hey calm down, I came to see Gabriel ” Jasper informed, ” Gabi please let’s talk” He turned to Gabriel, ” About what?” Queen asked while Gabriel gestured to her to calm down as he stood up and went some metres with Jasper. ” That girl is my girl, I shouldn’t be seeing you with her” Jasper informed, ” Says who?” Gabi asked, ” Says me, and you better comply if you dont want problems at this early stage in school” He threatened, ” Good news, we are both at the early stage”Gabi laughed and turned away, ” I have warned you” he heard Jasper voice, but he didn’t reply rather went back to Queen who was fuming angrily, ” Wait, are you getting jealous because a guy asked to talk to me?” He asked while she bursted Into laughter.


•Students could be seen surrounding the main gate that morning, actually, the next morning. No doubt, something unusual had happened. They could be seen surrounding something. Suddenly,the police siren was heard, and two police vans could be seen approaching, ” make way, the police Is here ” A loud voice came from the van, the crowd made space to reveal two bodies covered with white clothes, they were some distance apart. The policemen alighted from their vans and approached the bodies, one of them bent down and removed the cloth from the first body, he then moved and removed the second. Looking closely, the bodies of Wincho and a security man could be seen lying lifeless on the floor.. __


Was there any eye witness when this happened?” The police man who had unveiled the white cloth of the corpse asked the crowd, he got no reply. There was something strange about the two dead bodies, the body of the security man could be seen to be scattered with bullets while that of Wincho was just freah. He had no scar, Pierce, or cut on his body, it was just a fresh body, perhaps, he might have just slumped and died, anyways, it is a mystery. ” what happened here?” Gabriel asked a guy standing beside him amongst the crowd, he could also Queen among



the crowds but she didn’t see him. She was gossiping with some girls and clapping their hands like a gossiper. ” I myself dont know, I only came to see their bodies just like you” The guy replied. ” isn’t that the owner of Cafe complex? The biggest and most sophisticated cyber cafe in uniben ?” He asked again pointing at the corpse of wincho, the guy beat his hand down. ” Dont point, he is the one” the guy told him while Gabriel shook his head in pity, ” His enemies must be behind this, man need to be careful in this life” He said to himself and walked away. An ambulance soon came from UBTH, and the deceased were put inside, anything behind their deaths remained a mystery.


” Gabi did you see what happened at the main gate?” Queen asked Gabriel as they sat together in class that morning, Gabriel had left the front seat and had gone to sit with Queen in the middle. The class was scanty as some people were not in class, including Jasper. ” what happened?” He asked like he didn’t know, “Hmm, I saw some dead bodies there this morning, they were killed, you need to see the way I was crying, I was just crying like they were my families” She narrated like a gossiper. ” yeah, I saw them, but for all I know, you didn’t cry” He told her, ” I saw you ” he added. ” No, I cried after I left the crowd” She lied, ” Queen, abeg stop lying” he begged, ” okay I didn’t cry, but I pitied them” She corrected trying hard not to laugh. ” What do yo think might have happened to them?” She asked, ” Young girl, how do you expect me to know?” Gabriel asked stretching out his hand, ” I dont know” She replied. ” What was that guy telling you yesterday? I mean Jasper” She asked again, ” He told me he loves you, and I should ask if you also love him” He lied, ”


That guy is daring, what gut does he have to ask my sorry to ask you if I love him?” She asked, ” Wait, your what?” He asked back, ” That was a slip of the tongue” she answered, ” Hmm, your what? ” he asked again with a mischievous laugh, ” Gabriel what are you thinking?” She asked angrily, ” What? Nothing, am just joking” he explained, ” Better be” She laughed, ” So you were actually scared of my anger?” She asked him laughing out loud, ” Me? scared? God forbid ” He shouted while she bursted into laughter. ” So what did you tell him when he told you that? I mean Jasper” she asked again, ” I told him to come and toast you and if you agree, then you are his” Gabi lied again. ” Wait” she said sweeping her hair to the back with her hand, ” you told him to ask me out? Who the hell are you to tell him that? See you have no say over my life, you…” she was interrupted, ” Okay, am sorry” He apologized with a smile, ” What’s funny? It isn’t funny, how can you ask him to ask me out?” She asked angrily, ” I was lying, I didn’t tell him anything, I just wanted to pay you back for your lie earlier ” he explained holding



her left hand, ” Am sorry” She apologized. ” I should be saying sorry, I lied” He said, ” I also lied earlier” she reminded, ” So what did he tell you?” She asked again, ” He only told me to stay away from you, that he loves you ” he told her. ” And what did you say?” She asked arranging her hair, ” Nothing, I only told him that I have no business with him” Gabi explained. ” That guy is mad, I hate him!!” She exclaimed, ” But he loves you” Gabi chipped in, ” Then, I should go for him?” She asked, ” Will you?” He asked back, ” Should I?” She asked again. ” no, I dont want you for him” Gabriel said, ” Then who do you want me for?” She asked, ” I want you for m….” He was interrupted, Jasper had certainly come at the wrong


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time. ” I warned you” Jasper shouted and drew him up the chair, he pushed Gabi to the floor, ” Jasper!! What wrong with you?” queen asked but he also pushed her away. ” I told you to leave her didn’t I?” He shouted, the class was now scattered but the students didn’t run, they wanted to have a full and clear view of what would happen. ” Jasper please, leave him ” Queen begged holding his hand, but once again, he pushed her away. ” let them fight!!” The class shouted. ” I warned you!!” Jasper voice echoed as he gave Gabriel a punch. ” I told you to leave her but you dared me!!” He shouted again and made to give Gabriel a punch again but queen came before him and the punch landed on her nose and immediately, it started bleeding. ” see what you did to me?” She shouted and threw a slap at him, ” You slapped me!!” He asked angrily as he turned around . ” Yes and I will slap you again” Queen shouted and dished him another slap, his eyes could now be seen to be red, his anger was now more than the norm, he immediately folded his hands and threw a punch at Queen, but it didn’t touch her, his hand could be seen hanging in the air, Gabi was holding it and staring intensely at Jasper, ” You know, I can forgive you beating me, but not you touching her ” He said and gave him a strong back kick, he staggered back and fell to the floor. ” Calm down Gabi” Queen told him standing some distance from him.. TO BE CONTINUED












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