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What Love Did To Him – Epilogue

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“The child your mother gave birth to that day was a girl not a boy, not you. Your grandpa wanted a guy instead so as to run his business so he had to look for a way to change the child. Remember, Nwok’s daughter was also in that same hospital, she had given birth to a boy and that boy of that day was you. I was the one who had exchanged you with the girl child. When Grandpa Nwok came to the hospital and saw that his daughter had given birth to a girl, he was very angry and since then he had always hated the girl. So as to keep our track clean, we decided to kill the doctor who had played an important role in helping us to change the child. She was in the hospital that day with her eight year old child when we shot in dead.” Sir Ajan continued his narration, Gabriel couldn’t believe it, his grandpa who he had loved so much was unknowingly a devil, it was unbelievable. “The amazing part of all these is that your father and mother doesn’t know you aren’t their child, we had kept it hidden from them all these while” Sir Ajan said. “After your birth and after Nwok found out that his enemy Silas had given birth to a boy child, he sort more to kill your grandpa which he finally did with the help of the pipeline guys, they killed your Grandpa when you were still very young thereby not giving him the opportunity to teach you about the business” Sir Ajan said, “Where is this Nwok?” Gabriel asked, “No one have ever seen him, he works with the help of a man, Don Carlos” Sir Ajan told him…


To cut the long story short, Gabriel sort for revenge and thus with the help of Sir Ajan boy and himself they went back to the university on hiding, he first revealed himself to Queen and told her all the story Sir Ajan had told him. Queen wasted no time in telling him that the Grandpa Nwok was her Grandpa whom she hated so much. Sir Ajan boys were able to bring down the remaining few of the pipeline boys and they were handed o the police, with the help of the pipeline boys, Don Carlos was also taken down and with the help of Queen, Nwok was also brought to book. The pipeline boys were to die through a firing squad while carlos and Nwok were to spend their life in prison.


On the day when the pipeline boys were to be killed, Da Monk motioned that he had something to say, he was given the freedom to at least make his last speech. “Many years ago” he started, “I was destined to follow my mom who was a doctor to the hospital, then I was about eight years old. Right in the hospital, in my presence, your Grandpa killed my mom making me to grow without the love of a



mother, I had grown up with that memory and had vowed to take revenge one day, that was the reason behind me joining the pipeline boys, I had never wanted to be a cultist, I had always wanted to be a doctor like my sweet mom, but your family spoilt my dream, anyways, I think I have to pay the price now, we all get to pay one day, you guys should pray to God for me to forgive me my sins” Da monk cried as he narrated everything to those present there including Gabriel, Queen and their families. They were later shot to death, a painful moment. The family issue between Gabriel and Queen was also resolved and the love life between the two continued, I don’t know if they later got married because the last time I checked, I Gabriel is still a student.


Sorry I couldn’t write this story in full, the workload here is too much, I will try make it up with you guys. Gabi



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Please show love by clicking on the "YouTube" button below 😫 I need subscribers, help me reach my target before deadline, please

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