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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 8

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A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko


Episode 8


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The food was finally ready and Uzoamaka served the food and everyone ate quietly. While they ate, Bobby was replaying everything Barbara had said to him, He couldn’t bear to see Barbara sitting beside Uzoamaka, and acting so nicely, He had to excuse himself to his bedroom. Few minutes later, Barbara and Uzoamaka were done with their meal and Uzoamaka was taking out the dirty dishes to the kitchen when Barbara silently went into Bobby’s room.


Bobby was na.ked and he backed the mirror as he bent to pick up a short. Just as he was about to wear his short a hand held him from behind and when he turned to see who was holding him, it was Barbara, she planted a soft kiss on his face, before Bobby would say “Stop this’, Uzoamaka walked into them.


“What’s going on here? Can you explain what is happening?” Uzoamaka thundered. As she saw Barbara’s hands on Bobby’s body. Barbara didn’t even try to explain, infact her plan had succeeded.

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Bobby tried to explain but Uzoamaka didn’t believe him.


“So because we are in a sexless relationship, you have the audacity to cheat on me with my friend, how long has this been going on?” Uzoamaka asked in tears while Barbara silently walked away.


“My love is not what you think” Bobby said, he tried to explain everything to Uzoamaka but she didn’t believe him, She left Bobby’s house in tears after she had warned him sternly not to contact her. She even left Bobby’s car key and that broke his heart even more.


“I had many opportunities to confide in Uzoamaka that Barbara had been sexually harassing me but I kept mute, now see, everything had backfired on me” Bobby thought in tears.


That night Bobby cursed Barbara and he was devastated and so was Uzoamaka.


That day was the worst day of Uzoamaka’s life as her whole world came crashing down.


She was so devasted and she cried all through her way home. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Barbara and Bobby betrayed her trust. Immediately she got home, she ran into her room and She locked the door. Instantly her parents and brothers had sensed that something was wrong.


That night was even worst than the day because sleep was far from Uzoamaka’s eyes and same goes to Bobby. Only God would determine the fate of their

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relationship and it will take only the grace of God for everything to be fine again. When Uzoamaka couldn’t cry anymore, she opened the door and one of her brothers, Onyeluka walked right in. Uzoamaka was shocked that he was still awake because she thought that everyone had gone to bed.


Truly everyone had gone in to sleep but Onyeluka who loves her little sister Uzoamaka so much, waited around with the hope that she will get over her sadness and open the door.


“Uzor, what happened? You came back looking so devastated, what happened and where is Bobby’s car? Onyeluka threw in


I have returned the car to him, he is a jerk, you can’t believe that Bobby had been sleeping with Barbara behind my back, I caught them red handed today” Uzoamaka narrated in tears


“What? Are you serious? I thought Barbara is your trusted friend, how could she do this to you?” Onyeluka added and within him, Onyeluka vowed to teach Bobby a lesson.


Onyeluka tried all he could to console his only sister and in few minutes Uzoamaka fell asleep and he smiled faintly as he covered her with a soft blanket.


The next day was Sunday but the first thing Bobby heard that morning, was a knock on his gate, the person also rang the doorbell. He had thought that the person on the door was Uzoamaka, Bobby ran to the gate as fast as his leg could go and he unlocked the door, he became so angry, when the person on the door was no other but Barbara, she had already concluded in her mind that Bobby was already hers and there was nothing holding them back anymore. On the other hand Bobby felt like devouring her.


“What are you doing here?” Bobby thundered angrily and Barbara was shedding crocodile tears to win Bobby’s sympathy but he already knows the kind of person she was and he didn’t allow her to manipulate him again.


“Get your sorry self out of this place, it’s badluck to see someone like you on a Sunday morning, I guess you are happy, You have succeeded in your wicked plan but I’m happy that somehow, Uzoamaka knows who you truly are, even if I have lost her, I will never be yours, you are evil” Bobby added

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Barbara was just mute as he stared into Bobby’s eyes, his eyes were red, it was obvious that he didn’t sleep last night, Barbara also came prepared, her plan was to



seduce Bobby as Her dress was extremely sexually appealing but Bobby didn’t give her a chance to walk into his home.


“Bobby, I’m the right choice for you, now that I have succeeded in taking Uzoamaka out of your life, trust me I will win your heart, Uzoamaka can never make you happy, that fat ugly girl can never make you happy, she is boring, girls like her can’t never satisfy a man, they are lazy, but I can give you the best sex of your life and that is definitely something Uzoamaka has never given to you because she is selfish” Barbara said and gently held Bobby’s hand but Bobby removed her hands from his.


“Get out of here or I will drag you out myself, you keep saying that Uzoamaka is fat and ugly, what do you mean, Uzoamaka is way better than you, she is beautiful inside And outside, she has a beautiful face and beautiful body, yes she is fat but I love her, she is smart, but you are terrible, you better leave before I do something that I will regret” Bobby uttered.


As soon as Bobby was done talking, some one walked into the scene, clapping and lo and behold it was Onyeluka, Uzoamaka’s elder brother. At that moment, the atmosphere changed.


“Barbara I heard how you were bad mouthing your friend, I never believed that you are this evil, I even had plans to ask you out but Thank God, I didn’t because you are shameless” Onyeluka said at once. And turned to Bobby, I came to give you a beating of your life because I had thought that you played with my sister’s feelings but now I know, Barbara is evil, but what I don’t understand is why you allow a girl to harass you, I heard everything both of you had said to each other and from what I heard, I can say you truly love my sister but you are too soft for my liking, you need to learn how to put girls like Barbara in their place” Onyeluka added.


And Bobby hugged him, “oh God is great, I’m glad you heard everything, I’m innocent, Barbara here is evil, please talk to Uzoamaka, tell her what you heard” Bobby said in tears.


“Of course I will” Onyeluka promised and Barbara walked away in shame. Onyeluka waited for Bobby to freshen up and they left to their house, so Bobby could speak to Uzoamaka. When they arrived, Onyeluka told Uzoamaka everything and she was so sorry to have doubted Bobby.



“I’m so sorry, please forgive me” Uzoamaka said in tears. They hugged each other and Onyeluka smiled .


When Uzoamaka’s parents came out from their room, they were surprised to see Bobby at the sitting room with Uzoamaka and Onyeluka. They wondered why Bobby was there so early on Sunday morning. Bobby greeted them warmly and they replied calmly and then they turned to their daughter.


“Young girl, what happened to you yesterday?, you came back looking devastated and you locked yourself up in your room, tell me what’s your problem, by tomorrow you will officially clock 27 but you still act like a child” Uzoamaka’s mother threw in.


When Onyeluka told his parents and siblings what happened, they cursed Barbara. “I never liked that girl, my spirit didn’t accept her but I had no choice but to accept her as my daughter’s friend, she had proved to be your enemy and not a friend, Uzor, my princess, I’m glad you are feeling better this morning” Uzoamaka’s father said and she smiled .


The next day was Uzoamaka’s birthday and it was on Monday. Uzoamaka was getting ready to go to work and her parents had wished her a happy birthday, even her brothers got her gifts, They had planned a surprise party for her without her knowledge, Uzoamaka wasn’t expecting anything else talk much of a party, The party has been scheduled to happen in the evening. Immediately she left, Bobby called Onyeluka and told him of his previous plan.


“I want to propose to your sister, tonight! Please do I have your blessings” “Of course, I know you truly love my sister and both of you deserve to be with each other, I will also inform my parents” Onyeluka responded in smiles and Bobby chuckled at the other end of the phone.


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End Of Episode 8


To Be Continued

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