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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 7

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Episode 7


All through that night Bobby couldn’t sleep, he kept replaying everything Barbara said to him and then he began to notice that Barbara’s words didn’t add up. “Come to think of it, Uzoamaka had never demanded anything from me, even when I offer her gifts she barely accept my gifts. The only thing I have given her is my car and each time we meet, she always wants to return the car to me, No something is wrong somewhere, if Uzoamaka is a flirt, there’s was no need for her



to lie that she was a virgin, infact we would have had lot of sex if she was truly a wayward girl, I must warn Uzoamaka about her friend Barbara, that girl is envious of my Uzor, and she can do unimaginable to her, oh I was such a fool, I almost fell for her lies, I know Uzoamaka is a good girl, I feel it each time I see her” Bobby thought.


Immediately Bobby’s conteanance changed, he became happy as he fell asleep immediately.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen


The next day, Bobby’s day began with Uzoamaka’s phone call


“My love, how are you? I didn’t hear from you all through yesterday, I was so worried even your phone was unreachable, and it’s unlike you, are you okay” Uzoamaka said at once.


“I’m so sorry, my love, I had a hectic day, yesterday and immediately I got home I slept off, please forgive me, I promise it will never happen again, How are you doing today?” Bobby entered

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“I’m fine, I miss you” Uzoamaka uttered and Bobby replied ” I’m missing you more, I love you Uzor and nothing will ever come between us, it’s me and you forever” Uzoamaka blushed and smiled at the other end of the phone.


“My friend Barbara is here, won’t you say hello to her?” Uzoamaka entered innocently.


“Some other time, My love I got to go, I’m running late for work, please take care, I love you” Bobby concluded and hanged up instead.


Barbara who listened to Uzoamaka’s phone conversation with Bobby was dying deep inside, Uzoamaka had placed the call on a loud speaker, so Barbara heard their conversation the whole time. If Uzoamaka had known that Barbara was an enemy, she would had been more careful with her.


It annoyed Barbara that her evil plan failed. She practically forced Uzoamaka to give Bobby a phone call that morning, to find out if her plan worked but Bobby sounded so sweet to Uzoamaka instead.


“Uzoamaka and Bobby are still together despite all the stories I fabricated to tear to them apart.” She thought


At that point, Barbara was scared because it was obvious that Bobby truly loved Uzoamaka and he didn’t buy Barbara’s lies. “what if he tells Uzoamaka everything, oh that will be so bad” She thought. All through that day Barbara was frightened



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and on other hand Bobby was looking for ways to tell Uzoamaka that Barbara was not her friend but a back stabber, infact an enemy disguised as a friend.


Bobby wondered if Uzoamaka will believe him because she practically considered Barbara as her best friend.


The next day happened to be a Saturday and Bobby visited Uzoamaka at home, Uzoamaka’s parents were not at home, So Bobby suggested they take a walk around the neighborhood, they were holding hands and were lost in a deep conversation, when Bobby indirectly inquired from Uzoamaka ” how long have you been friends with Barbara” and Uzoamaka told him. “Do you trust her?” Bobby curiously asked


“Of course, she is a good person, Barbara is my best friend, she has my back and she could do anything for my happiness” Uzoamaka replied instantly without suspecting anything.


Bobby who wanted to expose Barbara suddenly became mute because it was obvious that Uzoamaka won’t believe any word against Barbara


Bobby had realised that Barbara was evil and he feared for Uzoamaka’s safety.


And he began to think of a way to unmask Barbara.


One fateful day, Bobby was at home when Uzoamaka’s call came in, immediately he received the call.


“Hey baby” Bobby greeted excitedly, they Chatted for a while, Bobby was excited when Uzoamaka revealed that she was on her way to his place, but Unfortunately, an hour later, Uzoamaka came with her so called friend, Barbara had insisted to follow Uzoamaka, when she revealed that she was heading to Bobby’s house. At first when Barbara insisted, Uzoamaka turned her down but some how Barbara was able to convince her.


“I thought you don’t want to have sex with Bobby yet, if you go alone, he might try something funny, men can be unpredictable, let me go with you, at least for your sake” Barbara had told Uzoamaka and she agreed with Barbara and that was how Barbara came along with her, Uzoamaka had thought that there was no need to inform Bobby because she had thought they were friends too.


When they arrived and Bobby sighted Barbara, he became very angry but he acted cool, Uzoamaka happily ran and gave him a hug. Immediately Barbara set his eyes on him, her heart skipped several beats. Bobby kept wondering why Uzoamaka



would bring Barbara to his place but when he realised that he had not unmask Barbara yet and Uzoamaka still trust her so much, he felt defeated.


Bobby was uncomfortable seeing Barbara in his place. Barbara had greeted him and smile mischievously and he had responded calmly to avoid Uzoamaka suspecting anything. Uzoamaka who was unaware of everything that was going on, was so excited to have her two favorite people in one place.


Immediately, Uzoamaka offered to prepare something they could eat and in few minutes, Uzoamaka was sighted in Bobby’s kitchen preparing a meal, Bobby was about to join her in the kitchen, when Barbara stylishly dragged him back. She wrapped her hands on Bobby’s waist.


“What’s the meaning of this, what’s your problem?” He furiously asked. “I love you” Barbara whispered in his ears


“You are evil, I need to tell Uzoamaka who you truly are because, she is not safe around you” Bobby added


“I know you wouldn’t dare do that, for the past three days, I have been worried that you will expose me but when I found out that you didn’t, i was relieved and I’m glad that you didn’t. …Bobby I love you, why did you choose Uzoamaka, a fat ugly girl over me, take a good look at me” Barbara said moving her body seductively. “Why will you choose someone horrible, Uzoamaka will look like your grandmother immediately she starts giving birth, why are you so blind, Can’t you see that I love you, Uzoamaka’s birthday is in 3 days, please don’t propose to her, please” Barbara added and Bobby stared at her in shock.


End Of Episode 7


To Be Continued


A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko


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