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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 3

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A Story By Christabel Nwoko


Episode 3.


As Bobby was trying hard to please Uzoamaka, who was listening to him without uttering a word, Barbara sat speechlessly too but she was busy with her phone. When Bobby was done talking, Uzoamaka looked at Barbara and smiled faintly; she had sensed that Barbara felt left out.


“I’m so sorry for coming along with my friend, I think I’m interrrupting, I guess i should wait outside, this date should be all about you and my friend” she said calmly.


“Wait outside? Why? You are the reason why I planned to meet your friend today, I’m so happy that you came along with your friend, ever since I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you and each time I called your friend, you are not always around to talk to me, so I decided to make my feelings and intentions known to your friend tonight so she could discuss it with you on my behalf but luckily for



me, you are here, so I’m going to talk to you directly instead” Bobby revealed and The two friends were shocked.

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The atmosphere was a bit awkward due to what Bobby said. But Barbara tried to behave maturely and just laughed it out. “I’ll be in the restroom, please you guys should talk” Barbara finally said and she walked out.”


As Barbara left, Bobby poured out his intentions and feelings to Uzoamaka as she listened shockingly, She couldn’t believe her ears, She couldn’t believe that a handsome man like Bobby will be interested in some one like her- A fat girl. After listening to everything Bobby had to say. Uzoamaka told him to give her time to think about his relationship proposal.


“I had thought that you were interested in my friend, please I need time to think things through” Uzoamaka responded.


Finally the little date ended and Uzoamaka and Bobby finally exchanged phone numbers before they called it a day.


That day was the best day of Uzoamaka’s life as she began to love herself and her life even more, Even though she had not accepted Bobby’s proposal, she felt like a lady for the first time, a beautiful Lady at that!.


“My mother was right, there’s a man for every woman, so that means I’m beautiful after all” She thought. That night she slept well and thought of nothing other than her encounter with Bobby, Those ” I love you” words that came out from Bobby’s mouth were registered in Uzoamaka’s brain, She liked Bobby too, the feeling was mutual, she decided to take things slow, so she wouldn’t fall into a wrong relationship.


on the hand, that night was not a good night for Barbara, All through that night she tossed and turned on her bed, she couldn’t sleep, She wallowed in self pity and bitterness.


“Uzoamaka snatched Bobby from me, I will never forgive her, why did I allow her to come with me, I was so stupid to let her come along, Bobby is so daft to pick a fat girl over me, what was he thinking, gross!” Barbara thought in tears

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From that day, The envy Barbara harboured in her heart for her friend Uzoamaka increased. But she kept pretending to be cool with Bobby and Uzoamaka. Never



for once did it cross Uzoamaka’s mind that Barbara has been harbouring envy in her heart because Barbara pretended so well.


Uzoamaka had asked Barbara countlessly if she would go ahead and date Bobby. “Do you like him?” Barbara had asked


“Yes I do but I’m not going to accept his proposal, if it will upset you” Uzoamaka entered (This Story Belongs to Christabel’s Blog)


“Upset me? Do I look upset? You can go ahead and accept him oh, he is not even my kind of guy, I’m happy you finally met a guy you like” Barbara lied, because she felt a bit embarrassed and defeated that Bobby choose Uzoamaka and not Her.


Deep down in Barbara’s heart, she wasn’t genuinely happy for her friend because she wanted Bobby for herself too.


In order for suspicion not to arise, Barbara acted cool and didn’t give Uzoamaka any clue that she was envious of her. “Now that he ask you out would you accept him?” Barbara curiously asked, “Maybe, but I don’t really know yet if he will accept my conditions” Uzoamaka replied, “Conditions?” Barbara asked curiously


” Yes…. there will be No sex till after marriage” Uzoamaka responded


“Hmm, No sex after marriage, ok oh! But last time I checked, men can’t do without sex, even if he accept, he will be getting all the sex he wants from someone else”Barbara entered,


“Really? But Bobby seemed like a good man, he’s just different and I don’t mind trying him out, I pray he wouldn’t be a jerk” Uzoamaka responded.


End Of Episode 3

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To Be Continued

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