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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 2

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By Christabel Nwoko


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One cool Wednesday afternoon, Uzoamaka and Barbara were out together on a lunch break, They were having a lunch at a popular restaurant beside the firm where they both worked, when a cool young guy approached them.


Barbara was quick to introduce herself to the young man and in few minutes she was giving out her phone number to the handsome stranger who later introduced himself as Bobby Manuel. The whole time, Bobby’s eyes were on UZOAMAKA, who sat speechlessly, digging into her meal. As usual she had concluded that the handsome young guy would only be interested in a slim girl like Barbara and not a fat girl like her.


Days passed and Life moved on and so did Uzoamaka; She concentrated on building her confidence, her career and to be happy with her body as she ate healthier meal and exercised regularly. Uzoamaka had forgot all about Bobby, Untill One cool Saturday Morning, Uzoamaka’s day began with a phone call from her closest buddy, Barbara. The two friends chatted for a while and finally Barbara revealed

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“This evening, I’m going on a date with Bobby”


“Really? So soon” Uzoamaka entered and Barbara uttered “yes”.


“I hope you are not going to his house for your first date” Uzoamaka entered “No, not his house but A fancy restaurant, Do you want to come with me?” Barbara asked calmly but Uzoamaka declined.


But somehow, Barbara finally convinced Uzoamaka to come with her. “Bobby and I have been talking over the phone for the past two weeks now although he has not asked me out officially, for now we are just getting to know



each other better and I want him to know you too, you are my best friend after all and morever, whenever he calls, he always wants to talk to you, but each time he calls, you are not always around me to talk to him on the phone, he calls mostly in the early hours of the morning or in the evening, I know he will be happy to see you with me, please come with me, Uzor please come and celebrate with me because I know Bobby will ask me out tonight ” Barbara Bragged and Uzoamaka reluctantly agreed to come along.


“But what will I wear now? I didn’t plan for this oh” Uzoamaka uttered


“Just wear anything, or wear that your green dress, assuming you are my size, I would have given you one of my new dress” Barbara entered and Uzoamaka smiled faintly at the other end of the phone.


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‘you are always looking for new ways to tease me right?, Don’t worry, I will soon be like you, I’m seriously working out and very soon my hardwork will pay off” Uzoamaka said smiling


“You wish” Barbara added and they both laughed so hard.


When the call ended, Uzoamaka went straight to her wardrobe, She almost had an heart attack when she discovered that her green dress was dirty, she held her heart as she saw the green dress inside the laundry basket in her room. “Oh what will I wear now?” She asked herself


“The green dress is the only dress that fit me comfortably, oh” Uzoamaka lamented After searching for few minutes, Uzoamaka finally found the best outfit for the night.


The time scheduled for their date drew close so Barbara and Uzoamaka were sighted inside a cab. At exactly 6:45pm, they arrived at the restaurant and Barbara brought out her phone to call Bobby, but Fortunately, Bobby had seen them first but remained quiet and he just kept staring at them.


Bobby stood up and walked towards their direction. When he got to where they stood, he ran his eyes on UZOAMAKA. “You look so beautiful” He told her


“Thank… You…so” Uzoamaka stammered, she was so excited within to get such compliment. It shows that her hardwork was paying off.



Bobby was smitten and lost in thoughts as he looked at Uzoamaka, for a minute, Barbara felt invisible to Bobby.


“Hey, Bob” Barbara finally said to get Bobby’s attention. he smiled and said.” Hey Barbara, it’s good to see you, let’s go in and sit”


They walked into the classic restaurant and When they got to the table, with 4 chairs, Bobby removed the chair for Uzoamaka to seat and Barbara stared speechlessly.


On seeing what was happening, Barbara was so surprised; immediately she regretted coming along with Uzoamaka. “Bobby seemed to have picked interest in Uzoamaka” She thought angrily but she maintained a smiling face, even though she was boiling within.


A Story By Christabel Nwoko


End Of Episode 2


To Be Continued

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