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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 1

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(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


Episode 1

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UZOAMAKA was the only daughter of her parents, Being the only girl Child in the family, her parents and three brothers loved her so much.


Uzoamaka was brought up with so much love but the only love she lacked was self love. She hated herself because she was over weight. During her days in secondary School she was always being teased by her classmates and she always felt inferior.


Throughout Uzoamaka’s entire life, she have had a tough time liking what she saw in the mirror. Because of the constant insults and mockery she got from her school mates. All through her days in Secondary school, everyone, including her teachers would call her UZOAMAKA.. THE FAT GIRL.


Uzoamaka started to gain weight when she was really young. In elementary school, She was teased a lot even by her friends at school and extended family members. She started to feel down on herself and she didn’t know what to do…she pretty much gave up. She had thought if she exercised more that she would finally be happy with herself, but when she didn’t do that, she would punish herself internally and that was how that inner mean girl voice was created inside of her.

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Uzoamaka had told herself countlessly that she was disgusting, that she wouldn’t make anyone happy with whatever she did and that she was unworthy of being loved. It got so bad that during her Secondary school days before her final year, She stopped eating. She had thought that was the only way to lose weight besides exercising but luckily enough, her parents and siblings paid attention to her actions and set her straight.


However, even when Uzoamaka started eating again, she was still unhappy and got extremely sick. Her parents and Siblings would reassure her of their love and how beautiful she was.


“Uzor, you are very beautiful, you have a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul and a beautiful face, you are not disgusting, you have a beautiful life ahead of you, don’t give up my child” Her mother had told her constantly.


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When Uzoamaka was in her early 20s, and in her final year in the University, she finally cracked the code to believing and loving herself and being ok with her body. “No one is perfect” her mother had told her. Uzoamaka began to learn how to love herself, in no time Uzoamaka got that negative voice that was in the back of her mind to hush for good.


That negative voice that tells her that she wasn’t good enough. When she began to love herself, she began to make new friends at the University and one of them happened to be Barbara, a beautiful young girl, Barbara and Uzoamaka were of the same age but Barbara was alot slimmer . In no time Uzoamaka and Barbara became fast friends and they were inseparable. Barbara and Uzoamaka had met in their first year in University but they became very close during their final year in the University.


After graduating from the University, The Two friends, began their adult independent life, Uzoamaka was excited to start a new chapter in her life. Soon after, After their youth service, Uzoamaka and Barbara got a good job in the same firm and that made them inseparable as they saw each other always. Their friendship wax stronger and They always hanged out together.


Uzoamaka and Barbara met many good looking and well to do guys but those



Guys always preferred Barbara because she was slimmer and that made Uzoamaka to hate herself again. Slowly the negative voice came back even stronger than in her secondary School days. (This Story Belongs to Christabel Nwoko’s Blog)


“All the guys I met seems to be attracted to Barbara, none of them looked my way, i have never been woo by any man, I feel like I am in a black hole that I couldn’t get out of, Why is my life different, why me?” Uzoamaka had thought.


Barbara was not helping matter as she always rub it on Uzoamaka’s face that she was fat and ugly.


“You need to do something about your weight, guys don’t like fat girls”Barbara would always say.


Gradually, Uzoamaka was thrown into depression, Until one morning she woke up and realized she should be focusing on her ultimate happiness and that’s loving herself first.


“No one will love me, if I don’t love myself first” She had thought


Uzoamaka started working out and eating healthier, not just to lose weight, but to build her confidence, and it felt amazing for her. Uzoamaka used to dread going to the gym but it became her favorite place and new found love. In few months time, She started to feel more confident with herself overall than she have been for awhile, even when life isn’t perfect or when she slip up. She noticed that the way she was talking to herself wasn’t healthy for her mentally and emotionally.


Gradually Uzoamaka started to change her perspective to a more positive one. That negative voice would tell her things that seem to be impossible to fix and how she will never succeed in losing weight but when Uzoamaka started to tell herself that things can change if she worked hard enough to make her goals into reality, that negative voice started to fade again.


Some months later, UZOAMAKA had succeeded in shedding off some weights and she looked alot attractive. Guys began to notice her and she was so glad but she kept herself and never gave any random guy a chance because she was not into any of them.


On the other hand, Barbara was trying hard to move on after a terrible break up, She usually gave relationship a chance but non favoured her as she was always left



heartbroken. Barbara was too cheap, She usually fell for guys too quickly without finding out about their intentions towards her.


When UZOAMAKA told Barbara that she was still a virgin at 25 years old, Barbara felt envious because she had lost her virginity since she was 18 years old and ever since then she had never met a good and sensible guy, all the guys she dated were only interested in her body and they would dump her the next minutes after getting what they wanted.


“At your age, you are still a virgin? Come on are you in the 60’s, please you need to experience sex like me and every other happening girl in town” Barbara said at once while UZOAMAKA listened keenly.


“The problem I have is that I haven’t met a guy I like, all the guys I like doesn’t seem to notice me but the once I don’t like are just hovering around me, I don’t know what to do” UZOAMAKA added.


“It’s your weight, I always told you that men don’t like over weight girls, you should be happy that some guys Walk up to you, even if you don’t like any of them, give them a chance” Barbara entered and Uzoamaka suddenly grew cold. All her life her weight had always been a problem.


“When will my life be perfect? Just because I’m overweight so I can’t get the kind of man I want?” Uzoamaka asked soberly and Barbara consoled her.


But deep down in Barbara’s heart, She was happy that her words broke Uzoamaka’s Confidence. She was a bit jealous that Uzoamaka was from a loving family and to crown it all she was still a virgin unlike her, Barbara was raised in a foster home, When her adopted parents found their lost son, they became less affectionate towards her.


Uzoamaka had constantly boasted of her parent’s unconditional love and revealing that she was still a virgin, stir up more envy in Barbara. But she never let it show or gave Uzoamaka any hint as to how she felt inside. Barbara consoled Uzoamaka like a true friend would but deep down she was happy that Uzoamaka was hurt by what she had said.


(A Story By Christabel Nwoko)


End Of Episode 1



To Be Continued


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