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Unwavering Faith – Episode 5

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(episode 5)




Have you ever been in your low moment and just out of nowhere, a breakthrough comes along and restores joy back into your life? A person once said that ‘most of the best things of life happens unexpected’ and I kind of agree to that school of thought concerning life. Just when you have given up all hope about a particular situation, something happens and turns the whole situation around.




If anyone had told Susan that God had better plans for her than what her ex-husband was giving to her, she wouldn’t have believed one bit. All she saw herself



as at that point was a barren and divorced women, but I’m highly relieved that God doesn’t seek the validation of men to carry out any action in our lives. Things were about to take a good turn in her life and I doubt she saw any of those things coming.



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JoJo’s innocent revelation made Susan blush. Her smile was clearly evident for Williams to see. The way Susan felt at that moment was so good that she wished it would never end. What a sweet and relieving thing indeed to feel that way again; after crying and being bitter for several months.




After the little display of affection between Susan and Jojo, Williams had to cut into their conversation. “Small world indeed, I just kept wondering where I met you and thanks to my son, my guess have been confirmed right. Nice meeting you again” he said and she smiled faintly, “You have a very lovely kid and I’m glad to meet you again too” Susan said.




The first thing Williams noticed as they conversed was the ring that was missing in Susan’s finger; unlike the first time he met her. He kept contemplating if she might have forgotten it at her house or probably got tired of wearing accessories. Out of curiosity he asked more questions just to know a little about her, because at that point she seemed mysterious.




“Why are you here? Did you come to pick your child from school?” Williams inquired, “Oh no! I’m just helping my friend pick her son cause she had an urgent appointment to get to” Susan’s replied. As they talked, the little boy she came to pick came out with his teacher. “Here he is, that’s my friend’s son” she pointed, “I guess we should be on our way now” she added.



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One thing was clear that day and it was the fact that Williams wasn’t going to fold his arms and watch Susan slip right through them again, without making an effort to get to know her better and probably be friends with her; seeing how much his son liked her. He was determined to get close to her and was ready to make the



first move. “I won’t know if she’s married or not till I get close to be able to know her better. Standing outside her life wouldn’t give me the details I need” he thought within.




On the other hand, Susan realised that she liked their vibe and the positive energy that surrounded them. The joy she felt in just the two times she had met them was totally remarkable. Deep down, she wanted Williams to make a move so they could at least become friends, so she gets to see Jojo anytime she wanted. What neither of them knew was that God had something bigger planned for them, than being just ‘friends’ to each other.




With the look of things that day, it seems as though they were gradually liking each other without even knowing yet. Due to the fact that two kids were in their midst, they had to conceal some emotions within. On seeing that Susan had to go, Williams acted fast. “Did you come with a car or would you prefer I drop you off?” He asked, “Don’t bother, I came with my car” she replied.




Everyone started walking towards the parking lot and the two kids seem to be distracted with the little play they were engaged in as they walked to the parking lot. When Susan got close to her car, she notified Williams that they have reached where she parked. “Can I please see you again? It will mean so much to me if I did” He chipped in and Susan smiled faintly; “What of Jojo’s mum?” She indirectly asked to know if he was married. Williams sadly revealed to her that Jojo’s mum died when she gave birth to him and that he had been taking care of his son alone ever since his late wife passed on years ago.




That heartfelt revelation made Susan emotional and almost brought tears to her eyes. She tried to comfort Williams for his loss but he told her that it was all good and that it made him stronger. They didn’t have much time to express their sad emotions towards each other because they obviously had to go back to their various destinations. Before Susan left, she asked Jojo to give her his pen; of which he willingly did. When the pen was given to her, she told Williams to bring forth



his palms and wrote her number on them. “If it cleans, then I’m sorry because you’ll have to coincidentally met me to get my number again” She said blushing.




When Susan was done writing her number on William’s palms, she gave Jojo back his pen and drove off with her friend’s son. Immediately she left, Williams hurriedly brought out his phone and saved the number there. He entered his car too and drove off with his son.




With all the beautiful things that seemed to be happening, Susan tried not to be overly excited or expectant so as not to get her heart broken again. She had to talk to herself and try to calm herself down because the butterflies in her stomach had already started dancing for joy.




Just as expected, Williams called few hours later that day just to check up on Susan and called the following day afternoon. They talked briefly whenever he called and didn’t go deeply in their conversations. Williams knew he had to know more about her so he took a Big step by requesting for a date with her. To be honest, it’s been a long time since she went on any date, as the only thing her and Raymond did for the past three years of their five years old marriage was to try and bear a child. Due to that, she had forgotten what it felt like to be loved and treated to fancy things.




After contemplating for a while, Susan agreed to go on the date with Williams. She felt she was not living life anymore and probably just existing. Being a 34 year old divorcee wasn’t the end of the world so she didn’t want to treat it as one.




The date venue and time was agreed upon and it became official. The date was scheduled for Saturday so Susan had enough time to figure out what she was going to wear for it. The search for the perfect dress wasn’t an easy one but the end result was worth it. Everything was set as they both waited for Saturday to come.



The D-day finally came and they met at the appointed place for the date. One look at Susan in that hot white dress and Williams knew that he wasn’t going to back down without a reasonable reason or fight. The evening started off on a good note and they had a nice meal for dinner. After they were done eating, a conversation started.




“I have been wanting to ask you this question, are you married? I’m asking because the first time I met you at the hospital, you were putting on a ring on your wedding finger” Williams asked. That questions made Susan cold and nervous because she knew that there was no way she would answer that question without him asking further questions that would lead to her barrenness story. Williams figured she was a bit hesitant to answer his question so he further asked; “Did I say anything wrong?”, She nodded ‘No’, “then talk to me, I promise to be understanding” He added.




The moment of truth came and Susan knew that there was no turning back. She took a deep breath and said; “I was married but just got divorced a few months ago”, “Why? What happened?” Williams inquired and Susan started tearing up. “My ex husband and I were married for 5 years and have been trying to have a child but non was forth coming. Apparently, he couldn’t put up with my childlessness so he cheated with someone else and she bore a son for him. I had never felt so broken and betrayed all my life the way that incident made me feel. There’s so much left to tell you but I’d rather leave them unsaid. It’s been an emotionally draining couple of months for me but I’m taking life one step at a time. I really don’t know why I couldn’t have a child while still married but will just leave it all to God” she soberly said.




By the time Susan was done talking, Williams had already figured why she loved Jojo so much and always acted affectionately towards him. His heart was also broken, knowing that she had to go through all she went through in her marriage. The last thing in William’s mind at that moment was to run away due to her barrenness, as he thought to himself that Jojo could always fill in that gap and be her child.



After being quite for a while, Williams finally spoke. “I’m so sorry that you had to go through all you went through and it’s sad to know that your ex-husband let a beautiful and nice woman like you go just because you couldn’t conceive after just 5 years of marriage. Haven’t he heard of couples that stayed for years without a child but a miracle came knocking at the 11th hour? Besides, why are people too quick to blame women when a child isn’t forth coming in a marriage union? Anyways, I’m glad it’s all over and you can now start life afresh. I like you Susan and really want you around in my life and that of Jojo if you don’t mind coming in. You look like a really nice person with a good heart and such attributes are very rare in our world today. On this note, I’ll like to ask you to be my friend, then we’ll see how things goes with time” he said.




The friendship proposal was a good first step for the two lovely individuals that seemed to be gradually liking each other. They obviously didn’t want to rush things because they both had hurtful past experience with people they were with. They figured it’s best to take things slowly and carefully work their way up to the top.




Life began to seemed fair to Susan as she now had a man and little boy that cared so much about her. She spent alot of her spare time with them and the love in her heart for Williams started skyrocketing; same with Williams.




Due to the exciting new things that was now happening in Susan’s life, Raymond suddenly became past tense in her memory. She stopped crying about their failed marriage and gradually began to forgot his existence. Raymond was also more concerned about his new family and had even gone as far as going to see Venita’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage. Everything seemed to also be going on well for Raymond until something happened one day.




On that fateful day, Raymond’s son was sick and was rushed to the hospital by both parents. It turned out that the little boy urgently needed blood transfusion because he was short on blood. Due to the fact that Venita was a new mum and still breastfeeding their son, they couldn’t drain her blood by taking from her body but rather suggested that Raymond do the donation for his sick child.




Without hesitation, Raymond agreed and some blood sample was taken out from his body for testing; just to be sure that it matches that of his son. After about an hour of conducting the tests, one of the doctors came to their hospital room with a confused countenance.




“Doctor what’s the problem?” Raymond curiously asked, “Are you the father to the little boy?” The doctor inquired and he confidently said ‘Yes’, without hesitation.




The doctor took a deep breath and dropped a shocker; Your blood type doesn’t match that of your son, it tested negative!”.






Unwavering Faith

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