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Unknown Rhythm – Episode 21

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Ella’s Pov


“Do you Daniel take this woman to be your lovely wedded wife to have and to hold and to protect till death do u apart”


“Yes I do”,


he smiles looking at me through the veil. I returned his smiles.


I don’t know whether he sees it or not but i don’t care.


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I’m getting married to the Man have always wanted.


“Do you Daniella take this man to be your lovely wedded husband, to have and


respect, obey till death do u apart?”


“I do”,I said cheerfully…


And i saw the best man giving us the ring.


Arthur… He smiled at us and gave us the ring.. .


We exchanged rings and the priest said.


“You may now kissed the bride”,He said loudly and Danny removed the veil from my face and he lips crushed on mine and i respond to it.


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I heard applause as I smiled into his kiss and we turn facing the congregation and we heard them screamed while they applaud.


I held his hand and we walked through the aisle.


I can’t believed I’m finally married. I’m so excited about it…


Only if Mum was here, I will be more excited.


I smiled as the reporters took photos of us.




I smiled staring at my beautiful wife. She is mine now.. only mine.


“I’m going to taste every inch of u tonight”,I said feeling goose bumps on her skin.


“You are affected by my words, aren’t you?”,I asked and she nods shyly.


I nuzzled her neck and she pulled away playfully.


People were on the platform dancing and she is the only one I could see. As I sipped my wine, Dad walked up to me,


“Am so happy for you son, and am sure your Mum is, your two Moms, you know Maureen had always foreseen this bcos of you and Ella’s relationship but I tried stopping it, Thank God my mistake didn’t ruin things”


“Its okay Dad” I said giving him a hug


“Congrats Danny” james said giving me a handshake and then we hugged


He was given a year Imprisonment for being an accomplice….All thanks to Julian


and Arthur’s intervention.


“Hello everyone attention please” Arthur grinning from ear to ear


“Wedding bells ringing” james said and I burst into laughter as Arthur knelt down before Julian like a dumb robot being controlled, I guess his scared of what her response would be as she has always been afraid of marriage.


“I don’t know the best way or the perfect way to say this, but I can gladly say I want you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Be the mother of my unborn kids and my Super Support. So Julian Matthew, please do me the honour of being my wife, mother of my kids and Chase me around the house with your pistol if I try messing up”


Everyone burst into laughter at his last Statement


“Yes….Yes”Julian says as he slide the ring in her finger and then it followed…if


you know you know


“Thats a well rehearsed one” james said and everyone burst into laughter.


Ella’s Pov



At home


“Are you happy?”,He asked.


“Yes … very “,I replied and i became so excited.


“Shall we?”,He opened his palm waiting for me to touch his.


And I did smiling at me.


We walked into our room and was surprised at the transformation…..”Julian’s doing


he said beaming with smiles


His gaze dropped to my lips, then back to my eyes.


He took a step forward, and my eyes dropped down to his lips.


When his body almost touched mine, my eyes found his again. That was probably all the permission he needed.


I watched him lower his lips to mine, his body towering over me. I licked my lips in anticipation, it was too late to back out now.


As his lips slowly touched mine, I closed my eyes.


He fitted his lips between mine, giving me a taste of himself.


Then he started to leave small kisses all over my lips, like this was just a warm-up, like he hadn’t already jump started my heart.


After a few seconds of this relentless torture, I found myself swaying toward him. I wanted to be closer to his body heat.


He lifted his hand and fitted it around my neck.


The feel of his warm hand on me made me plaster myself more firmly against him, and that turned our slow kiss into something completely different.


I opened up to him, and his tongue slid inside my mouth. When he tilted my head with his hand on my neck, our kiss deepened. He laid me on the bed and i removed his shirt.


He tore off his own shirt before I could take it off for him.


While I was mesmerized watching his amazingly muscular arms, the second his shirt hit the floor, he yanked mine off of me too.


Seeing my hesitation, “Touch me,” he ordered.


Startled, I lifted my eyes to look at him. I didn’t make him ask twice, though. Gently, I put my trembling hands on his well-shaped hard pecs, and started to caress his chest, and strong shoulders. My touch still a little unsure, my eyes traced every move I made on his body.


Leaning forward I licked one of his nipples into my mouth. His harsh intake of breath proved me that he was enjoying my slow explorations. Then just like that, it was over.


Abruptly leaning down, he captured my mouth in an explosive kiss. One of his hands grabbed my hair.



When his hand finally found its way down to my pussy, he lightly caressed my inner folds with two fingers. When I parted my legs, he stopped kissing me altogether to whisper in my ear.


“Feels like you want me bad, Ella” he growled, making my body tingle all over. Without a warning he had my breasts in his hands, kneading one of them roughly, while his other hand pinched my nipple. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the pleasure that was mixed with pain.


“Love your breasts,” he murmured.


“Open your legs for me,” he ordered and guided my knees wide open.


He lowered his head and sucked my clit into his mouth, making me jerk with the suddenness of his action. Fisting one of my hands in the sheets, and placing the other one on his head, I did my best to hold off the scream that was quickly building up inside me. Biting down on my own lip, I tasted blood.


When he saw me biting my lip he lowered himself over my body and tugged my lip free with his teeth. Licking the blood off, he kissed me deeply. I could taste myself on his mouth, but it didn’t bother me like I thought it would.


Rounding my arms around his neck, I kissed him back just as deeply. Then I felt him guide his cock to my


opening,and he slowly entered inside me making me moan.


“Come on, relax for me, take me all the way in,” he groaned.


His pupils were dilated which made his eyes look almost black, and so intense. I could see that not moving in me was affecting him as much as it was affecting me. With a strain in his voice, “You okay? Please tell me you can take me, I don’t want to hurt you more than I have to, but I can’t hold back anymore,” he said. He must be delusional, because I was feeling a lot of things, but hurt wasn’t one of them.


“I can take you. Please, move, now!” I managed to yell at him. Feeling him inside me, all of his thickness stroking me in all the right places was making me heady with desire. He pulled out a little, and then thrust in deeper this time. He was looking down to where our bodies became one, but when he heard my soft gasp his intense gaze lifted up to my eyes.


I kissed him and he thrust more till we both came.


He was on top me breathing hard and my hands stroked his hair playfully.


Today is the happiest day of my life.

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