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Unknown Rhythm – Episode 19

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( Chapter 19)


Semi Final


Authoress Dee



Its been days that I been feelin’ it



You made me wonder if its real



I feel the pain of being faraway

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If there’s no cause or cant find a way



All I know is youuu



All I know is you I want



So Bby don’t let me go



No baby don’t let me out


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Never never Got a feelin’ like this



Never never got a feeling



Or maybe its bound to fill up



Cos you are the one I need



You are the one I wanna be with



So take me high above the sky



And let me feel great so high



As I danced and sing to my music, Jumpin and twirling to the beat, using the Tv remote as my microphone…



Oh yeah yeah yeah Bby


Oh yeah yeah yeah Bby


Take me high



Whoo! I screamed letting go of my pains and feel relaxed. I checked the time and its still 10′ O clock. Arggh, am tired of staying in this house Alone. Maybe I could spend tonight with Arthur, I thought smiling to myself.


Ever since I met him, have forgotten about all my sorrows, I mean what could be more than this feeling, seems like am in love.


Whooopaaaa! I exclaimed as I heard a knock, I quickly rushed to the door, checking out myself and slowly opened the door….




Touching my face and checking me out


Darling, how are you, tell me you are fine hope you aren’t hurt, I was told you visited the studio, do you like my surprise, do yo….?


“Dad am fine, which do you want me to answer first uhn” I said more like a scream as I search his eyes for an answer, but then he turned his gaze at the door, following his gaze, standing by the door his Danny in a white sweat shirt and a black trousers




I said amidst tears as I rushed to hug him, bringing back all the memories and pain, a mixture of pain and happiness telling me he’s not my brother…


“Am happy you came Danny, I miss you, I so much do” I said in tears holding his face in tears


“You know you look ugly when you cry, and am not ready for another ugly face today so smile please” he whispered to my ears sending shivers down my spine


“Silly fool” I whispered back hitting his chest “Ouch am dead Dad, she’s Started again” Dad just stood there laughing at us


“C’mon Let’s go out to celebrate this” Dad Said spreading his arms for a hug as Danny and I rushed to his embrace


“I love you two”


“We love you too”


“Let me go change, will be back in a jiffy”


I said walking up the stairs smiling



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Arthur’s Pov




” Yes do you know her?” I asked Julian who seems suprised


“Yes, Ella was my best Friend in college, I meant we were in the same band while we were in school then, after I got here I tried getting in touch with her but I couldn’t mom blocked is from making calls to any of our friends in Chicago”


“Wow! Well she’s in London now maybe you two can continue your relationship, you should go with me today am picking her up from home her car developed fault yesterday”


“I would have love to but I have a case am dealing with at Work so maybe we could go visit her on Saturday then”


“Alright babe, take care I love you”


“Love you too sweetheart”


Actually, Julian is my Girlfriend, we have been together for the past two years. I went to a bar with my friends when I met her. She was drunk and I helped her home, since then we become friends, and I became aware of her family problems, the frequent argument between her parent. One thing led to another and we started dating, she’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me, the strong woman behind my smiles and laughter…No wonder she choosed to be a cop.


As I drived into the compound, Two car were parked at the garage, maybe her car has been fixed and the other probably her Neighbour’s Car. I heard rumblings and smashing of things, I became scared I tried opening the door but its been bolted from inside, I rushed to the back door to check if its open when I heard the sound of a car drive off, One of the two car parked at the garage isn’t there and her door is opened


“Ella….Ella are you okay” I shouted as I entered the house but no response, I


checked the whole house but no one’s in. I quickly dialled Julian’s number, she picked at the furst ring



“Hi babe”her voice boomed in


“Julian I think Ella, she’s been kidnapped”


“What???…..send me the address I’ll be there”


I quickly texted the address and continue searching the house and rooms, I found a phone on the floor, it isn’t Ella’s phone but her picture is being used as the wallpaper, maybe her Dad, I thought just then I heard car drove in, becomes scared at first then gathered Courage, I peeped through the curtain and saw Julian running to the door, she’s with several other men who are cops also. I got angry and went outside


She’s been kidnapped not being Robbed, you should investigate not bringing men as if you want to come arrest the kidnappers…”


I stormed angrily at her and i can see the discomfort and confusion all over her face. She bursts into tears


“Babe she will be fine ok?” I said wiping her tears and draw her close while the other men search the house if anything belonging to the kidnappers could be found








Unknown Rythm


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