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The Scar In My Heart – Episode 5

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(Part 5)




I can’t get up,she cried. My stomach hurts,the pain i feel is too much,she added.




What is wrong with you?asked Aisha.


I feel pain,I can’t get up,Ameerah cried out.


Before they knew it Ameerah was unconscious.


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Hussain!Hussain!!Hussain!!! Hassan called. Hussain ran into the room. Look at Ameerah,she is unconscious,let’s rush her to the hospital,said hassan. I cant,i am very busy, pleas you take her,I will join you at the hospital later,said Hussain.




Subahanallah! Said hassan. You wife is lying unconscious and you are saying you are busy,Innalillahi wainaillahi raji’un,Hassan added.




Ya Hassan!Aisha called,she is bleeding. What! Pleas help me carry her. Aisha and Hassan rushed Ameerah to the hospital.




*At the hospital*


Doctor salim announced to them that Ameerah lost her child. Innalillahi wainaillahi raji’u, said Aisha and hassan together.

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How do we tell Ameerah that she has lost her first child and again it was due to her husband’s bullying.


I dont know Ya Hassan,said Aisha.


Ameerah will be sad,but we have no option than to tell her,added Aisha.




Aisha and Hassan,greeted Ameerah in the proper Islamic way of greeting. How are you feeling?asked Hassan. I am fine,she said faintly. I will be right back,said Hassan as he walked out to give the ladies some privacy.




Ya Ameerah,pleas forgive my brother and your husband Hussain, has hurt you so much,said Aisha.




He didn’t offend me,it was my fault,I forgot to wash his clothes,if i had done that ,he won’t be upset with me,said Ameerah. Is he here,I want to apologise to him added Ameerah.



Aisha began to sob,why are you so good,why is your heart so soft,why do you love my brother so much?asked Aisha. Because,he is my husband,I love him,replied Ameerah.




Ya Ameerah,you lost your child,said Aisha. That cant be?you gave me the news about it not quit long,how come I lost it,she cried out. I dont know,I am sorry,said Aisha.




Its ok,its not your fault,its the will of Allah(s w t) said Ameerah in tears. Where is my husband?asked Ameerah. He is not here,replied Aisha. You mean he didn’t come?asked Ameerah. Yes,he didn’t,she replied. This was what hurt Ameerah the most,she began to cry,we lost our child and he is not here,she said. Am sorry Ya Ameerah,said Aisha.




Hassan came in.




I have paid the bills and you have been discharged said Hassan.




Ya Hassan!Ameerah called. I lost my child and my husband is not here, she said in tears.


Am sorry Ameerah,said Hassan.




Its not your fault,you don’t have to apologise,said Ameerah. Can we go,she said.


Yes,we can.




*At home*


Ameerah was led to her room by Aisha and he told her to take care of herself. She nod her head assuring Aisha,she would.



In her room,she met her husband sleeping,she lied on the floor and she was in tears,she slept in tears that night.




*The next morning*




Hussain woke her up.


You are back,you are turning my siblings against me,said Hussain.




I can’t do that,am sorry if you see it that way,she pleaded. Am sorry about this too, he said,I am divorcing your three times,you can stay until you give birth,but,after that you leave,he said.




Innalillahi wainaillahi raji’u,said Ameerah. Dont do this to me she pleaded,I am begging you,pleaded Ameerah. Before I return,get your stuffs and leave,he said. Ameerah was about to tell him she lost the child but before she could he walked out.




Aisha went to check on Ameerah to know how she is faring. She greeted her with the proper Islamic greeting but no response. She opened…




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