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The Scar In My Heart – Episode 1

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(part 1)




Ya Ameerah,I envy you a lot,you are a courageous woman,I have not seen a woman who can tolerate what you are tolerating in our home,said Aisha.




Ameerah smiled faintly,what do you mean?she asked.




I mean,you are trying,you do every work in this house,not even my sisters help you out and yet you don’t complain,said Aisha. Why should I complain when I have Allah(s w t) by my side,Ameerah said calmly. I know that,but,you do almost all the chores at home,Aisha added. But,you are always their to help me,said Ameerah.


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Hmm! I wish I could do more for you,said Aisha in a sad tune. Its ok,knowing that you are by my side makes me happy,said Ameerah. Enough with the sad expression,I have to finish up,said Ameerah.



Ameerah prepared dinner and she served them to everyone in the family. After everyone had dinner,she followed them to their various rooms to collect their plate. Ya Ameerah,pleas go and rest i will do the collection of the plates,said Aisha. Hmm!Ameerah sighed softly,with a smile on her lips,she said;its ok,I will do it,but you have been working all day,you have not even had time for yourself,at least go and take your bath,requested Aisha.




My dear,am happy you are here with me,you make me smile during the hard times i have, but, pleas let me do the collection,said Ameerah. Aisha agreed. Ameerah collected the plates and she went to the kitchen to wash them. She cleaned the kitchen and she finished her chores as usual 9:00pm. She went to her room,took her bath and lied on her bed groaning of pains. She was fast asleep when her husband came in,he woke her up,demanding for his marital right. Hussaini! I am very tired,I had a long day,pleas let me sleep,you know I must wake up at 4:30am. Because you do all the house chores,you have been complaining about this for months now and I can’t tolerate it,you are my wife and its your duty to work as my wife,said Hussaini. I am your wife not your slave,I work in this house from morning to night without anyone assisting me but Aisha. You think its easy,I sweep,I cook,I wash and I even wash the clothes of your parents and yet you are telling me,all i do is house chores,its ok. All you want now is to satisfy your desire,pleas do that and let me sleep.




The next day,Ameerah was in the kitchen cooking and crying. Ya Ameerah,why are you crying?asked Aisha. Its nothing,my body aches that’s all,I told you to take some rest yesterday but you refused,said Aisha. Aisha pulled her to her arms to console her. Talk to me,why the tears?asked Aisha. I am tired,look at me,I dont look myself anymore,i dont even have time to adorn myself,look at my hair,why me,all this house are to much for me,what can i do,said Ameerah. Have you tried talking to Ya Hussaini? Asked Aisha. Not really,Ameerah lied. She couldn’t tell Aisha that;her brother doesn’t care about her feelings. Ok then,I shall talk to Ya Hassan and “inn shaa Allah” he will talk to Ya Hussaini. Pleas wipe your tears, as usual,I shall help you with the house chores. Aisha and Ameerah were busy in the kitchen when Yusrah,the elder sister of Aisha walked in on them…



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