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The Potter’s Hands – Episode 10

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The Potter’s Hands (episode 10)


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Prayer is the master key used to unlock any door in this life. Pray when all hope seems lost, pray when it makes no sense, pray when you can’t find a way out of an unfair situation, pray when you can’t find one friend, pray anywhere and anyhow because God listens and your prayers never expires. When God wants to move, he finds human vessels and makes use of them. Just so you know, God mostly makes use of condemned vessels to fulfil his mandate here on earth. One beautiful thing about God is that he uses the unqualified to get things done and in this case, Terry was that unqualified former fraudster that God used to reach out to the inmates in the prison cell.


There are certain tasks in life that are destined for certain people and there are some people that would never be reached until a particular person finds their way in Christ and personally reaches out to them. There was no way the inmates in that prison could have been reached if Terry didn’t give his life to Christ and was convicted. He needed to go through life the way he did, in order for there to be a message in his salvation story and journey. Most times, God allows certain things to happen to us, just so we can have a story to tell others that will inspire them into believing that if God can save or help you while in that situation, he can equally do same for them. Never be in a hurry to question God when found in certain situations because you might just be jeopardising something that was intended for your good. It’s a thing of joy that Terry came out stronger from the prison experience and was ready to commit his all to Maya.


After the emotional reunion between the two love birds, Maya still didn’t want to let go of Terry even for one second because she missed him more than life itself. Joy overflowed from her heart as she held her beau tightly. “How is this even possible? What happened for real?” Maya curiously inquired and Terry smiled, “Can we go inside first?” he said and they entered inside the two bedroom apartment.


Immediately they settled down, Maya repeated her question and Terry began to explain everything that happened back at the prison cell. He narrated how he



healed the police officer from a leg pain and how that single gesture led to his release. After narrating everything, Maya burst into praise songs and danced while at it. She danced and danced and danced till Terry didn’t even know when he started smiling.

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After jubilating, they both thanked God for everything and talked about other things before Terry notified that it was time for him to take his leave because it was getting late. “Go where? You aren’t going nowhere because you will be spending this weekend here. I have to take proper care of you before you go back to your everyday life and besides, I don’t want you to go back to your former apartment but rather you should look for a new one to start life afresh in. I’ll call your mum and siblings tomorrow so they can come visit you here. You aren’t going anywhere, period!” Maya bluntly said.


One look at Maya and Terry could already tell that she wasn’t ready to let him out of her sight yet, so he had no option than obey her. “Yes ma’am, no question” he said with a big smile on his face. All through that night, they talked and talked and couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Terry slept in the living room while Maya slept in the bedroom; so as to avoid temptation of any kind. It was such a blessing for these two to be rekindled again as one and they had a hard time digesting the new reality that they were together again.


The next day, Maya called Terry’s mum and sisters and informed them that he was in her house. Sounds of jubilation followed immediately after the news was broken to his family. Maya gave them the direction to locate her house and Terry also spoke to them. In no time, they arrived and it was a beautiful reunion and a touching one also.


Life now looked promising for the young man. He loved his new reality and would never trade it for anything. Suddenly, it felt as though the gates of heaven had opened unto him and was beaming it’s beautiful rays on him. There was no doubt that Terry was now a completely changed man that was never going back to his past life ever again. More interesting stories available Shortly afterwards, he took back control of his business from Maya and gradually resumed the activities of his life like going to church and school.



Just as Maya instructed, Terry moved out from his old house and got a new apartment not too far from where she lived. They literally did everything together and started looking alike after a while.


Due to Terry’s past experience, he started a movement for youths; aimed at empowering and taking them off the street. He did so well in that area that the general overseer of his church had to appoint him as the youth ambassador of their entire church.


With time, Terry became a preacher in his church and touched massive lives. He was radical, yet tender and sweet in his approach to ministry and preaching the word of God. Maya was always proud of her beau and usually got smitten whenever he mounted the pulpit to preach. “Oh Lord, all this package for me alone?” she normally wondered as she stole glances at her man.


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Their love journey wasn’t a smooth one at first but look how far they had come. As time went on, they both lived their lives in service to God and was admired by many.


One cool evening, Terry went to pick Maya from work because he got off earlier from his. When he arrived, he texted to inform her that he was parked outside. In no time, she came out and happily walked towards the car.


“You look happy today, now I’m happy too” Terry happily said and Maya blushed, “I’m a happy woman for having you, give me a peck” she said and he pecked her on the cheek. “I actually have a surprise for you” he added, “What’s it? Now I’m happier” she said.


Terry dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out a shiny necklace. Maya was excited and smiled as he put the piece of jewellery on her neck. “Awwn, babe this is really cute. Thank you!” she happily said, “You are welcome, I promise to replace it someday with a ring on your finger” he said and she blushed; “You are the best and I couldn’t have asked for a better man in my life. Can’t wait for that day though” she said. They gave each other another peck and zoomed out.


The future looked extremely promising for the duo and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for the day Terry will finally man up and pop the question of



spending forever with his angel. For the meantime, their relationship was fantastic and godly to the core. They uplifted each other and never gave room for the devil to interfere in their relationship in any way. What an awesome couple they would be in the nearest future. Fingers crossed indeed!


Trust God at all times and never doubt him even though it seems as if the whole world is coming to an end in your life. Trust me, he sees and knows and definitely has everything figured out.


Second chances are for everyone and not for a selected few, so don’t write yourself off before God actually does. He loves and wants you to come back to him no matter how far you have wandered away. Salvation is a gift to everyone on the surface of this earth; so don’t feel shy or bad to come back to your father(God) when you are ready to turn from any sinful lifestyle you are involved in.


Lastly, don’t ever let your background determine your outcome in life. A lot of great people before you experienced same thing or maybe worst than you did, but never let it define them or determine the outcome of their lives. Own your life and call all the shots because you are highly capable!


End of story!


Thanks for staying tuned till the end, Love you all


Written by Sonia Okehie


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