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The Pink Clouds – Episode 30

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About a 3 months later, Richard had started his business of poultry and fish farming. Things haven’t been easy for him from the beginning, because he hasn’t sold any of his product yet. He was able to raise five thousand chickens and



countless number of fish. Today was a big day, because he was going to sell his fish for the time, and it was also Rebecca’s birthday. He woke up early in the morning around 6 am and took a bath before any of his roommates could wake up. He got dressed in a blue Shirt and a black trouser and left the room.




He boarded a taxi that will take him to his poultry farm. The poultry was about five kilometers away from his university, and about 3 kilometers away from where Rebecca is staying. Her Aunt sent one of elderly cousins to live with her and Richard decided to move back to the hostel. Rebecca tried her best to him convince to stay, but Richard thought she needed her family. Since then, Rebecca has been very mad at Richard. She hasn’t been picking his calls for the past week, but he decided he will visit her after his sell.



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He arrived at the poultry after few minutes of driving, and he was welcomed by one of the men he employed.


“Good morning sir,” the man greeted as Richard approached the entrance.




“Good morning, how was your night?” Richard asked.




“It was not bad,” the man replied.




“How is your family?” Richard asked.

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“They are all okay,” the man grinned.




“That’s good then,” Richard smiled.




“I have good news for you sir,” the man announced.



“Really? What is it?” Richard asked curiously.




“Your Chickens have started laying eggs,” the man announced.




“Really?” Richard asked excitedly.


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“Yes, you can go in and see them,” the man said.




Richard walked around excited and looked at his farm. He couldn’t believe he made it that far. He looked a around the farm with a smile on his, and he has never been proud of himself like he was at that moment. He was so desperate to finish was he was doing so that he could tell Rebecca about his achievement.


At about 10 am, the buyers of his arrived farm. Because of the uniqueness of his fish, he was able to make about one million Naira from his first sell.




After paying his workers, he decided go to a nearby jewelry shop nearby to buy something for Rebecca because it was her birthday. While he was going around the jewelry store shop, he noticed a very beautiful ring and a necklace and decided to buy the two for her. He took a taxi back the hostel where he found only Achuba in the room.




“Hey, when did you go out?” Achuba asked.




“I left as early as 6, you were all sleeping at that time,” Richard replied.




“So how did it go?” Achuba questioned.



“It was a huge success, And my chickens have finally starting laying eggs” Richard announced excitedly.




“You see, I told you to be patient, I was absolutely sure you would make it,” Achuba grinned.




“Thank you,” Richard smiled.




Just then, Richard received a call from Emmanuel.




Richard: Hello




Emmanuel: Good morning




Richard: Good morning, I thought you are supposed to be at school by this time.




Emmanuel: we are on holidays




Richard: are you sure you are holidays?




Emmanuel: I’m absolutely sure, you can ask Rebecca if you don’t believe me.




Richard: okay, I believe you.




Emmanuel: I just want to tell you that to is Rebecca’s birthday.




Richard: I’m already aware, I even got her a present.




Emmanuel: that’s cool, when are you coming?




Richard: soon




After the call, Richard call Rebecca again several times, but she didn’t pick his calls. He decided to send her a message about his success, but still got no reply. At some, he headed out of the room.




“Where are you going?” Achuba asked.




“I’m going to meet Rebecca,” he replied as he walked. He walked for some minutes before arriving at Rebecca’s faculty. He walked to bulletin and looked for where Rebecca was having her lecture. After noticing where her lecture will take place, he asked one of the students around for where he can find the venue. He was instructed to go to the fifth floor and he made his way there.




When he got there, he noticed that the venue was a laboratory filled with students wearing white coats. Suddenly, he saw Rebecca standing next to her friends. When her friends noticed him standing outside, they showed him to her but she quickly looked away acting like she didn’t care. Richard walked to the entrance of the lab and called her name.




Rebecca turned and glared at him angrily.




“What do you want?” She inquired.




“Can I have a word with you?” Richard asked.




“What do you want with me?” She asked after getting to his position.




“Did you see the message I sent you?” Richard asked.




“Yes I did,” Rebecca replied.




“Then why didn’t you say something?” Richard asked.




“I thought you don’t want me anymore,” she replied.




“How could you say something like that?” Richard asked.




“You shouldn’t have left,” she said and turned to go back.




“Rebecca!” Richard called out and when she turned, she saw him kneeling before her.




“What are you doing?” She asked perplexingly.




“Will you marry me?” He proposed as he took out the ring he bought. Rebecca watched him with amazement, and everyone’s attention was on them. And some people even started taking pictures of them. Rebecca ran to him and held his hand.



“Yes, I will marry you,” she smiled.




“I will meet you after you are done with your lecture,” Richard said after he had gotten up.




“Okay,”Rebecca replied.




After the proposal, Richard walked out of Rebecca’s building. He suddenly received a call from Susan telling him that she had arrived. He asked her to move there with niece and nephew so that he could take of them. He boarded a taxi to the bus station and found Susan holding a baby in a blanket while sitting on a bench, and his niece was sitting beside her.




“Hey Richard,” Susan said when Richard got to them.




“How was your journey?” Richard asked.




“It was exhausting,” she smiled.




“And who are these young ladies?” He said looking at his nieces.




“Good afternoon uncle Richard,” the older one greeted him. She was 12 years old, and she was as tall as Emmanuel.


“Good afternoon Kate, I’m surprised you still remember me,” Richard said as he held her hand.




“Of course I remember you, I was 6 years old when you left,” she replied.

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“You are still the smart little girl I used to know,” Richard complimented.




“Thanks you,” she giggled.




“How is the baby doing?” Richard asked looking at his nephew who was a few months old.




“He’s fine, tho he cried a bit during our journey,” Susan replied.




“So, what did you name him?” Richard asked.




“He’s called Peter,” his niece quickly said.




“What a lovely name,” Richard praised.


He took them to a small house he rented for them that was close to where Rebecca stays.




“Wow! This place looks amazing,” Susan commented after they had entered the house. It was a two bedroom flat with a living room and small kitchen.




“Yes it is,” Richard smiled.




“You know big sis would have been very proud of you if she was alive,” Susan mentioned.




“Yes I know,” Richard replied.



“Where is Rebecca?” She asked.




“She is in the school,” Richard replied.



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“By the way, we will be getting married next week,” Richard announced.




“Oh my God, really?” Susan asked amazingly.




“Yes,” Richard replied.




“I’m really happy for you,” she praised.




“Thank you,” Richard replied.







After her lecture, Rebecca quickly headed out. Her mates were calling her but she was carried away by excitement. By the time she got out of her faculty, her phone started ringing. She picked the call as she entered her car.




Rebecca: You are not going what just happened.




Amirah: You want to kill me with one of those boring stories of yours .




Rebecca: i am getting married





Amirah: are you serious?




Rebecca: yes I am, Richard has just proposed to me 2 hours ago.




Amirah: oh I’m really happy for you.




Rebecca: Thank you.




Amirah: but when is the wedding going to take place?




Rebecca: I’m not sure, but it should be next week.




Amirah: wow! That’s so soon.




Rebecca: I know, but I have been waiting for this moment for quite a long time.




Amirah: I wish you all the Best sis




Rebecca: Thank you.




Amirah: I will call Alice and inform her.




Rebecca: it will help if you do that.




Rebecca started the engine of her car and drove home. When she arrived home, she met her cousin and Emmanuel watching TV in the living room.



“Are you back?” Her cousin asked.




“Yes I am,” Rebecca replied as she sit on the sofa opposite to her and next Emmanuel.




“Let me go and get you something to eat,” her cousin said as she stood up.




“Wait, I have something to tell you,” Rebecca announced.




“I am getting married,” Rebecca announced.




“Really? Did you tell your aunt about it?” She asked.




“No I haven’t,” Rebecca replied.




“You should at least tell her,” her cousin suggested.




“I know she will try to stop me, that’s why I won’t bother telling her,” Rebecca replied.




“You know we are also your family, she is just worried about you,” her cousin said.




“But I do love Richard with all my heart, besides, I have never seen my mom trusting anyone like she trusted him,” Rebecca explained.




“I don’t think there is anything wrong with Richard,” Emmanuel interfered.




“Really? He must be a really nice man since he was able to win over all of you,” she smiled.

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Some minutes later, Richard knocked at the door of the living room and came in.




“Richard” Emmanuel called out.




“Emmanuel!” Richard retorted.




“Good afternoon,” Emmanuel greeted.




“Good afternoon how are you?”




“I’m fine, I heard that you will marry Rebecca.”




“As a matter of fact, I will,” Richard smiled, and by that time, he had reached one of the sofas and sat down.




“I can’t believe Rebecca will be getting married,” Peter laughed.




“Get out here,” Rebecca shouted and Emmanuel laughed and ran out.




“Let me go and get you something to eat then,” Rebecca’s cousin and left the living room.



“Did Susan arrive safely with the kids?” Rebecca asked.




“Yes they are all healthy,” Richard replied.




“That’s nice, I was asked when is going to take place, and I replied by saying next week,” Rebecca informed.


“Oh really? Then we need to start preparing from today,” Richard replied.




“You are absolutely right,” Rebecca laughed.


“I can’t wait to see you wearing your wedding gown,” Richard said.




.”No worry, you will see me soon,” she laughed.




The next day around 10 am, Alice and Amirah arrived. They were going to help Rebecca with her weeding shopping. Rebecca brought them home with her car. They found Richard and Emmanuel in the living room playing video games when they arrived.




“Hey Richard!” Amirah said as they walked.




“You are welcome,” Richard replied as he stood up.




“Thank you,” she replied.




“I can’t believe you guys have made it this far, it was just like yesterday when you first met,” Alice commented.


“I can’t believe it, time is flying faster nowadays,” Richard replied.




“Let’s keep our luggage first,” Alice said.




“Okay,” Richard smiled.




They left for the shopping around 10:30 am. They spent almost the whole entire day shopping. They returned almost 10 pm and they were all exhausted. They came along with a van which contained everything they both. By that time, Emmanuel and Rebecca’s cousin have already slept. Richard was the only person awake. The van driver and his assistant unloaded everything from the van into the living room. They left as soon as they finished unloading.




“You guys must be really exhausted,” Richard commented.




“Yes Richard, we are indeed very tired,” Alice Rebecca.




“I’m forever grateful for your kindness,” Richard grinned.




“Oh please, don’t mention it,” she grinned.




Alice and Amirah left to the bedroom, while Rebecca remained behind. She went and sat next to Richard and placed her head on his shoulder.




“I still can’t believe we are getting married,” she said.


“Me too, I still feel like this isn’t reality,” Richard replied as he touched her hair.




“Well, we have journeyed a long way before coming here,” she said.




“Yes, we have,” Richard replied.




“You are tired, you need to go and sleep,” Richard suggested.




“You are right,” she replied and stood up.




“Goodnight dear,” she said as she walked to her room.




“Goodnight,” Richard smiled.







. .


It was Wednesday noon, the day Rebecca and Richard set aside for their wedding. The weeding was to take place in the university central chapel because there was a public holiday. Rebecca was feeling so excited,yet scared. She got dressed in her white weeding gown and walked out of the room. Suddenly, tears started falling from her eyes.




“Oh please don’t cry, you are going to ruin your makeup,” Amirah said as she clean the tears with her handkerchief.


“I wish my mom was her to see how beautiful I look in my weeding dress,” Rebecca said.




“We wish so too,” Alice commented.




“Is almost time, let head to the chapel,” Alice commented.



When they got out of the out of the house, Rebecca saw one of her Achuba standing next her car. The car was decorated with many balloons.


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“Congratulations!” Achuba said when they got to the car.




“Thanks,” she smiled and the three of them entered the car. Achuba entered the car and started driving slowly. When the car entered the university, Rebecca was surprised at how the students were cheering and waving at her. She felt so special at that time.




They arrived at the chapel by exactly 12 pm and again Rebecca was surprised by how crowded the place was. She never such huge number of people. After the car came to a stop at the parking lot, Rebecca and her bridesmaids got down from the car. Alice helped her in holding the end of her gown as she walked towards the chapel. She suddenly saw one of her Professor, who was also her mother’s Friend standing by the door of the chapel.




“Good afternoon sir,” Rebecca greeted.




“Good afternoon, let me walk you down the aisle,” he offered.




“Thank you sir,” Rebecca smiled.




When they walked into the chapel, her heart started to beat faster. The place was filled with people like never seen before. Rebecca looked at the ground as they walked preventing herself from making eye contact. When she looked up, she saw Richard standing in a black coat suit. The instance their eyes met, all her fears disappeared. She had never seen wearing an outfit that perfect suits him like that one. After walking a few steps, they finally made it to the front of the chapel. Rebecca stood next to Richard while the Professor went back to the audience.

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“You look handsome in official suits, you should wear it every day from now on,” Rebecca whispered to Richard.




“You look the most beautiful in this weeding gown, you will wear it occasionally even after we have gotten married,” Richard whispered back. After the prayers were being said, the priest asked the audience to sit down. And soon, Rebecca and Richard said their weeding vows and were announced as husband and wife. Richard proceeded to kiss her, and the crowd of the students cheered and clap for them.




The end….

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