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The Pink Clouds – Episode 28

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Richard stood and manged to walked out when the senator insisted.




“Let me properly introduce you to him. His name is Richard, we met five years ago before I met you,” Rebecca said as Richard walked out.



“So are you will to give up or relationship over a kid with no future?” The senator asked.



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“Absolutely, not only will I give up my relationship with you, I can also give up my life for him,” Rebecca announced.


The senator was silent for a moment until he finally looked up at Richard.




“Can I have a word with you?” He said looking at Richard.




“No whatever you are going to say to him, you can say it in my presence,” Rebecca protested.




“It will only take a minute,” he continued.

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“Is okay Rebecca, let me have an audience with him,” Richard said.




“Okay,” she replied and walked back into the room.




“I’m giving you ten million Naira to leave her alone,” the senator offered.




“I’m sorry sir, that won’t be enough,” Richard replied. The senator gave him some evil laugh and moved closer to him.




“I will make it 50 million,” he added.




“Even if you will make it a trillion, I won’t leave her alone,” Richard boldly replied.




“I guess you don’t value your life, haven’t you learnt your lesson yet?” He threatned.




“Rebecca was right afterwards,” Richard responded.


“If you value your life, walk out of her life. This is the last warning I’m going to give you,” he warned.




“Do your worst, I’m not giving up on her,” he answered.




The senator turned and left after their conversation. That was when Richard realized who he was picking a fight with. He realized he will be left defenseless if he was to be attacked again. But giving up Rebecca is something he would never do.




“Is he gone?” Rebecca asked behind him.




“Yes he is,” Richard replied as he turned.




“What did you discuss with him?” She asked.




“He begged me to give up on you that he loves you so much. He even offered to give me as much as fifty million Naira if I comply,” he informed.




“Oh that’s a huge amount of money, and what was your reply?” She asked walking closer to him expecting him to say something romantic.




“I told I will think about it,” Richard replied.




“What?” Rebecca asked as she stopped walking with her eyes and mouth widely opened.




“Relax baby, I’m just kidding,” Richard laughed.




“You could have committed an unforgivable sin if you really had said that to him,” the anger on face disappeared.


“Do you really think I will choose money over you?” Richard questioned.




“Well, the way you answered scared me. You made sound so real,” she responded.




“I will never do that to Rebecca,” Richard assured.




“I believe you,” she smiled.




“You still haven’t told me what you wanted to eat,” Rebecca said.


“How about some noodles and tea?” Richard smiled.


“Well, let me go to the kitchen and make some for you,” Rebecca replied. “Alright, let’s go to the kitchen together. I want to see how you cook.” “That won’t be a problem, but Susan will be left all alone,” Rebecca replied. “Hey little sis,” Richard shouted.



“What do you want?” Susan shouted back.




.”We’ll be going to the ktichen to cook,” Richard announced to her hearing.




“Really? I thought you are still sick,” she asked.




“I think so,” he responded.

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“Okay, but with whom are you going to cook with?” She asked.




“With my wife of course,” Richard replied.




“Okay lover boy, good luck,” she replied.




Richard held Rebecca’s arm and they slowly walked to the kitchen. She brought one of the dining chairs for him to sit on. Richard sat down and watched her go back and front in the kitchen.




“I heard your sister saying she will be going back in the next five days,” Rebecca announced.




“Yes, she said she is going to take care of our niece,” Richard replied.




“Oh, I was wondering if you could talk to her about starting a school here in this University,” Rebecca suggested.




“That’s a brilliant idea, but how who will take care of our nieces?” Richard asked.




“Well, we can rent a house here for them to stay,” Rebecca said.



“I don’t cause you so much expenses, you have already done so much for me,” Richard complained.




“Don’t worry Richard, I can do anything for you,” she smiled.


He watched her as she cut the onions with small knife.




“Do you know what?” Richard asked.




“What is it?” Rebecca asked as she stopped cutting the onions.


“I have on several occasions imagined myself introducing you to my older sister,” Richard announced.








“Yes, and I can see the happiness the happiness on her face if she sees how perfect my wife is,” Richard said.


“Is really sad that we’ll never get to see her again,” she responded.


“Yes, I really regret leaving five years ago,” Richard announced.


“It must be really so heartbreaking for you,” she replied.


“Yes it is,” he replied.


She continued with her cooking and Richard remained quiet and watched her.


“I’m curious about something,” he revealed.


“What is it?” She asked.


“How did you feel when you discovered that I ran away five years ago?” Richard asked.



“Well, I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought maybe you would come back after some days. I waited and waited but you weren’t back. You were in my dreams for months only I finally gave up at last,” she explained.




“I’m really sorry for causing you all this pain,” Richard apologized.







Thomas returned with Richard’s bag containing his clothes. He went to the guest quarter and found Susan sitting alone in Richard room. She wore an earpiece in ear that she didn’t even notice it when he came in. Thomas, remained quiet for a moment appreciating her beauty. The more he looked at her, the more his desire for her grows. When she looked up, she caught him staring at her. But his desire grew so strong that he couldn’t look away.




“Can I help you?” She asked after removing the earpiece for her ears.




“Where is Richard?” Thomas asked.




“He went to cook with his girlfriend,” she responded.




“Where did they go to?” Thomas asked.




“I don’t know, you can ask them when they return,” she replied putting back her earpiece.




“Susan!” Thomas called out.





“What is it?” She questioned.




“I’m sorry, I didn’t call you. And the excuse I gave back was pretty lame. To be honest, I was scared your brother won’t like you talking to me,” Thomas replied.


“Really? And why would my brother do that?” Susan asked.




“Well, is so hard to explain this,” Thomas replied.




“Aren’t you getting tired of standing?” She said noticing the fact he was standing.




“Actually, I am,” Thomas replied and sat at the edge of the bed.




“So, tell me about your girlfriend,” she asked.




“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Thomas replied.




“That’s the common lie that boys say when they meet new girls,” she disbelieved.




“Well, you can ask your brother if you think what I said is untrue,” Thomas said.




“But I know at least you have a crush on someone,” she said looking into his eyes.




The way she talked made him weak that he forgot where was.




“Do you have a crush on someone?” She asked again.




“Yes I do,” he replied.




“Who could that be?”




“Well, I prefer to keep it a secret for the time being.”


“Is that so? At least you can tell me more about her if you are not willing to tell me about her identity.”




“If i tell you a little information about her, I’ll be revealing her identity,” Thomas replied.




“Is okay. Tell me why you like her,” Susan insisted.




“I’m in love with her eyes. From the first moment I saw her, I felt so connected to her. I’ve never felt like that in my entire existence,” Thoma said.




They were both quiet for a moment looking into each other’s eyes. Thomas felt like getting up and kiss her, but something stopped. From the look in her eyes, it was obvious that she was completely helpless.


“When are you going to confess your feelings to her?” She asked.


“Anytime soon,” Thomas replied.


“You better hurry up, she might travel,” Susan said.


“Travel? Where would she go to?”


“I don’t I know, maybe back to where she came from,” Susan replied.


“I thought she just arrived here,” Thomas said.


“Well, there are things she needs to take of that’s why she needs to go,” she explained. Before Thomas could make a comment her phone started ringing.




Emmanuel had just returned from school. He walked in with his school bag on the back heading to his room. He suddenly heard Rebecca’s voice in the kitchen and he branched off to see what she was cooking. When he got there he saw standing next to Richard.


“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be at school?” Rebecca asked angrily.




“One of our teachers passed away, so is a day off for us,” Emmanuel grinned.




“Seriously? Your teacher passed away and all that you cared about is the day off you get?” Rebecca questioned shockingly.




“Is not like we are related, so that shouldn’t bother me,” he said as he headed back to his room.




“Your evilness is really getting out of hand, I wonder what will happen if someone you loves dies,” Rebecca said.


“I still don’t care,” he said walking.




“This boy is so spoilt, I don’t know how to deal with him anymore,” Rebecca said.




“He is at his adolescence stage, you were once like him, remember?” Richard grinned.




“Hey, don’t forget that you are just 2 years older than I am. And as of now, if I tell people that we are age mates, they are more likely to believe me,” she said.




“Yes, you are right,” Richard laughed.




After the food was done, they ate together and took some back to Susan. When they walked into the room, they food Thomas sitting on the other side of the bed.




“Since when have you been here?” Richard asked.




“A couples of minutes ago, and I heard you went to cook,” Thomas replied.




“Oh yes I didn’t,” Richard replied.




“I didn’t know that you know how to cook,” he said.




“Well, I was just there to watch my wife and learn,” he said and Rebecca turned and smiled at him.




“Here come and eat with me,” Susan said after Rebecca gave her the food.




“No, I’m really full. I ate before coming here,” Thomas responded.




“Where is Achuba?” Richard asked.




.”He will be having a lecture by noon, so I left him getting prepared,” Thomas replied




“Oh that’s okay,” Richard commented.



“I think I’ll be leaving now too, because we also have a lectures by noon,” Thomas replied.




“Okay then I will see you later,” Richard replied.









In the night around 8 pm, Susan received a text from Thomas while she was sitting with Richard on a bed in his room.




Thomas: come to gate of the house, I’m waiting for you.




Susan: Okay, I’m on my way.




She texted back his message with a smile on her face and stood up. She was wearing a very transparent night gown at the time.


“Where are you going to?” Richard asked curiously when he noticed her going out.


“I just want to go and see something,” she replied and headed out.


She walked of the gate and saw Thomas standing close to a tree that was opposite the house. He folded his arms and leaned himself against the tree as he watched her approached him. His heartbeat increased as she got closer.


“So, what brings you here at this time?” She asked holding her waist.


“I’ve never been so desperate in my life to see someone in my life until now. I would lose my mind if I didn’t see you,” Thomas replied.


“Really? Are you expecting me to believe these silly lies of yours?” Susan laughed.





“Look into my eyes and tell me I’m lying,” Thomas said with all seriousness.




She became silent for a while and looked into his eyes. She suddenly felt like he was drawing her soul out her body. He felt a very strong force pulling him towards her. He got closer to her with his heart pounding more than ever. He gently tilt his head and kissed her on the lips. She instantly placed her hands on his shoulders as he kissed her. They kissed for more than a minute before he finally let her go.




And when he looked up behind her, he instantly met an eye contact with Richard. He had never seen Richard looking very upset like since he met him. He quickly let go Susan and watched Richard walked back into the house. He became confused and couldn’t think of what to do.




“What’s wrong?” Susan asked.




“I think Richard has saw us,” Thomas responded.




“What if he sees us?”




“I don’t think he wants us to be together,” Thomas answered.




“Do you think so?” She asked.




“The look on his face definitely said so,” Thomas responded.




“Don’t worry, I will talk to him,” Susan replied.



She went into the house and saw Richard sitting on a bench under a tree. He was sitting in silence with his arms folded. She headed straight to her room pretending hew wasn’t there.


“What do you think you are doing?” Richard asked just as she walked pass where he was sitting.




“What do you mean by that?” She asked pretending not to be aware.




“You know very well what I’m talking about,” Richard responded.


“I still don’t get you,” she smiled.


“Since when did you start dating my friends?” Richard asked angrily.


.”Are mad because I’m dating someone I like?” She questioned.




“Yes I am, and starting today, you will never see him again,” Richard declared.




“I don’t think you have the right to stop me from dating him, I am not a kid Richard, I date whoever I want and wherever I want,” she replied angrily.




Richard became quiet for moment, because he was surprised at her reply.




“Is that so?” He finally spoke.




“Yes,” she responded.




“Well, I guess I don’t have your respect any longer,” Richard replied.





“You don’t have the right to lecture me about respect,” she declared.




“I understand, you can do anything you wish,” Richard replied.




“I will,” she replied and walked to her room.




Richard remained sitting outside until it was 11 pm. Rebecca had just returned from the library and the gate was opened for her. She drove into the house and saw Richard sitting alone on a bench. She parked the car and walked to him.


“Are you still awake?” She asked when she got to where he was.


“Yes I am,” Richard responded.


“What’s wrong?” She asked noticing how worried he was.




“You won’t believe what I saw,” Richard announced.




“What happened?” Rebecca asked as she sat beside him.




“Thomas is going out with my sister,” Richard complained.




“I thought he is your friend.”


“Not anymore,” Richard declared.




“He stabbed you in the back despite how you trusted him,” Rebecca said.




“Exactly,” Richard replied.








Thomas arrived back at their room very late in the night. When he arrived at the room, he found only Armstrong awake. He was sitting on his bed reading one of his book with a flashlight.


“Where have you been?” Armstrong asked as Thomas walked in.


“I have been sitting on the bench outside,” Thomas outside.


“We thought you are going to spend the night here,” Armstrong said.




“No I was just needed to take care of something,” he replied. He changed into his sleeping clothes and lied on his bed. He tried as much he can to fall asleep for about an hour, but he couldn’t sleep. He kept turning from one side of his bed to another.




“Is something wrong?” Armstrong asked.




“Well, is hard to explain,” Thomas replied as he sat up.




“What is it?”




“Richard saw me kissing his sister,” Thomas announced.




“No way! And what did Richard say?” Armstrong asked keeping his book aside.




“Well, he didn’t say much. He just quietly walked back into the house without saying a word,” Thomas explained.


“What did you say did?” Achuba who was lying on the lower bunk below him asked.



“I thought you are sleeping,” Thomas said.




“I was, but what you said caught my attention. I have to make up and hear you properly,” Achuba replied.


He got up and switched on the room’s light.




“What did you Richard saying you doing?” Achuba asked.




“He saw me kissing his sister,” Thomas replied.




“Wow! You know you have completely messed up, right?” Achuba said angrily.




“I know, I just couldn’t help it. No girl has ever made me feel like this before,” Thomas helplessly replied.


“I have warned you before, had it been you backed off, it wouldn’t have turned out like this,” Achuba replied.




“I did back off, but she was really mad at for not calling her,” Thomas explained.




“Well, let’s hope Richard will forgive you for doing that,” Achuba said.







Richard woke up early in the morning around 6 am. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night. He kept wondering about what he was going to say to Thomas when he meet him. He remained on his bed for about an hour until Susan finally came.



“Good morning,” she greeted as she walked to him. Without answering, Richard stood up and headed out of the room.


“Are you not going to talk to me?” Susan asked after quickly blocking his way.


Richard gently pushed her out of his way and walked out of the room.




He left her in the room and headed to Rebecca’s site. He entered the living room and found Emmanuel watching TV with his school uniform on.




.”Good morning,” Emmanuel greeted him.




“Good morning, how are you?” Richard asked.




“I’m fine, how are you feeling now?” Emmanuel asked.




.”I’m much better now,” Richard replied.




“That’s really nice,” Emmanuel said.




“It looks like you are ready for school,” Richard commented.




“Yes, I wish I wouldn’t go to that horrible place,” Emmanuel said.




“Is that so? Tell exactly why you hate school,” Richard requested.




“I just hate the fact that I have to sit in the place doing some boring things for hours,” Emmanuel complained.



“Is that the only reason why you hate school?” Richard asked.




“Yes I think it is,” he smiled.




“Well, I’m not surprised that you hate school. I used to hate school too when I was young like you,” Richard said.




“Oh really?” Emmanuel asked.




“Yes Emmanuel. I hated it to the extend that I hid myself in an old building close to my school. When the closing hour arrives, I will go back home with the other kids,” Richard narrated.




“That’s cool,” Emmanuel grinned.




“Wait until you hear the full story,” Richard laughed.




“So, what happened next?” Emmanuel asked.




“One day while I coming home, I met a little girl with her mother who was a blind woman. The little girl was guiding her mother around.”




“When the little girl saw my school bag, she told her mother that she wished she could have a bag like mine. She told me that she had never been to school, and she continued by asking me alot of things about my school. Even though I was young at that time, I still appreciate the fact that going to school is a blessing. From that day, I never miss school again,” Richard informed.


Emmanuel became quiet and couldn’t say a word.




“What do you want to be in the future?” Richard asked breaking the silence.




“I want to be a pilot,” Emmanuel happily revealed.




“That’s marvelous, I would love to see you flying an aeroplane in the future,” Richard said.


“That will be awesome,” Emmanuel grinned.


“But you know being a pilot won’t be easy because there are plenty of calculations involved in it,” Richard said.


“I know,” Emmanuel replied.


“That’s why you must go to school. Besides, school is an amazing place. I met all of my best friends there,” Richard explained.


“Yes, you are right,” Emmanuel smiled.


Suddenly, Rebecca appeared behind them wearing a pink night gown.




“Alright is 7:30, is time for you to go,” Rebecca announced.




“I know,” Emmanuel replied. He grabbed his school bag and headed out.




“Good bye Richard, I will see you after school,” Emmanuel said as he walked out of the house.


“It looks like you’ll be a good father,” Rebecca said as she said beside Richard.




“Why do say that?” Richard laughed.




“Well, I heard advising Emmanuel,” she replied.




“We’re you eavesdropping?” Richard asked.




“Kind of,” Rebecca laughed.




“You know he hardly listens to anyone the way he listened you,” Rebecca said after she stopped laughing.




“Really?” Richard asked.


“Yes, and I’m the least person he listens to,” Rebecca replied.




“You k you he is growing up, give him a break,” Richard suggested.




“Oh, we’ll see about that,” she replied.




“So, what do you want to have for breakfast?” She asked.




.”Anything will be okay with me,” Richard replied.




“Okay I be back in few minutes,” she replied as she stood up.




“By the way, you dropped one of your earrings in my room,” Richard announced.




“You are right, I looked for it yesterday but couldn’t find it. O thought I lost it,” Rebecca replied.



Rebecca walked out and headed to Richard’s room. When she arrived at the room she found Susan crying with her face on the bed.




“Oh my God! Susan, what’s wrong?” Rebecca worriedly asked. But Susan kept crying without saying a word.




“Please talk to me Susan, what’s wrong?” Rebecca asked again.




“My brother is no longer talking to me,” she replied crying.




“Don’t worry, I will go and talk to him,” Rebecca replied.


Rebecca stood up went to Richard in the living room.




“What did you to Susan?” Rebecca asked.




“What do you mean?” Richard asked.




“I found her crying terribly in your room,” Rebecca announced.




“Really?” Richard asked.




“Yes, I think you go and talk to her,” Rebecca suggested. Richard stood and went back to the room and found her still crying.




“Susan!” Richard called out. She finally looked up with tears all over face.



.”What do you want?” She shouted.




“I’m truly sorry for making you cry,” Richard apologized.




“I was doing that for your own good,” Richard said.




“Don’t you think I’m old enough to know what’s right for me?” She asked.




“I know you are old enough, but dating my friend is something I couldn’t imagine.


Besides, you are even older than him,” Richard informed.




“I know I’m older than him,” she responded.




“You know you are my only family left, I will do whatever it takes to protect you,” Richard said.




“Thank you for the concern,” she smiled.




He sat beside her and they talked for minutes before arriving announced to them that breakfast was ready. After the breakfast, Rebecca announced to them she will be going for her lectures. Some few minutes after she left, Richard received a call from a foreign number. He was surprised and wondered who was calling him. But after he heard the voice, he instantly recognize whom it was.


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Richard: Good morning ma’am





Prof. Grace: Good morning, but is actually evening here




Richard: I’m sorry I didn’t know




Prof. Grace: is okay, how are you feeling now?




Richard: I’m much better now, thank you.




Prof. Grace: I’m pleased to hear that.




Richard: how about you? How is your treatment going?




Prof. Grace: is going okay, I will be having a major surgery tomorrow.




Richard: Oh I pray it will be a successful one.




Prof. Grace: Thank you. I hope you are watching over Rebecca and Emmanuel?




Richard: is quite the opposite ma’am, I think Rebecca is watching over us.




Prof. Grace: that’s okay, I’m really glad that you are okay.


Richard: thank you so much ma’am.




Immediately after the call, Richard saw Thomas calling his number. He watched as the phone rang until it stopped. He silenced the phone as soon as it stopped ringing.



It rang about five times but Richard did not answer it. After a while, he saw Achuba calling.




Richard: hello




Achuba: hey, how are you?




Richard: I’m doing great.




Achuba: sorry I didn’t get the chance to show up, you school stuff can be overwhelming.




Richard: you need not to bother yourself, is totally understandable.




Achuba: thank you. By the way, I heard what Thomas did.




Richard: who told you about it?




Achuba: he did. I will call you back later, there is something I must do now.




Richard: okay.



In the evening, around 5 pm, Achuba arrived. He went to Richard’s room and found him sitting by the edge of the bed going through his phone.




“Hey Richard,” he called out as he walked in.




“Hey Achuba!” Richard looked up.


“I’m sorry for not coming earlier, you know we are in the middle of the semester, things are pretty tough right now,” Achuba apologized.




“Is okay, I totally understand,” Richard smiled.




“So, how are you feeling now?” Achuba asked.




“I’m much better now,” Richard answered.




Achuba proceed and sat beside Richard. He tried to grab Richard’s phone, but Richard quickly put it away.


“Hey, are you cheating on Rebecca?” He asked sarcastically.




“I’m not that greedy you know,” Richard laughed.




“If you are not cheating on her, then why did you hide your phone from me?” Achuba asked.




“Is something embarrassing, I don’t want you to see it,” Richard replied.





“Really? And what could that be?”



“You have to kill me to find out,” Richard laughed.


Just as they were talking, they heard the sound of the gate opening and Rebecca drove in with her car.




“Speaking of embarrassment, we all couldn’t believe what we saw today,” Achuba announced.




“What Happened?” Richard asked.




“The senator came to the university today, he was desperately begging Rebecca to take him back. Everybody was watching, but Rebecca refused to listen to him,” Achuba explained.




“Really?” Richard wanted to hear more.




Before Achuba could utter a word, his phone started ringing. When he removed it out of his pocket, he observed that it was Thomas calling him. Richard made an attempt to stop him from picking the call, but he quickly answered it. They talked for about five minutes before the call finally ended. And at that moment, Rebecca was just some few inches away from the entrance.


“You were telling me about Rebecca,” Richard said wanting Achuba to complete his story. The moment Rebecca heard, she stopped her steps and waited to hear what they would say about her.




“Oh yes, from the way I see it, the senator is madly in love with her. And I thin he can do anything to get her back,” Achuba explained.




“He did come here yesterday, he offered to give me fifty million Naira if I let her go,” Richard confessed.



“Oh my God, did you accept it?” Achuba asked.




“No I didn’t,” Richard replied.




“To be honest, if I were you, I would accept the money. Fifty million Naira is enough to change your life forever,” Achuba said.




“So, are you telling me that you choose fifty million Naira ?” Richard asked.




.”Obviously. I mean, I’m not sure if I will be with Tina forever. We may even get divorced after some years of marriage and that will be the end of our love story. But if I start a business with fifty million Naira, I may lay a fundation that even my grandchildren with benefit from it,” Achuba explained.




“If you still have the ability to think like this, then it means you really aren’t in love with Tina. Because when you love someone unconditionally, they will become your world to the extent that you can’t see yourself without them. Fifty million Naira is such a great amount, but I’ll be miserable without Rebecca in my life and I will continue to live thinking about how my life could have been with her. If I’m the richest man on the planet, I could give up all I have for Rebecca. When you are in love, you will feel a pleasure that nothing in this world can bring you,” Richard stated.


Achuba became silent and watched Richard with smile on his face.


.”You are really in love with this girl,” he finally said.




“Yes I am,” Richard replied.




“What did the senator say after you rejected his offer?”



“He threatened to kill me,” Richard replied.




“What? I think you should take him seriously, because if you see how crazy he acted today, you won’t doubt it,” Achuba said.




“I know, he tried to kill me, remember?”




“And yet you still declined his offer. You know the law don’t work on rich people like him, he can kill you and nothing will happen to him,” Achuba said.




“Let him kill me, but I never let go of Rebecca,” Richard said.


















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