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The Pink Clouds – Episode 24

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They sat down and ate the pizza. As soon as they were done eating, Amirah received a call that there will be a verification at her place of work.




“What did they tell you?” Alice asked.




“I think we must leave now,” Amirah replied.


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“Why can’t you leave tomorrow as we planned?” Amirah.




“I must go now, I will miss the verification exercise if I stay until tomorrow,” Amirah replied.



At the end, Rebecca was left with no option than to let them. At about 2 pm, they were ready to leave. They walked to the compound of the house to the car that was parked under the canopy.




“Will you drive or I should drive?” Rebecca asked.



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“I think you should drive,” Richard smiled.




“Okay, don’t blame me if I drive carelessly,” she laughed. They all got in to the car and Rebecca drove out of the house.


She drove for about 20 minutes before they arrived at the bus station where they will be a car to their place.




“I don’t really know how I can thank you guys for guys,” Rebecca said after they have gotten down from the car.


“No problem, we hope you and Richard will visit us one day,” Alice replied.




“Don’t worry, you will see us soon,” Richard smiled.




“Alright, please take this in case you will need to buy something on your way,” Rebecca said as she handed them A bunch of money.




“No Rebecca, this really isn’t necessary,” Amirah replied and they declined.




Rebecca tried for minutes to convince them in receiving, but the assured her that they were okay.





“Okay, goodbye Richard, hope we see you soon,” Alice said.




“Goodbye, I hope to see you soon too,” Richard Richard replied.


Rebecca hugged the two of them and headed back to the car with Richard.




“These are the nicest friends you could ever have,” Richard said as they drove back.




“Yes I know,” Rebecca answered.




As they were driving back to school, a thought of mama Ruth came to Richard’s mind. He then thought of visiting her at her restaurant.




“Could you please stop? There is somewhere I would like to go” Richard said to Rebecca.




“Really? Where could that be?” She asked.




“I’m visiting my mother’s friend, and is really far away from here,” Richard explained.




“Is okay, I can drive you there,” Rebecca said.




“Okay, thank you for your help,” Richard replied.


“If I’m not wrong, you once told me you are from kogi state, right?” She asked.


“You quite have a good memory,” Richard smiled.


“Then how did this woman knew your mother?” Asked Rebecca.


“They went to the same secondary School in Lagos,” Richard explained.



“Oh that explains,” she replied.




She turned the car around and they drove for about 30 minutes before arriving at mama Ruth’s restaurant. But when they got there, Richard noticed her absence. He proceeded to the shop next to her restaurant and asked why she hadn’t shown up.




“She has been sick for the past one week,” the shop owner answered.




“Oh that’s really awful,” Richard said.




“Yes it is,” the man replied.




“I think you will have to go from here,” Richard said after he came back to Rebecca.




“Really? What’s wrong?” She asked.




“She is sick and I think she is at home, I must go to her house,” Richard explained.




“Then I will drive you there,” Rebecca declared.




“I don’t a girl like you can go to her place,” Richard said.




“Can I ask why?” She requested bewilderedly.





“Because she lives in the slump,” Richard replied.



Rebecca became silent for a minute and looked at Richard angrily.




“So mean to say I am arrogant,” she finally uttered.




“No that’s not what I meant,” Richard responded.




“That’s exactly what you meant by that statement. So you are among the people that say I’m arrogant because my mother is rich,” she continued.




“No Rebecca, I have never said something like that and will never say anything like that,” Richard pleaded.




“Okay get in the car,” she instructed and Richard silently walked in.




They drove for minutes before arriving at the slump side.


“Have you ever been to side?” Richard asked Rebecca as they moved finally breaking the silence.




“No I haven’t,” she replied.




“Well, at least is going to be an experience,” Richard said.




“Yeah, if that’s what you think,” she responded.




“Are you mad at me?” Richard asked.



“Why would drive you if I’m mad at you?” She asked.




“Because you haven’t smiled for the past minutes,” Richard said.




“I smile when I feel like smiling,” she said.




At last, they arrived at Mama Ruth’s place. The parked the car close to the road for it couldn’t get to the house. Richard led the way my walking in the front while Rebecca walked behind him. Richard knocked at the door when they got to the house.




“Richard!” Ruth shouted and hugged him.




“How are you?” Richard asked.




“I’m fine,” she replied making way for him to come in.


“You can come in Rebecca,” Richard said turning to her.




“I’m right behind you,” she replied.




They got into the house and Richard offered Rebecca a seat.




“Good afternoon,” Ruth greeted Rebecca.




“Afternoon, how are you?” Rebecca replied.



“I’m fine thank you,” Ruth smiled.




“Where are the twins?” Richard asked.




“They went out to sell some breads, they want to raise money for out mother’s treatment,” she responded.




“That’s quite awful, where is your mother if I may ask?” Richard asked.




“She is in the room,” Ruth answered.




“Since when has been sick?” Richard asked.


“Since last week,” Ruth replied.




“Can you take us to her?” Richard requested.




“Okay,” Ruth replied.




She stood up and led them to the tiny room where her mother was lying on a bed.


“Mom,” she said as they walked in.


“Yes,” her mother replied with her eyes closed.


“Richard is here,” she announced.


“Oh Richard, you finally remember us today,” she said as struggled to sit up.


“I’m so sorry for not coming sooner, I’ve been very busy that’s why,” Richard replied.


“Is okay, but who is this beautiful lady beside you?” She asked.



“Her name is Rebecca, she is a friend,” Richard revealed.




“Good afternoon ma’am,” Rebecca greeted.




“How are you?” Mama Ruth asked.




“I’m fine,” Rebecca answered.




“Have you seen a doctor Richard asked?” Richard asked.




“Unfortunately not,” she replied.




“Why not?” Richard asked.




“My business has not been going well recently, my children won’t have anything to eat if we use the money on my treatment,” she replied.




“Oh that’s very bad,” Richard replied.




“Is there a hospital nearby?” Rebecca asked.




“Yes there is,” Richard replied.




“Okay, let’s take her to the hospital,” Rebecca replied.




“Please I don’t have any money,” Mama Ruth pleaded.




“You need not to worry about that,” Rebecca smiled.




Rebecca and Richard managed and took her to the car. They put her in the passengers’ seat while her daughter sat beside her. Richard and Rebecca sat in the front. They drove to the hospital where Richard was once treated. They took her to a doctor and he suggested a blood test. After the blood test, he informed them she has diabetes.




When all these things were happening, Rebecca received a call from her mother asking her to come home at once. She asked Ruth to follow her to her car that was parked outside the hospital. She brought out 200 hundred thousand Naira and gave the lgirl. The little became absolutely surprised for she has never held such huge amount of money. She looked at Rebecca with her mouth widely opened.




“Use the first hundred thousand for her treatment, and then give her the other hundred thousand to do her business with it,” she offered.




“Thank you so much,” Ruth replied.




“But please, don’t tell Richard I gave you two hundred thousand naira. Just tell him is fifty thousand,” she instructed.




“Okay, I will do that,” she replied.




She put her hand in her pocket and brought out a black poly bag and put the money in it. She remained in her position and watched as Rebecca drove off. She went back to the hospital after Rebecca was gone.



“Where is Rebecca?” Richard asked.




“She said her mother called and that she needed to go,” Ruth informed.




“Really?” Richard asked.




“Yeah, she even gave me some money to give my Mom,” she explained.




“That’s great,” Richard smiled.


“You didn’t ask me how much is the money,”


“Okay, how much is it?”


“Two hundred thousand Naira, but she asked me to tell you that is fifty,” Ruth revealed.




“Really?” Richard asked surprisingly.




“Yes,” she smiled. Richard felt so warm in his heart, he like with every passing second, his love for her increases.




Richard remained in the hospital until it was about 8 please in the night. And by that time, Ruth’s mother was already up.


“Aren’t you going back to school?” She asked.




“I will be going soon,” Richard replied.





“Who is that your friend that came earlier?”




“Her name is Rebecca, she is the daughter of the Vice chancellor of my university,” Richard explained.




“May God bless her and reward her abundantly,” she prayed.


“Amen,” Richard replied.




About about 8:15 pm, he walked out of the hospital and took a taxi to his school. It drove for about an hour before arriving at the school. He was dropped at the front of his hostel and he continued to walk to his room.


“Hey lover boy,” Achuba said as Richard walked into the room.


“We we are just about to call you,” Thomas said.


“Did something happen?” Richard asked.


“You have been out since morning, remember?”


“Yeah, I totally forgot,” Richard laughed.


“So, how did things go with Rebecca?” Achuba asked.


“I can say today is the best day of my life,” Richard happily announced.




“Really? Do tell us what happened,” Achuba asked.


Richard sat by the edge of his as he told them what happened.




“As you tell us more about her, I’m beginning to fall in love with her,” Thomas joked when Richard got to part where she paid for Ruth’s mother’s hospital bill.




“Hey, watch your mouth,” Richard said and Thomas started laughing at him.



“She surely is the best girl for, make sure you don’t make any mistake again,” Achuba commented.




“I will make sure that I don’t,” Richard answered.




Later in the night around 10 pm, Richard decided to go and see Rebecca and thank her for what she did. He took a taxi to Prof. Grace House. He knocked and the security guard had the gate opened for him. As soon as he came in, he saw Rebecca and the senator sitting on bench under a tree. She was smiling as she talked. The instance Richard saw them, he felt like his heart would jump out is chest. He felt so jealous and angry at the same forgetting about all the moments they had.


The instance their eyes met, Richard suddenly turned back and headed out of the house. He regretted why he even came in the first place. He thought about many things as he walked alone beside the road. At some point, he thought is not her fault since she had been with the senator right before his appearance.

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Is been a week, and Richard did not see Rebecca nor visited Prof. Grace. It was in the noon and Richard was through with his lectures for that day. They were about to leave when one of the final year student of their department walked into their lecture theatre.




“Can I please have your attention?” He requested and the place became silent and those leaving decided to wait and listen what he had to say.




“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we just need some few minutes of your time,” he continued.





“Is okay, we are listen,” said one of the people.




“As you know, the school election will take place next week. So if you don’t mind, some of the contestants would like to deliver their campaign speeches,” he announced.




Few of the students left without waiting for the contestants to come in. Richard wanted to leave, but Thomas insisted that they must stay. They sat in the front and watched as the contestants walked in to the stage of the theater. Suddenly Richard saw Rebecca walking in with her friends. She was wearing a black dress and a black top. The instance their eyes met, he quickly looked away. Without any hesitation, he stood up and headed out.




“Hey, where are you going?” Thomas asked.




“Sorry, something came up,” Richard replied as he walked out.


Rebecca knew definitely that he was leaving because of her. For the past week, she had thought about him more than ever and was dying to see him. The short moment they spent together meant a lot to her. It felt so heavenly to and she wished to feel more. She turned and watched him leaving and wished she could stop him. But the fact her friend and people are watching, she couldn’t make a move. But as continue walking to the stage, she felt like everything atom of body is attracted towards Richard. It is a feeling she couldn’t fought.




“Richard!” She called out after turning.




Richard became totally surprised she called out his name in the public. He thought she thought talking to him in public would ruin her reputation. Besides, those evil friends of hers are present. He turned slowly and looked at her.




“Yes Rebecca,” he answered.




“Are you leaving because of me?” She asked.




“Not really, something urgent came up, that’s why I have to leave,” Richard lied not wanting to hurt her feelings.




“Really? What’s that really important thing that came up that you have give up seeing me talk?” She asked folding her arms and smiling at him.




Richard felt like his soul has left his body and travelled to another world. It so unbelievable that he couldn’t utter a word to her. His mouth was wide opened as he watched her in surprise.


“Please do wait for a moment, is not going to take a while,” she said and completed her walk to the stage. She couldn’t believe she talked to Richard like that in front of people. It was like heart talking, not her mouth. She didn’t think of her boyfriend at that moment, not her friends or what other people would say about her. And she wished for was to let go of that thing she’s been holding in her heart throughout the week.


Richard avoided making eye contact with people as he gently walk back to his seat beside Thomas.




“Wow! I can’t believe what just happened,” Thomas said looking at Richard in surprise.




“So, there have been updates I’ve been missing recently,” said Thomas’s sister as she squeeze to share her brother’s seat.




“For goodness sake, can’t you see you are too fat for this seat to contain the two of us?”Thomas complained.



“Well, if you have hatred for fat girls, why do you date a girl that is five times my size?” She asked and Richard started laughing at them.




“Okay Richard, tell me what I’ve been missing,” she said as she widened her eyes excitedly.




“You haven’t missed anything, she is just a friend,” Richard responded.




“You are definitely hiding something, and I will find out sooner or later,” she smiled and went back to her former place.




“Okay, our contestants will soon start their campaign, let’s keep quiet and hear them,” the final year student said.




The contestants talked one after the other pointing out what they will do when they get elected. As for Richard, he focused his attention only on Rebecca. The way she smiled and talked others around her couldn’t seize to amaze him. And when she looked at him, he felt so warm in his heart. It was like he was floating in the air. He wished everything would end soon so that he can talk to her.







Rebecca was the last person to give her speech. Even though she had a planned speech to give which was written and edited by experts, she sound felt like speaking from her heart. He made some few steps forward and began her speech as she looked into Richard’s eyes.


“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rebecca Thomas from the department medicine and surgery. I am the secretary general of the current administration that is about to handover. I know some of you are thinking that maybe a doctor shouldn’t be interested in politics. You might be right, because a doctor is supposed to focus on the health of people,” Rebecca stated.



“Then why do you decided get involved in politics?” One of the audience asked.


“To be honest with you, I was doing it for fun initially until I went out with a friend last week to the countryside. We took a woman to a hospital over and I was really shocked to discover things that the hospital has no drugs. It has poor infrastructure and no electricity, mosquitoes bite patients at night putting their health even more at risk. I know some of you thinking that this has nothing to do with the Student Union Government, but in my perspective, it has everything to do with it. The people out there need to be aware of their right, they need to know that they can live a better life than. I couldn’t sleep the night I experienced all these. I finally decided to put my childish life behind. So, if I’m being voted for, I will create a program that will help people out there no matter how small it is. Besides, the union has lavished money on so much unnecessary things. Believe me, this will not only will this make the name of this school to be, but also each and everyone of us would be resptected.”




After the speech, everyone started leaving while Richard remained seated in his position.




“You can go without me,” Richard said to Thomas when he saw that he was trying to wait for him.




“Okay,” Thomas smiled knowing in my what Richard is trying to do. When Rebecca noticed that Richard remained seated as everyone leave, she decided to remain behind.




“Hey, aren’t you going?” Her friend asked.




“You girls should go without me,” she said to them and they left her angrily.



Five minutes later, the hall was empty with only Richard and Rebecca in it. Despite everyone had left, they started at each other for more than a minute without uttering a word. They only smiled at one another.


“Richard,” Rebecca finally called out.


“Rebecca,” Richard said.


“So, tell me what came up that you wanted to leave,” she requested.


“It was nothing. I never you are such a great politician,” Richard said.


“So you are trying to change the topic, right?” She smiled.


“Yes,” he smiled back.


“I recently became interested in politics,” she replied.


“That’s wonderful, you gave a wonderful speech today,” he commented.


“Thank you,” she replied.


“So, do you have any plan tonight?” She asked as she walked to him.




“Uhm, let me check my schedule,” Richard said and he jokingly unfolded the paper he was holding.


“It looks like the only I have on my schedule tonight is sleeping,” Richard said as he looked up.




“Well, the I hope you have a really nice sleep,” she replied and by that time, she had gotten to where he was.


“I thought you have planned something for us tonight,” Richard said.




“I did, but it seems like your schedule is tight,” she responded and sat beside him.




“Oh come on, sleeping is of less importance to me. I can go weeks without it as far as I get to be with you,” Richard said noticing that she is trying to draw her offer.



“Are you sure?” She laughed.




“I’m very sure,” Richard smiled.




“Okay, come to my place by eight. I don’t tolerate late coming,” she said standing up.




“Okay ma’am, I won’t be late,” Richard smiled.


When Rebecca got out of the faculty, she found her friends waiting beside her car.




“What’s with that boy?” Dixxy asked.




“He is my friend,” Rebecca replied.




“You know very well that your boyfriend won’t like that,” Mary said.




“That’s his problem,” Rebecca replied.




“Wow! Do you mean you like that psycho over the senator?” Dixxy asked.




“Maybe,” Rebecca replied.




“Then you must have gone mad,”Mary said and they left her



Rebecca did not care at all. She decided to go after whatever makes her happy even if the world is against it. Besides, being with Richard makes her be herself and brings out the goodness out of her. He is more of a blessing to her. She entered her car and drove happily and thought about Richard along the way.


In the night, Richard arrived at Prof. Grace’s house thirty minutes after seven. He knocked at the gate and the guard had it opened for him. He happily walked in and saw Rebecca sitting on a bench under a tree. Her hair was loosed falling on her shoulders. She was wearing a zebra gown that went slightly above her knees. As the cold wind blows, it dispersed her black darkened her making to look extremely beautiful. Richard slowly walked to her smiling while she smiled as she watched him coming.




“You are thirty minutes early,” she said.




“Is better early than late,” Richard said and she laughed a bit.




“Is your mom in the living room?” Richard asked.




“Yes she is,” Rebecca smiled.




“Okay let me go and see her, I Will be back soon,” Richard announced.




“Okay,” Rebecca replied. Richard walked into the living room and found her sitting on the biggest sofa with Emmanuel sleeping beside her.




“Richard, you finally remember us today,” she said.




“No ma’am, you have been on my mind all along,” he replied.



“Good, so how are you doing?” She asked.


“I’m fine,” he replied.




“You know I’ve made some research about the business you told me, I discovered that it is a good business,” Prof Grace announced.




“Really? Which business is that?” Richard asked.




“Fish farming,” she replied.




“Oh yes it is,” Richard smiled.




“I will give you 20 million naira to start the business with it, but please don’t ever tell my daughter,” she offered.


“Really?” He asked with his widely opened.




“Yes, but you have to wait until I come back from India first. I will be going for treatment,” she said.


“Okay ma’am,” Richard replied.




He walked look very excited that Rebecca noticed his happiness.




“Did you discuss something sweet with my mom?” Rebecca asked.




“Not really, I’m just happy that I’m here with you,” Rebecca smiled.



“Thank you,” she said as she stood up.




“Are you going somewhere?” Richard asked.




“Yes, you can come with me if you like,” she said as she headed to the gate of the house. Richard quickly stood up and went after her.




They walked out of the house and headed somewhere Richard has never followed. He wanted to ask where they were going, but he kept quiet to maintain the mystery.


“Is so unfortunate that the beautiful moon isn’t out,” Rebecca said.




“Well, it doesn’t need to come out if you are around. Because you are as bright as the moon,” Richard complemented.


“Really?” Rebecca asked as moved closer to him.




“Yes Rebecca, infact, you are the most beautiful being i’ver ever set my eyes on,” Richard said.




“This is a lie that every boy tells a girl,” she responded.




“Look into my eyes and tell me I’m lying,” Richard said looking more serious than ever.




“You look funny when you talk seriously,” Rebecca laughed.





“Is that so?” Richard asked.




“Yes,” she replied.




She moved so close to him and finally held his hand. He suddenly remembered the day they went to Ali’s birthday party. That magical feeling flowed through his whole body again. The walked for some minutes before arriving at the extreme of the staff to small garden close a stream. There was were light bulbs all over the garden that made the place look completely bright. They sat on a bench in the garden facing each other. As the wind blew, Rebecca hair was Carried along and Richard couldn’t resist the beauty.




“Your hair looks astonishingly beautiful,” he complemented.




“Thank you,” she smiled.




“You are welcome,” he smiled back.




“Do you mind plaiting it for me?” She requested.




“With pleasure,” he said as he stood up. He walked behind her with his heart beating faster. He stretched his hands slowly to touch her soft hair. Her kneck looked so captivating at that instance, he wanted to touch but felt he need not to.




“Do you remember the day you plaited my hair?” She asked.




“I will never forget that day,” he answered.




“You should do the same today,” she replied.




“Yes ma’am,” he replied and started plaiting. He plaited for thirty minutes before he finally got finished.




“You still plaited like an expert,” she smiled.




“Thank you.”




“So, when is your birthday?” She asked.




“It was yesterday,” Richard replied.




“What? And you didn’t even care to tell me,” she said angrily.




“I’m sorry, It wasn’t that important, that’s why I didn’t bother to tell you,” Richard replied.




“Really? Is okay,” replied Rebecca.




“I guess you are no longer angry with me anymore, right?” Richard asked.




“No I’m not, I just wanted to give you something on your birthday, but I guess you have to wait until next year,” she mentioned.




“What could that be?” Richard asked.



“I wanted to give you a kiss, but you have blown your chance,” she said.




“You joking, right?” Richard asked surprisingly.




“I’m very serious Richard, I mean it,” she replied.




“I’m very sorry Rebecca, I didn’t know this is what it will cost me,” he pleaded.




“You can plead all you want, I’m never going to change my mind, she said seriously. Richard tried to convince her for more than 30 minutes, but she refused to change her mind. At last he gave up.












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