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The Pink Clouds – Episode 22

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At about 5:00 pm, Richard informed Prof. Grace that he will be going.




“So soon? Is my place really boring?” She asked.




“No not at all,” Richard responded.


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“You know I have extra rooms in the guest quarter, would you like to move here?” Prof. Grace offered.




“I would like to move, but friends won’t like that,” Richard replied.




“Is okay, I hope you will come here every day,” she said.


“But before you go, you should at least go and see Rebecca’s party,” she suggested.




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“I don’t know if she will like it if I go there,” Richard said.




“She won’t dare,” Prof. Grace replied.




Richard really didn’t want to go, but for the sake of Prof. Grace, he decided to give it a look. He walked out of the living room and slowly headed towards the crowd. As he got closer, everyone turned to look at him.




“Hey, isn’t that Richard?” Amirah said excited.



“Of course is him,” Alice replied.




“Isn’t that the psycho that kept following Rebecca the other day?”




“And how did he get in here?” The senator asked furiously.




“I didn’t know,” Rebecca replied.




Richard stood still and looked into Rebecca’s eyes. Alice and Amirah were shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening.




“This Rebecca’s first love, she used to love him more than anything,” Amirah announced.




“What’s wrong with you Amirah? You know I really hate stupidity,” Rebecca yelled.




“Did you just yelled at me?” Amirah asked.


Before Rebecca could reply, Richard quickly intercepted.




“Look, I’m only here because your mother sent me to remind you of your phone. It has been ringing in the living room for the past hour,” Richard replied and left. As soon as he got out, he heard


Alice calling out his name. He stopped walking and watched as she and Amirah walked to him.



“I don’t really know where to start from. Is the fact that I’m just seeing you for the first time in six years or the fact that Rebecca has completely become crazy,” Alice said.




“Well, we should start with the immediate problem, we can discuss about you seeing me for the first time in six years later,” Richard smiled.




“There won’t be any later, because we are going right now,” Alice replied.




“You can’t be serious, I don’t to be the reason why you fight with your friend,” Richard said trying to calm them.




“This isn’t just about you Richard, Rebecca has completely changed. Is like she’s no longer the person we used to know,” Amirah replied.




“I totally agree with that,” Richard said.




“Could you please wait for us while we go get our stuff?” Amirah asked.




“Okay, I will be right here,” Richard replied.


Alice and Amirah walked back into the house to the room where they settled. They picked up the small luggage the came with and headed out of the house. As they reached the gate, Rebecca saw the and she quickly ran after them. Before she could get to them, they were already out fo the house.


“Where are you guys going to?” Rebecca asked she got to them.




“Home of course,” Amirah replied.



“I’m really sorry Amirah, I really mean those words I said back there,” Rebecca apologized.




“I’m sorry Rebecca, we feel like coming here unexpected is trying to ruin your perfect party,” Alice said.




“Why are doing this to me?” Rebecca asked.




“The fact is Rebecca, you have changed, and we can’t deal with this new you. Imagine, we spent five hours of journey to come here and see you. When we called to come and pick us, you abandoned us for your precious new friends. I really do understand now, you are now rich and need to upgrade your friends, sorry we tried to downgrade you,” Amirah said.


Rebecca ran to her and hugged her”Please forgive me Amirah, I really really sorry,” Rebecca said as she cried like a baby.


“I really am horrible friend, I swear nothing like this will ever happen again,” she continued.




Amirah lifted her head off her chest and wiped off her tears.




“Is good to have you back Rebecca,” she smiled.




“Do you mean you have forgiven me?” She asked.




“Yes we do,” Alice replied.




“Thank you,” she said as she ran to hug Alice.



Richard folded his arms as he watched their drama. He looked at Rebecca and wonder what was happening in her mind. When she looked in his direction, she saw him looking at her. He quickly looked at away pretending to be looking at something else.




“Can we please go back?” Rebecca asked.




“Is okay, we can go back,” Amirah replied.




“Richard,” Alice called.




“Yes!” He answered.




“Can we go back to the party?” She asked.




“I don’t think I can,” Richard replied.




“Why not? She already said she is sorry,” Amirah announced.




“I would love to, but I wasn’t really here for party. I was here to see Prof. Grace,” Richard replied.




“That’s sounds like an excuse to me,” Alice said.




“No is not. I will be here tomorrow, right now I have something to do,” Richard said and walked away.



“Looks like he’s still mad at you,” Alice said to Rebecca.




“Yes it seems so,” Rebecca replied.




“We know how to handle him if he comes tomorrow,” Alice said.


“Actually, I will be very busy tomorrow. You know I’m a medical student, our studies starts tomorrow, things are going to be really tough for me,” Rebecca explained.


“Come on Rebecca, is just one day. You can send a report to school pretending you are sick, then we will use that time to have some real fun,” Amirah said.


“Okay, if you insist,” Rebecca replied.


They walked back into the house. Instead of taking them to the guest quarter, Rebecca headed to her room with them.


“Hey, is everything alright?” Prof. Grace asked when she noticed them coming into the living room with their luggage.


“Everything is fine, I just decide we will all live in the same room,” Rebecca said.


“That’s better, I hope you will make them enjoy their stay here,”


“I will,” Rebecca smiled.


As they walked into the room, Alice and Amirah were wowed by it.


“You really are a princess Rebecca,” Amirah said excitedly.


“Look at this bed,” Alice said and she jumped on to the bed.


“And look at all these shoes and clothes” Amirah said she opened the closet.


“You can pick any of them,” Rebecca smiled.


“I’m good actually,” Amirah eplied.


“Hey, have you forgotten that you are running a party?” Alice asked.


“Don’t worry about it,” Rebecca said.



“No, we are good here. You really have to go so they won’t blame us for taking you away,” Amirah said.







By the time Richard got back to his room, it was already dark. He found everyone present in the room.




“Where have you been?” Thomas asked.




“I have been at Prof. Grace place,” he replied.




“Oh I totally forgot about that,” Thomas replied.




“So, how did the event go?” Richard asked.




“It was awesome, I was able to meet a girl,” Thomas replied.


“Was your sister present when you approached the girl?” Richard asked.




“Of course she was present, she can’t do anything about it,” Thomas laughed.




“We are even going out tonight,” he added.




“That’s really quick, what kind of a girl give herself so easily like that?” Richard asked.





“She seem so cheap to me,” Richard continued.




“That’s what you are thinking, but I think she is actually amazing,” Thomas replied.


Richard proceeded to his bed and sat down.




“You don’t seem okay, how was your meeting with Prof. Grace?” Achuba asked.




“It was okay,” Richard replied.




“Are you really sure?” Achuba asked.




“Yes, she wasn’t so mad at me as I expected,” Richard replied.




“She even suggested that I should go to her place and stay,” he added.




“Really? What did you say to her?” Achuba asked.




“I told her that you guys will not like it if I leave,” Richard replied.




“You could have accepted her offer, it will give you the chance to see Rebecca everyday and perhaps make her fall in love with you again,” Thomas said.


“He is right you know, being close to her will give you more chance,” Achuba supported.




“I have already decided,” Richard responded.



“You could have told us before you decided,” Thomas complained.




“Is okay, if we are meant to be together, she will like me even if I live a thought miles away from her,” Richard said.




“You are right” Achuba said.








At around 8 pm, Achuba announced to them that he’s hungry.


“The food I cooked in the afternoon is still remaining,” Armstrong who was always busy with his computer revealed.


“Actually, I have made some plans with Tina, we will be going out on a night picnic” Achuba replied.


“Night picnic? I have never heard of it,” Armstrong said.


“Perhaps, he is taking it to the next level,” Richard teased.


“Not at all, beside, I have to go with one of you because she said she will be coming along with her cousin sister,” Achuba announced.


“Why don’t you go with him Richard? I also have a date tonight, remember?” Thomas said.


“No problem, I guess I will go their and eat as I watch you guys do your romantic stuff,” Richard replied.






At around 8:30 pm, Rebecca party ended and everyone started leaving. Her boyfriend called her privately when it was only his friends remaining.



“What just happened earlier?” He asked her.




“I just had some misunderstanding with my friends,” she replied.




“They seemed less civilized and I don’t really like them, why can’t you just get rid of them?” He asked.




“What?” Rebecca asked with her eyes widely opened.




“I mean what’s the point of having people like that in your life?” He continued.




Rebecca could not believe what she heard. She began to wonder how she ended up being his girlfriend. She began to think what her mother had been telling her about him we’re real.


“I have been friends with them right from the moment I started talking. She shared our secret, sorrows, happiness and pains as we grew up together. Do you mean I should just give them up just because they are not up to your liking?” Rebecca asked.

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“Yes of course, why haven’t I ever talked to you about your friends at school? Is because they are up to standard. But these your so called childhood friends are humiliating. I hope you can do something about it,” he said.


Rebecca looked at him and smiled, but was totally enraged burning in anger.




“Good night,” she said to him and turned to leave.




“Hey, I am not done talking,” he uttered.



“You can talk to yourself,” she replied without even looking back. She went back to her looking very furious. She sat down at the moment edge of her bed breathing heavily with her face extremely frowned.




“What seem to be the matter?” Alice who was beside her asked.




“I had a fight with my boyfriend,” Rebecca revealed.


“Oh you mean that jerk?” Amirah asked.


“yes I mean him,” Rebecca laughed.


“I can’t believe I’m dating him,” she added.


“You see, I told you she is coming back to her senses,” Alice said looking at Amirah. Rebecca soon burst out of laugher.


“If I should ask, made you fall for him in the first place?” Rebecca asked.


“Well, he’s actually the youngest senator in the Nigerian history. That’s how I was a to know him, plus my friends think he’ll be a good match,” she added.


“Well, is a good thing that you have got married yet, because Alice went through your timeline and discovered that you annoyed getting married to him,” Alice said.


Rebecca was quite for a moment wondering to say.


“You didn’t even tell us you are getting married,” Amirah continued.




“Is okay Amirah, this is also among the mistakes she made, you don’t need to see her fault again,” Alice said.




“I’m really sorry, I’m planning to tell you guys,” Rebecca replied.




“Is okay, for now, let’s forget about him and have some fun,” Amirah said.



“Is there any ice cream shop around here?” Alice asked.




“Of course there, what do you think of my school?” Rebecca asked.




“I don’t know,” Alice laughed.




“You still haven’t changed,” Rebecca smiled.




“Would you take me there?” She requested.




“Yes of course,” Rebecca responded.


Rebecca went to her closet and took out three small blankets.


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“What are you going to use these for?” Alice asked.




“It really cold later, so l think will be nice if we go with blankets,” Rebecca replied.




“Are we going to stay long there?” Amirah asked.




“Of course,” she smiled.




“This sounds awesome,” Amirah said. As they headed out of the house, Rebecca took a power bank from the living room. They entered the car and Rebecca drove out of the house.



Richard and Achuba arrived a very big Field located before the staff quarters. It was covered with grass carpet that made the place look completely green. There were trees and street lights randomly distributed within it. The place look completely bright because of the full moon. Just before the field, lies a shop that sells icream and a man selling a barbequed meat under a canopy. Richard and Achuba went and bought some ice cream and meat before proceeding into the field. They walked to the center of the field before meeting Tina and her cousin.


“Hey, you are finally here,” she said holding a Small basket in her hand. The basket contains a flask with some food and fruits.


“Looks like you are really prepared for this,” Achuba smiled.


“Of course I am, I had some little help from my sister,” she said looking at her cousin.




“That’s really nice of you,” Achuba commended.




Tina spread a blanket on the grass carpet and they all sat down on it. They ate and ate till they all had their full. Achuba looked at Richard signalling him that he need to be alone with Tina. He stood up and went to the tree close to them and sat on bench. Few minutes later, Tina’s cousin stood up and went and sat beside him.




“What is your name?” Richard asked her.




“I am Monica,” she replied.




“You do have a nice name,” Richard complemented.




“Thank you,” she smiled.





“So, which course are you studying?” Richard asked.




“I’m studying mathematics,” she replied.




“Wow! So you are the brain type,” Richard commented.




“Not really, my mother was a mathematician, so I want to be like her,” Monica explained.




“Really? You said your mother used be a mathematician?” Richard asked.




“Yep, she died three years ago when giving birth to our last born,” she informed.




“Oh I’m really sorry to hear that,” Richard sympathized.









Rebecca arrived at the ice cream shop with her friends. They bought some of it with some meat from the man near by. As they walked into the Field, Rebecca suddenly saw Richard sitting with a girl beside him. Her heart suddenly started beating faster than ever. It’s been a while since she last felt something of that nature. It was an unimaginable pain she couldn’t describe.


“Looks like Richard is really having a good time,” Alice said.


“It seems, I know he will definitely pretend he didn’t see us,” Amirah laughed.

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When Richard looked up, she suddenly saw Rebecca approaching with her friends. He quickly looked away when his eyes met with Rebecca’s. He then decided to make the topic more interesting that Monica started laughing out loud. Again, he looked in Rebecca’s direction and saw her looking at them helpless and didn’t care



to look away. About five seconds later, she looked. Before they could get to where Richard was, the found a place and stopped.




After they have settled, they sat down and started talking. As they talked, Richard noticed that Rebecca’s attention was on him and Monica. At some point, they looked at each other and he felt like she was consuming his heart. At last, he decided to go and talk to her.




“Do you know what?” Richard said to Monica.




“Nope,” she shoke her head.




“You see that girl over there?” Richard asked.




“Which girl are you referring to?” Monica asked.




“The one wearing the sleeveless gown,” Richard replied.




“Yeah, why do you asked?” She requested.




“I have been in love with her for the past six years, and I feel like I should go and talk to her,” Richard informed.




“Then what are you waiting for?” Monica asked.




“Won’t you get angry if you are left alone all by yourself?” Richard asked.



“Not at all,” she smiled.




“You know what? I think we should go there together, I will unfair to you if I leave you all by yourself,” Richard.




Richard and Rebecca stood up and walked to them. When Rebecca saw them approaching, she quickly lie down and started going through her phone.




“Do you mind if we join you?” Richard asked when they arrived.




“No we are not going to mind,” Amirah smiled.




“You party ended sooner than expected, I thought it was going to last till dawn,” Richard said looking at Rebecca, but she kept quiet pretending not have heard him.




“He’s talking to you Rebecca,” Alice tapped her on the shoulder.




“What did you say?” Rebecca asked.


“I said why did your party ended so soon? Is supposed to last till morning,” Richard said.




“Well, it turns out all my guest are busy people, they are something to,” Rebecca replied.




“Well, if your guest are really busy people, the wouldn’t have come to that boring party of yours either,” Richard Said.



“Oh was my party really boring?” Rebecca asked.




“Of course it was. A party that your best friends didn’t enjoy is quite boring to me,” Richard replied.




“And who told you they didn’t enjoy it?” Rebecca asked.




“Because it could have been the topic of your discussion for three days, but I know you haven’t talked about it since the party ended,” Richard said.




“We are currently talking about it right now. It was so awesome that I don’t there is a going to be party that will close to it in the future,” Rebecca said as she widened her eyes.


“To be honest with you, I first thought it was a burial ceremony for your pet until your Mom told me it was your birthday,” Richard said and Alice and Rebecca started laughing.


“What makes you think is a burial ceremony?” Alice asked.




“I rather say not,” Richard laughed.




“Who is this girl with you?” Alice asked.




“She’s Monica,” replied Richard.




“She seems like a good girl, is she your girlfriend?” Amirah asked.





“Hell no, we just met today,” Monica replied.



“Who knows, maybe it was love at first sight,” Alice insisted.


“I don’t believe in that, besides, he told me that he has been in love with a girl for the past six years,” Monica revealed.


“Who is that girl?” Amira and Alice quickly asked.




“He hasn’t revealed her identity to me yet,” she replied.




“So, where have you been all this while Richard,” Alice asked.




“Struggling with life, I suppose,” he replied.




“You didn’t know what our friend went through after you left,” Amirah said.




“Don’t you dare start it,” Rebecca quickly inception.




“Hey! Calm down baby, I wasn’t referring to you,” Amirah laughed.




“I feel like something like this has happened before,” Richard said.




“Do you mean is a deja Vu?” Alice asked.




“Yeah, only that if feels so real, I’m so sure it happened before,” Richard replied.




When he looked into Rebecca’s eyes, the memories flash back to him, and he felt like it all happened yesterday.



“I know you remember something similar like this happening, right?” Richard asked Rebecca.




“Nope, I don’t,” she shoke her head.




“Oh I forgot, you have a poor memory,” Richard teased.




“Be rest assured, my memory is one thousand percent better than yours,” Rebecca replied.




“Well, if it was better than mine, you wouldn’t have forgotten such happy moments,” Richard said.




“Happy moments?” She retorted.




“Yes happy moments,” Richard replied.




Before Rebecca could reply, her phone started ringing. The name “honey” appeared on the screen.




She put the phone on silent and turned it off. Richard wanted to make a comment about it, but he went silent.




“So, how have you been doing?” He asked looking at Alice and Amirah.




“Good actually,” Amirah replied.



“Which school did you attend after your graduation from secondary School?” Richard asked.


“I went to a nursing school, I’m currently a nurse in your previous university clinic,” Amirah informed.




“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rebecca asked.




“I just got the appointment last week,” she replied.




“Well, then congratulations,” Rebecca said.


“Thank you,” she smiled.




“What about you Rebecca? When are you going to start performing surgery?” Richard asked.




“I’m currently is my fourth year, I shall be operating in the next two years I think,” Rebecca replied.




“That’s really nice,” Richard said.




“I thought you were going to to rebuke me,” Rebecca said.




“I was going to rebuke you, but I couldn’t find a single thing to criticize about you,” Richard said.




“Oh really?” Rebecca asked.



“Yes really, but I think you should change your temper. A doctor is not supposed to get mad people for nothing,” Richard asked.




“I don’t get mad people for nothing, there must be a reason,” she replied.




“Very good. If I may ask, why were you mad at me?” Richard asked.




“Nothing, I just feel like doing so,” she replied.




“You just said you don’t mad at people for nothing,” Richard said.




“When did I say something that?” She asked smiling.


Richard couldn’t believe what he was feeling. They world around him suddenly disappeared feeling like they are the only people on the planet.




“What do you call a disease of forgetting things easily,” Richard asked.




“I don’t know,” she said still smiling. He turned looking at Amirah.




“Don’t even think of asking, let her tell you,” Amirah said.




“Is called Alzheimer disease, thanks for asking,” Alice said.




“Sorry for not asking, I thought you aren’t related to any medical course,” Richard said.



“I’m sorry studying pharmacy for your information,” she replied.




“But pharmacy is not a medical course,” Richard opposed.




“Oh maybe is an agricultural course,” she replied sarcastically.




“More like it, since you deal with plants,” Richard laughed.


They talked for about 2 hours until Alice announced that she is sleepy.




“So soon?” Richard asked.




“We journeyed for hours before coming here, you are supposed to sleep earlier than this,” she replied.




“Okay, I guess we will see tomorrow,” Richard said.




“Alright then, but give us your phone number before you leave,” Alice said.




They left after receiving his phone number. When Richard and Monica went back to their previous position, they found Achuba and Tina still talking.




“Looks like I will have to go without her,” Tina revealed.




“Are you sure you can go alone?” Richard asked.



“Yes, I am very sure,” she smiled. But before they finished talking, they saw Achuba and Tina getting up meaning they were done.




They walked to them and helped them to pack up.




“We thought you guys are spending the night here,” Monica said.




“We wanted to do that but we thought it might rain later in the night,” Achuba replied.




“Seriously?” She asked surprisingly.




“No, I was just kidding,” he laughed.




“Okay, we will meet tomorrow,” Tina said.




“Okay, good night,” Achuba responded.



















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