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The Pink Clouds – Episode 2

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Richard entered his room in the dormitory. He met 3 other students which he was supposed to occupy the room with. The room was of medium size with a wardrobe located opposite to the entrance. There were two metal bunk arranged at the right side of the room, and the third one is placed on the left side.


There was a ceiling fan moving at a very fast speed. Two of his roommates seemed to have just arrived from their home with their luggage.




“You are all welcome,” Richard said to them and proceeded to shake each and every one of them.




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“Are you also in this room?” one of the boys asked.




“Yes I am, there is my stuff,” Richard pointed a table with some items on it.




“You must be rich, how can you leave the door opened with your stuff left unprotected?” one of the boys asked surprisingly.


“I don’t think I own anything that worths stealing in my bag,” Richard grinned. “You never know the importance of what you have, until you lose it,” one of his roommates replied.


He was very tall and dark in complexion.



“I can say you are right about that,” Richard smiled.

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“So, what level are you?” the tall man asked. “I am in currently in my first year,” Richard replied. “No wonder you look very young, how old you are?” the man asked.




“I am 18 years old,” Richard responded.




“I thought you will be the youngest in this room, but it seems not,” the man revealed.




“Of course I am the youngest,” Richard said considering the fact that he looked to be the smallest of them all in the room.


“You older than Gabriel, the boy behind you,” the man said pointed at the boy behind Richard.


Richard was totally amazed when he noticed the height of the boy. He was the tallest in the room and fair in complexion. He had a very grown hair that was two times as the one on Richard’s head.




“You must be kidding, right?” Richard asked unbelievably. “Do I look like someone who will Kid around with you?” the man asked with a serious face. “How old are you Gabriel?” Richard asked.




“I am 16,” Gabriel responded.




“Wow!” Richard exclaimed speechlessly.




“I don’t know what your name is,” the man said.



“Oh, I am Richard,” he answered.




“Alright Richard, you can call me RG,” the man said.




“What does RG means,” Richard asked curiously.




“I am sorry that’s classified,” the man laughed.




Richard proceeded to his luggage and unloaded everything into his wardrobe. After he was done, he took a bag containing his laptop and went out of the room.




He walked to a garden at the extreme of his dormitory. It was at a border between the student campus and the staff quarters.


The garden was the quietest place in the whole campus, and Richard thought he had found the perfect place for his studies. He sat on a bench in the garden and brought down his bag.


He took out his laptop and some A4 papers out of his bag. He turned on his computer and went through all the courses he will be having in that semester.




As he took his pen trying to schedule how he is going to study for the semester, he saw a girl dressed in white approaching. She was holding the hand of a little boy as she walked majestically on high heels.




For a moment, Richard halted trying to see who the girl was. But as the girl got closer, he noticed that it was the girl he had an argument with earlier.


He became surprised by how she had changed in her personal dress unlike when she was her uniform.



Suddenly, the girl caught him staring and he quickly looked away. “Oh my God!” he said as he came back to his senses.


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He was usually the type that wasn’t into girls that are younger than him. According to him, any girl younger than him will just be very childish and especially secondary school students like her.


The girl walked past the garden and headed towards the staff quarters. It was then that he realized that she must be the daughter of one of the lecturers in the university, and that gave him an explanation to her behaviour earlier.


He focused back on his paper and continued writing when his phone started ringing. When he took it, he noticed that it was an unknown number. He quickly answered it wondering whom it was.




Richard: Hello, can I know who’s talking, please?




Janet: Is Janet, the girl you met earlier today.




Richard: Oh sorry about that, I didn’t know that it was you.




Janet: Oh no no, you don’t need to apologize




Richard: so, how are you doing?




Janet: Doing okay. Where are you right now? Because I am close to Block D.




Richard: Tell me where you are, I will come and meet you





Janet: No, you tell me.




Richard: Okay, I’m in the garden close to the staff quarters.




Janet: Alright, I’ll be there.




After the call ended, Richard saw her approaching with her friend. She wore a red dress with black trousers that looked extremely beautiful on her. Richard tried his very best to stop himself from staring at her.


He pretended as if he was focused on what he was writing. “Mr First class,” she said with a smile as she walked into the garden.




“So you are here,” Richard said as he turned.




“Yes, I am. Look who is serious, we just started lectures today and he has already started studying,” Janet said looking at her friend.


“Well, that’s one of the secrets of maintaining a good result,” Richard grinned.


“Oh, I really? Then I guess you have a lot to teach me,” Janet smiled.


“I don’t think a lazy girl like you can cope with something like that,” her friend laughed.


“Is easy once you have the determination,” Richard explained.


“Well, I think you will teach me about determination too,” Janet said and her friend laughed again. “By the way, this is my friend Farida; she is studying radiography,” Janet introduced.


“It is a pleasure meeting you Farida,” Richard smiled. “The pleasure is all mine,” Farida smiled back.


Janet moved closer to Richard to give herself a better look at what he was writing.


“Is this a timetable you are writing?” Janet asked.


“Sort of, but is more like my routines for a day,” Richard answered.




“Wow, do you mean all that you have to do in a day will be written on this sheet of paper?” she asked.




“I think so,” Richard smiled. “I’ve never met a person like you. You are so dedicated, I won’t be surprised from now on if you will have a result more than the first-class degree,” Janet said completely amazed. “Come on Janet, stop exaggerating,” Richard said, even though he was impressed.




They talked for about 15 minutes before Janet decided that they will be going. “Alright Janet, we will meet during lectures tomorrow,” Richard said. “Yes Richard, I will see you tomorrow,” Janet responded.




Thirty minutes after they were gone, the place became dark. The garden got more beautiful with the street lights shining in it. It was then that Richard chose to go and have something to eat. As soon as he got out of the garden, he saw Paul calling him.


Paul: where are you are? I am standing by the door of your room.




Richard: Give me a few minutes, I will be there.




After the call ended, Richard rushed to his room and found Paul trying to leave. “Come on, you just called me; where are you going again?” Richard asked with an angered face.


“Relax. I was called by a girl I met earlier today,” Paul said smiling as he walked away. “You don’t ever get tired of girls,” Richard said as he shook his head watching Paul as he walked away from the dormitory area. “Well, I can die tomorrow. Let me enjoy my life before I die,” Paul responded.


“Alright then, enjoy yourself,” Richard said.


“I will,” Paul laughed.



“By the way, I just met with Janet some few minutes ago,” Richard announced.


“Oh really?” Paul asked as he walked back to Richard eager to hear more.


“Yes, of course, we talked for a couple of minutes,” Richard explained.


“I think this your chance of getting a girl in this school. You will hardly get a girl like her, you can still win her heart while she is trying to use you,” Paul said after he got to where Richard was standing.


“But I don’t think she is trying to use me, her intentions look real,” Richard replied.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen.


“If her intention were real, why didn’t she approached you last semester? Just see how beautiful she is and tell me her intention is real. Girls like her are usually arrogant,” Paul explained.


Richard became speechless after that. As far as he could recall, Janet hadn’t shown any interesting in using him. Besides, being with her will make him have more confidence and experience with girls in the future.




“When next you are with her, call me. I know you will not do anything reasonable,” Paul laughed.




“I will show you what I am capable of,” Richard responded.






After Paul left, Richard went to his room to prepare something to eat for the night.


He cooked some spaghetti with stew and sat by his bed and ate.




He invited the rest of the members of his room to join him, but they all claimed to be filled. After he was done eating, he took his computer and walked out of the campus to the closest faculty where he got his computer to a Wi‐Fi network. He used his computer to watch a movie throughout the night, for it was the first day of the semester.







The next day was a very wet day. Richard got caught in the rain on his way to his faculty as soon as he got out of his dormitory.


He quickly ran to building close by because the running water can ruin the new shoes he was wearing. He folded his arms and watched as the rain fell heavily. About 30 minutes later, a girl in her school uniform approached from afar.




She was holding an umbrella with her right hand, while her left hand was in the pocket of the blue sweater she was wearing. She wore a white sweat hat that covered her ears with black gloves in her hands.




The combination looked beautiful on her that Richard kept staring wanting to figure out who the girl was. When she got close, he noticed that it was the same girl he had an argument with the other day. They both looked away.


Albeit Richard is not interested in secondary school girls, something about the girl seemed fascinating.


The girl sauntered untill she got to her school.








About 15 minutes later, the rain stopped falling making it possible for Richard to walk to his faculty.


Upon arriving at his lecture venue, he noticed his lecturer already there. There were very few students in the hall due to the rain that fell. “Good morning Ma’am” Richard greeted the lecturer.




She was a woman in her late 30s. She is fair in complexion and very short in height. She taught Richard in the previous semester and was very fond of him.



Since the first time she saw Richard, she trusted that he is a boy full of potentials.


She was dressed in a long sewn gown that is almost touching the ground.


“Good morning Richard, How are you?” the lecturer questioned.


“I am doing well,” Richard responded as he walked to go and sit.


“Meet me in my office later, there is something I would like to discuss with you,” the lecture announced.




“Alright Ma’am, I will be there,” Richard answered, and he proceeded to a sit in the middle.




“I didn’t know you are a good friend of Professor Grace,” said a voice behind him. When he turned, he noticed that it Janet sitting behind him. She was dressed in a complete pink outfit that Richard thought she is the prettiest in the hall.


“She taught us last semester, remember? Besides, she is a very simple and understanding woman,” Richard replied.


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“I don’t think so since her course is the only thing I failed last semester,” Janet complained “Really? Maybe you didn’t give her what she needed,” Richard replied.




About ten minutes later, the hall became filled with students. The lecture continued for more than hours before it finally came to an end. After the Professor left the hall, all the students started leaving the hall including Richard and Janet.


They talked as they walked out of the hall. Immediately they got out of the hall, they were approached by a boy who seemed to be from a very rich family. Immediately Janet saw him approaching, she left Richard and quickly walked to him.


Richard remained behind them with his arm folded waiting for her to finish talking to the boy.


But as soon they were done talking, she walked with the boy to an expensive car that was parked at the parking space and drove away.




Richard became extremely furious at that moment. It became obvious to him that what Paul told him was true. He decided to address her whenever she approaches him again.


Just then, he heard paul laughing behind. “This girl has really nailed you,” Paul said after he had gotten to where Richard was standing.




“Have you seen what she did to me?” Richard asked. “Yes I have,” Paul replied. “She doesn’t really know who I am, I don’t care if she is beautifu; I will make her regret it,” Richard vowed.




“Don’t worry bro, I am with you this time,”


Paul supported. “I will be on my way to professor Grace’s office; can you please walk me there?” Richard requested.


“I am sorry, I have something to do,” Paul complaint.


“Alright, let me go and see her,” Richard replied.


After they parted, Richard headed to the office of the professor. He knocked at the door and she asked him to come in. “Good afternoon Ma’am,” Richard greeted her.




“Good afternoon how are you?” Prof. Grace asked.




“I am doing fine,” Richard responded. “How is your family?” she inquired.




“They are all okay.”




“So how are you managing your life.”


“Well, thanks to the Lord Ma’am, everything is okay,” Richard responded.


“I heard you did very well in your exams,” Prof. Grace said.



“Yes,” Richard replied.


“That’s wonderful, I want you to study harder and maintain the same result throughout your stay here,” she advised.


“I will try my best,” Richard responded.


“I have a job for you if you are interested,” Professor Grace offered. “What is the job ma’am?” Richard questioned.


“I have a daughter in a secondary school who is very terrible at calculations. I want you to take the job of teaching her,” Professor Grace amplified.


Richard became quiet wondering how to he could tell her he doesn’t have the time to do that. “I know you are very busy students, but considering the fact that you are an orphan, it will help you.


Besides, it will reduce the pressure you put on your sister; and I promise I will pay you well,” Mrs Grace explained.


“How many times am I going to a teacher in a week?” Richard asked.




“3 times should be enough, just create the convenient time you think is okay for you,” Prof. Grace said.




“Alright Ma’am, I will think about it,” Richard responded. “Okay, Richard, I will be waiting for your reply,” Prof. Grace responded.


Richard walked out of her office and met Paul where they were supposed to have their next lectures. It was a practical course in a hall filled with computers.




They were few students in the hall because the lecture was to take place in 30 minutes to come. He met Paul sitting with a girl beside him who happened to be studying software engineering science.


“Hey Paul,” Richard said after he had gotten to where Paul was.


“Hello Richard how was your meeting with the Prof? Paul asked.


“It went well, she wants me to teach her daughter,” Richard explained.



“Did you agree to teach her?” Paul asked. “I told her I will think about it,” Richard explained.


“This is perfect, you should accept her offer,” Paul advised.


“Really? I will consider it, though I’m a very busy person,” Richard replied.


They talked for some couple of minutes before the lecturer that will be delivering the lectures arrived. The lectures lasted for about three hours before it finally ended.


After the lectures, Richard walked back to his room looking very exhausted. Immediately he entered the room, he fell on his bed trying to fall asleep. “Oh man, looks like engineering is hitting someone,” Gabriel said.


“Is not easy bro, I’m just pretty exhausted,” Richard replied.


“At least, you should eat before going to sleep,” Gabriel suggested.


“I don’t think I have time to cooking,” Richard responded.


“I have some food left, I think you can take it,” Gabriel offered.


“Oh thank you so much, Gabriel,” Richard appreciated.


Gabriel stood up from his bed and went to his locker and took the food. Richard quickly collected the food from Gabriel and ate it ravenously.




He lied on his bed immediately he was done eating. He slept for about 2 hours before his ringing phone waked him. Reluctantly, Richard opened his eyes to see who was calling.




He ended the call immediately he saw that it was Janet calling him. When she tried to call again, he ended the call and switched it off. He continued sleeping until it was late in the evening.




He woke up and started marking preparation for his night studies. He took some books and put them in his bag along with his laptop. He switched on his phone as he was heading out of the dormitory. Suddenly, he received a message from Paul.



I tried calling you but your phone was switched off. There is going to be a lecture in Hall 2E by 7:00 pm. You shouldn’t be late.


He placed the phone back into his pocket immediately he was done reading the text message. He proceeded to the garden close to his campus and brought down his bag containing his books and laptop from his back. He read for about 2 hours until the place started getting dark.


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He put all his books and laptop into his and headed towards his faculty. He then took a taxi in order to get there on time.


Immediately he walked down from the taxi, he turned and noticed Janet by the entrance of the faculty. He quickly looked away after their eyes met. He paid the taxi driver and turned heading towards the entrance of the faculty.


When he got to where Janet, she stood up from the small bench she was sitting and approached him. “I called you and the call was rejected,” Janet complaint.




Richard ignored her as if he hadn’t heard and continued walking into the faculty.


“Hey, I am talking to you,” she shouted.


And still, he ignored her and continued walking. Everybody’s attention diverted to them wondering what was happening.


Richard entered the hall and sat on a seat at the front of the hall. Most of the students were there because it was just 15 minutes left for the commencement of the lecture.


Immediately Richard sat down, he turned and saw Janet approaching looking very upset. “Who do you think you are?” she shouted.




At this point, the hall became silent watching them. Richard removed one of his books from his bag and writes and he ignored her. More interesting stories available @


“I have never seen a jerk like you,” she angrily insulted and left where he was sitting.




After she left, everyone kept asking Richard what happened between them, but he insisted that it was nothing serious. Soon the lecturer arrived and started delivering his lectures. He lectured for about 2 hours until the lecture finally come to an end.











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