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The Pink Clouds – Episode 13

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A week later, the day which Rebecca will be witnessing the inter house sports arrived. She woke up since 5 am feeling so excited and nervous at the same time. She went to her bathroom and brushed her teeth before coming back to her room. She sat by her bed imagining what she will expect.




She thought about Richard and how he will be impressed if she wins the 100 meter race. She had been the best racer so far, but she still doubted herself until then. About an hour later, she stood up and went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. She suddenly remembered that her mother had bought some bread the previous night. She put some water for tea on the stove and walked to living room.



She turn on the TV started watching it to kill some time. 10 minutes later, she went back to the kitchen and found the water already boiling. She prepared some tea and put it in a red flask. She then fried some eggs and had it covered with a plate.


After she was done, she went to her bathroom and took a bath. She dressed in her sport wear which was a yellow shirt, a white skirt that was slightly above her knees and a white canvas. She went to the dining room and had breakfast. By the time she was done, it was already 7 am. She went to her mother’s room and waked her.

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“Good morning mum,” Rebecca greeted her mother.




“Good morning, how are you?” her mother asked.




“I’m fine,” Rebecca replied.




“I can see that you are ready for your inter house sport,” her mother observed.

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“Yes I am,” Rebecca smiled.




“What’s the time now?” Her mother asked.




“It is 7 o’clock,” Rebecca responded.




“By what time are you starting the inter house sports? Isn’t it too early for you to go by this time?” her mother asked.




“Actually, we are going to practice more for our match pass parade before the inter house starts by 9 O’clock,” Rebecca explained.



“I wish you Good luck then,” Her mother replied.




“Will you be attending the program?” Rebecca asked.


“Actually, I have organised a lecture with some of my students,” Her mother replied. “Please mum, you have never seen me participating in an inter house sport,” Rebecca begged.




“I also wish I could attend it, but I have already made a promise to the students. They will think of me as an irresponsible person if I don’t go,” Prof. Grace explained.




“Please do understand my situation,” Prof. Grace continued.


Rebecca angrily walked out of her mother’s room and went to the living room. She felt like crying at that time, but she tried and controlled herself.




She had a feeling that Richard will also not attend the inter house sport. She quickly ran back to her mother room and asked her for his number.




“What are you going to do with his number?” her mother asked.


“I want to remind him about attending my inter house sport,” Rebecca responded.


“You better not waste your time; I will also be having a lecture with his department. And we will be having a test at the end of the lecture,” her mother explained. “What? Rebecca exclaimed.


“Yes, you heard me,” her mother replied. Rebecca angrily left to her room. At that moment, she regreted not having Richard’s phone number. She would have called him to find out if what her mother was telling is true. But somehow, he had confidence that he will come.

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About 20 minutes later, Rebecca heard Amira calling her name from their living room. She stood up from her bed and went to the living room and found Amira also dressed in her sport wear.


She wore a red polo shirt, a white skirt and a white canvas.




“Hey,” Amira said as Rebecca approached her. “Have you gotten ready?” Rebecca asked. “Oh yes I have, what about you? It seems like you are upset,” Amira said.




“Like always, my mum said she will not be attending the inter house sport,” Rebecca replied.




“Maybe she will be much occupied that’s why she couldn’t go,” Amira said trying to calm her.




“She doesn’t have an excuse, why can’t she spare just a day out of her busy days to be there for me?” Rebecca asked angrily.




“Please lower your voice, don’t let her hear you,” Amira said.




“What if she hears me? I am just saying the truth, I’m not scared of anything,” Rebecca responded.




“Please don’t say such things about your mum, I beg you,” Amira said.




“She is my mum, not yours,” Rebecca responded.




“Alright, I understand,” Amira responded. “Come on, let’s get going,” Rebecca said and they walked out of the house.









Richard woke up having a battle on his mind. He has planned on attending Rebecca’s inter house sport, but he was also called and told that they will be having a test that morning. He finally stood up after 10 minutes of thinking.


As he was heading out of his room, his phone started ringing. He walked back to his phone which he plugged charging close to Gabriel’s bed. When he unplugged the phone, he noticed that it was Janet calling him.




Richard: Hello




Janet : Good morning sweetheart




Richard: How are you darling?




Janet : I’m well




Richard: So, what’s up?




Janet : Everything is up




Richard: What do you mean by that?




Janet : You have recently changed Richard, don’t you love me anymore?



Richard: Why would you ever say that? Of course I do love you




Janet : I don’t think so. You don’t call me like you used, we don’t hang out like before.




Richard: You know I am always busy, how could you think like that?




Janet : You used to have time for me no matter how busy you were.




Richard: Please do not misunderstand it, I just have some stuff going on.




Janet : Is okay, let’s meet today in the evening and discuss it


After the call, Richard brushed his teeth and started preparing his breakfast. As he was about to finish the breakfast, Paul walked into the room.




“Where have been for the past 2 days?” Paul asked as he walked into the room.




“I am the one to ask you this question,” Richard replied.




“So what are you cooking?” Paul asked.




“I’m cooking the usual of course,” Richard responded.




“And what’s that?” Paul asked.



“Rice you stupid, what do I usually cook other than that?” Richard asked and Paul started laughing at him.




“You know, Janet called me yesterday,” Paul announced.




“What did she tell you?” Richard asked.




“She said she thinks you don’t love her anymore,” Paul explained.




Richard kept quiet wondering to tell Paul. “Why are you doing this to her? You know a girl like her is the type that every boy is after,” Paul urged.


“The thing is, I don’t feel happy when I’m around her like I used to,” Richard responded. “Are you in love with another girl?” Paul asked.


“I think so,” Richard replied.


“Don’t make this mistake Richard, you are about to leave one of the prettiest girls in this school,” Paul cautioned.


“If you are speaking of beauty, Janet is no match to this girl,” Richard replied.


“Really? I wonder who could this person be,” Paul smiled.


“She heated me before, but it turns out that she is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,” Richard explained.


“By any chance, are you talking about Prof. Grace’s daughter?” Paul asked.


“How did you know?” Richard asked.


“Come on, she is just a high school kid. Pray her mum never finds out, because she will be very disappointed,” Paul explained.


“Yes I know, that’s why I have been controlling myself,” Richard replied.




“This seriously is not something you should be saying, you should get her off your mind right away,” Paul replied.




“I will,” Richard replied.




“Are you aware that we will be having a test later?” Paul asked.




“Yes I am aware,” Richard replied.




“I haven’t read much, I need your assistance please,” Paul begged.




“Alright, don’t you worry,” Paul assured.




After they were done eating the food Richard cooked, they walked out and went to their department waiting for Prof. Grace to come and conduct her lecture and her test.




It was some few minutes to 9 O’clock, and Richard knew their inter house sport could start any moment from that time. At that moment, he wished to see Rebecca more than ever.


He began to remember how desperate she wanted him to be there and the reason why she agreed to participate. Suddenly, he had a feeling that she is the most important thing in the world to him. He quickly stood up and started heading out of the hall.


“Where are you going?” Paul asked Richard. “Somewhere,” Richard replied. “Prof. Grace will be here any moment, why don’t you wait until after her lecture?” Paul asked.


“I will be back soon,” Richard replied and walked out the hall.


As soon as he got out, he met Janet trying to get in. “Hey Richard, where are you going to?” she asked. “Somewhere,” Richard responded and kept walking. Janet remained silent and watched him as he walked away.









Rebecca had been impatiently waiting to see if Richard could show up despite she knew he will be having a test. She started blaming her mother for everything that got her really sad and provoked.




She wished Richard could be there to see her participating. By 9 O’clock, the school was filled with many guest most of which are the families of the students and invited students from other schools. The inter house was about to start, and the first event was the match pass parade competition.


The students that will participate in the match pass parade arranged themselves according to the houses wearing the same outfit. The school band was played and the students were ready to start the match pass. Rebecca kept looking at the crowd to see if she could spot Richard.




She at last gave up after the match pass started. “Besides, he has a stupid test organised by my mother, why would he come anyway?” Rebecca thought. As they were parading, Rebecca suddenly turned and noticed Richard in the crowd. She instantly felt like an ice was placed on her heart. The smile on her face was so radiant and enchanting. They paraded around the path made for the parading and they were been judged as they went along.


After the parade, Rebecca ran to Richard excitedly.




“I thought you were not coming, I was told that you have a test,” Rebecca said.




“I do have a test, they are currently writing it right now,” Richard responded.




“Then why do you abandon your test to come here? You shouldn’t have come,” Rebecca said.

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“Nothing is important to me in this world right now than seeing you especially on a wonderful day like this,” Richard replied. Rebecca felt her like heart would melt at that moment.


His words are getting sweeter in her ears every single day.




“I owe you my life Richard,” Rebecca smiled. “You look beautiful,” Richard compliment. “And you look handsome,” Rebecca smiled back.


Suddenly Alice appeared before them. “Hey Richard,” Alice said.




“How are you Alice?” Richard asked.




“I’m okay, have you seen our parade?” Alice asked.




“Oh yes I have, you did wonderful,” Richard replied.




“Thanks to you, I have no doubt that our house will be in the first place,” Alice replied. “Take a photo of us,” Rebecca interrupted and handed Alice her phone.




“Okay,” Alice replied.




They took many pictures until it was time for Rebecca to race. She was suddenly overcome by fear as their names were been called.




“I know you can do it,” Richard encouraged her.



“I wish I can,” Rebecca responded. She walked into the school field with her body trembling like never before. She had run many races before, but she had never felt scared like this one. The racers arranged themselves at the starting point of the race. They took off as soon as the gun was fired. Richard suddenly started trembling as they started racing.




He wished she could come in first place. But after the race ended, she took the second place. She became very disappointed in herself and felt like exploding from the inside. She had been racing for more than 4 four years and she had never come anything but first. She ran out of the field and headed out of the school. Richard ran after her and held her hand.


When she turned, he noticed that her face was already in tears.


“This is why I said I am not participating in the first place, but you made me ran,” Rebecca cried.




“I am really surprise that you are crying because of this, if there is a champion here today, that should be you,” Richard said. “Why should that be me when I have lost?” she asked.




“Because you have won my heart,” Richard replied.




The moment Rebecca heard him, the tears in eyes stopped. She felt as if her breath was been taken away by the word he said. That moment, she felt like telling everything she felt for him. But somehow, her lips became glued and couldn’t utter a word.


“You are the champion here today, so you should be happy,” Richard continued.


“Richard,” she called out finally.




“Why are you so nice to me?” She asked. “Because…” Richard started.



“Don’t you dare say is because I am your student,” Rebecca interrupted.




“How do you know what I wanted to say?” Richard asked.




“Because it has been your only answer,” Rebecca replied.




“But please do me tell something more that,” Rebecca requested.


Richard suddenly realised where she was going, but he then remember about her mother.


“I can’t,” Richard replied.




“Why can’t you?” she asked. Richard became quiet and couldn’t talk.




“Goodbye,” she said and ran out of the school compound.











Richard went back to his room and lied on his bed. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. It was obviously clear to him that Rebecca really loved him. But then, she was more like a desire he can’t have. He never really understood what love is till he met her. Despite how he valued his education, he scarified his continuous assessment just because he was dying to see her face. And what worries him most is the fact that he doesn’t have anybody to share his story to not even Paul.


It was an emotion deep inside him that he wished he could tell someone. He lied there on his bed not feeling hungry despite is noon. Suddenly, Paul walked into his room and found him lying on the bed.




“Why didn’t you write the test?” Paul asked as he walked to him.




“Because I didn’t want to,” Richard replied.




“I thought I used to be the crazy one, but you have now proven yourself,” Paul said.




“You can say anything you want,” Richard replied.




“Richard, do tell me what’s wrong with you. I have never seen you acting this way before,” Paul requested as he sat down beside Richard.




“It is obviously clear that you are in worry, please tell me what’s wrong,” Paul requested.




Richard sat up and looked at Paul in the eye. “You will think I am crazy if I tell you,” Richard announced.




“I won’t think so, just tell me,” Paul insisted.




“I really love her, I can’t help it,” Richard announced.




“And who could that person be?” Paul asked. “I wished I could stop falling for her, but she is now in every of my thoughts. I see her all day along in my eyes even when I am sleeping. My feeling for her is just driving crazy as every second passes by,” Richard explained.



“Just tell me who this girl is,” Paul requested. “Is Rebecca, Prof. Grace’s daughter,” Richard responded.




“Oh my God Richard, are you in relationship with her right now?” Paul asked.




“Not really, I couldn’t bring myself together to tell her,” Richard replied.




“It should remain like this, think of how her mother will react if she finds out. Think of how Janet will react, she loves you more than anything in this world. Have you forgotten that she has a heart problem? Think of what will happen if you break her heart? She is already in pain with the less care you showed to her recently,” Paul explained.




“That’s why I feel like my head will explode, because all these thoughts are going on in my head,” Richard explained.




“Just think it through, sometimes, following your desire will leads to your destruction,” Paul advised.






Rebecca was lying on the sofa in the living room when her mother came back.


Rebecca was silent and didn’t even care to say welcome to her mother.




“How was the inter house sport?” Her mother asked but Rebecca remained silent replying. “Hey, I am talking to you,” Her mother repeated.




“It was terrible,” Rebecca replied reluctantly.



“Is something wrong with you?” Her mother asked.




“Everything is wrong with me,” Rebecca replied.




“Are you talking to me like this right now?” Her mother asked.




“Why shouldn’t I? You have never attended any of my school programs since I was a baby. My friend’s mother was abroad, but she travel all the way from there just to see her daughter participating. You are my mother, why can’t you do the same for me?” Rebecca asked and started crying.




Her mother moved closer to her feeling ashamed because of what she had said. “I am very sorry for not always been there for you. From now on, no matter how busy I am, I must create a time for my sweet little daughter,” her mother smiled as she wiped off her tears.




“I’m 16 now mum, I’m not little anymore,” Rebecca smiled.


“You are and will always be to me,” her mother smiled back.


Her mother went to her room and left her sitting in the living room.


Some minutes later, she heard Alice and Amira knocking at their door. She opened the door and allowed them.




“Why did you live without any trace?” Amira asked.




“Your name was being called several times so that you will receive your prize, but you were absent,” Alice added.





“I Have a little headache that’s why I left,” Rebecca responded.




“That’s terrible, how do you feel now?” Alice asked.




“I’m much better,” Rebecca responded.




“Here is your prize,” Amira said as she handed the Prize to Rebecca.




“My daughter won a prize?” Prof. Grace asked as she walked out of her room.

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“Yes she did,” Amira smiled.




“Good afternoon ma’am” Alice greeted as Prof. Grace got to where they were sitting. “Good afternoon, it’s been a while since you last came here,” Prof. Grace said.


“Oh yes ma’am” Alice replied.




“I hope you are fine,” Prof. Grace asked.




“I’m very fine ma’am,” Alice smirked.




“What was Rebecca’s prize for?” Prof. Grace asked.




“She came second in the hundred metre race for girls, her name was called but she was nowhere to be found,” Amira responded.




“Oh is a good thing that you were there,” Prof. Grace responded.



Prof. Grace went to the empty sofa opposite to them and sat down going through her phone.


“Are you going to Ali’s birthday party?” Amira asked.




“I don’t think so,” Rebecca replied.




“Why not? Didn’t you agree on going with Richard?” Alice asked.




“Not anymore, he is always busy and I’m sick,” Rebecca answered.




“That’s quite bad,” Amira commented. “Indeed it is, we will inform you of everything that happens there,” Alice added.




“I will be grateful if you do that,” Rebecca said.


“Okay, please walk us out, I’m going home,” Alice announced.


“Okay then let’s get going,” Rebecca said, and they all stood up and walked out of the house. Amira and Rebecca walked Alice to the main road where she boarded a taxi home.




“What happened between you and Richard today?” Amira asked on their way back. “Nothing happened,” Rebecca answered. “Why did the two of you leave without any warning, I think something must have happened,” Amira said.




“Believe me, nothing happened,” Rebecca replied.


At that time, they had gotten back to Rebecca’s home.





“Alright dear, I will see you after the party,” Amira announced.



“Okay, when is the party starting?” Rebecca asked.


“By 4 O’clock I think,” Amira replied. “Okay, I wish to hear from you,” Rebecca responded. She walked into the house and headed to her room.


“Rebecca!” her mother called out as she was about to enter her room.


“Yes mum,” she answered and walked back. Prof. Grace opened her purse and gave ten thousand Naira to Rebecca. “Use to this to buy a gift to your friend celebrating his birthday,” Prof. Grace said.


“Really? But I’m no longer going,”Rebecca asked responded.


“I have called Richard, he is on his way here,” Prof. Grace added.

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“Thank you so much mum,” Rebecca said as she hugged her mother.


She happily went to her room and started making preparation to leave for the party. She went through her drawer and took out black gown, a black necklace and a black high hill shoe. She went to the bathroom and took a bath before returning to the room put the dress on her.




minutes later, she had finished dressing. She walked to the living room and found Richard sitting on the sofa. The moment their eyes met, they both became lost in the emotion they couldn’t explain. Richard couldn’t take his eyes off Rebecca; everything she was wearing was black including her earrings. It was as if everything she was wearing was opposite the colour of her skin.




She walks slowly towards him feeling nervous.




“Good afternoon,” she greeted Richard.




“Good afternoon,” Richard answered.




“Are you ready to leave?” Prof. Grace asked. “Yes mum,” Rebecca replied.



“Okay, you drive carefully,” Prof. Grace said as she handed Richard the key to her car. “Thank you so much,” Rebecca smiled at mother.




“Don’t mention it, take care of my daughter Richard,” Prof. Grace said.




Rebecca and Richard walked out of the house and headed towards the parked car.




“I have never seen you looking this beautiful,” Richard compliment.




“Thank you,” Rebecca appreciated.




“Is like you are getting prettier every single day,” Richard added.




“Stop flattering me Richard,” Rebecca laughed.


“I’m not flattering you. If I will be asked to choose the most beautiful girl in the world, I will quickly choose you without any hesitation,” Richard said.




“Are you sure? What makes you think I am pretty?” Rebecca asked.


“Your lips, your eyes, your hair, to be precise, everything makes you beautiful,” Richard answered.


Rebecca could not stop looking at Richard; it was really surprising for the both of them that they can say things like that to each other. Amira was behind the flower fencing Prof. Grace’s house.




She had listened to all of their conversation. Even though the words Richard said were not meant for her, she felt so happy to have heard them.



She wanted to talk to the, but she let them be by themselves.


They entered the car and drove out of the school.


“Why do you keep smiling?” Rebecca asked when she noticed Richard’s face.




“Well, that’s my little secret,” Richard replied. “Please tell me,” she said as she pulled his left hand.




“Hey young lady, I am driving,” Richard shouted.




“I will never stop until you tell me why you are happy,” Rebecca laughed.




Richard drove out of the road and stopped the car. “Do you really want to know?” Richard asked looking into her eyes.


“Yes I do,” Rebecca smiled. Richard remained quiet for a moment until Rebecca pulled his arm again.


“I’m happy because of you,” Richard announced. His heart instantly started racing the moment he said that. Despite the fact that he was scared, he could resist the desire within him of telling her how he felt. As for Rebecca, it was the sweetest thing she had ever heard.


For moment she forgot where she was.




“Do you really mean it?” She asked.




“Yes I do. You know students like you are you are very rare to find,” Richard continued.




“Do you think we are still maintaining the teacher and student relationship?” Rebecca asked.




“Yes of course, what relationship do you think exist between us?” Richard asked.




“I don’t know, just keep driving,” Rebecca said releasing his arm.


Richard continued driving the car and moved onto the road. At that monent, Rebecca wished Richard would say she wasn’t just a student to him.




They arrived at a shopping mall where Rebecca said she will buying a gift for Ali. Richard parked the car in the space made for customers. They got down the car together and headed towards the entrance of the mall. “You are welcome,” said the receptionist working at the mall after they have entered the mall.



Thank you,” Richard replied.



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“Richard replied.




“What would you like to have?” Asked the receptionist.




” Would like to have a wrist watch,” Rebecca responded.




“What? Are you buying a wrist watch for him as the birthday gift?” Richard asked.




“Yes of course, is something wrong?” She asked.




“Is not okay, unless if he is your boyfriend,” Richard said.




“Then what do you suggest I should get to him?” Rebecca smiled.




“How about some perfume?” The receptionist contributed.




“That’s even more romantic,” Richard rejected.


“I will just get the wrist watch,” Rebecca smiled and she was accompanied by the receptionist to the section of the jewelry. About 10 minutes, she returned with two watches.




“Hey, why did you buy two watches?” Richard asked.




“I bought the other one for you,” Rebecca revealed.




“What? We have to return it. You spend money only when something is important,” Richard said as he turned to go back.




“So you think this is not important? Well, if you don’t accept it, I swear will not be going to the party,” Rebecca said.




“Alright, let me have it,” Richard said and collected the watch and put it on his hand right away.




“How does it look on me?” Richard asked.




“It looks amazing,” Rebecca smiled.




“Please take a photo of us,” Rebecca said and handed her phone to the receptionist. She put her hand around Richard’s waist as the reception took their picture. They headed their way out after the pictures.




They were about to enter the car when Rebecca stopped Richard.




“What happened?” Richard asked.




“There is something I would like to ask you,” Rebecca announced.




“What is it you want to ask?” Richard requested.




“Please tell me honestly, why were you thinking about me?” Rebecca asked looking very serious.


Richard was about to reply when she interrupted him.




“Please don’t say is because I am student or whatsoever,” she said. Richard was speechless for a while.




As he looked into her eyes, he felt as if his soul was been consumed. More than ever, she looked very pretty. The way she looked at made him to loss his breath.




“Please tell me what’s on your mind,” she insisted when she noticed his silence.




“I kept thinking about you before I think you are an amazing person. Is like your face has become the theme of my mind. For the past days, I couldn’t take you off my mind even for a second,” Richard answered.




Listening to those words made Rebecca to lose her mind that she could speak no further. “I am sorry, I should not have said something stupid like this to you,” Richard said and quickly tried to open the door to the car.




“I have been thinking about you also, perhaps, more than you do think about me,” Rebecca announced.




Richard could not believe what he had heard. He remained paused with his hand holding the door handle of the car. He slowly turned and looked at her and found her smiling at him.


“Do you really mean what you said?” Richard asked unbelievably.




“Yes I do Richard, I do mean it,” Rebecca responded.


It was a moment of ecstasy for both of them until Amira appeared.




“Hey, so you guys are here,” Amira said behind.


They turned and looked at her feeling somewhat disappointed.




“Oh yes we are,” Rebecca replied.




“I thought you said you are not going to the party,” Amira uttered.




“I have changed my mind,” Rebecca answered.




“That’s great then. So what are you doing here?” Amira asked.




“We come to get Ali a birthday gift,” Rebecca answered.




“Okay please accompany me to the mall too, I want to buy something for him,” Amira requested.




Richard and Rebecca looked at each other of a while.




“Is okay I can go alone,” Amira smile.




“No she will accompany you,” Richard replied. “Okay, we will be back soon,” Rebecca said as she proceeded to hold Amira’s hand.








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