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The Pink Clouds – Episode 11

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Rebecca had just finished eating her dinner. She walked to her room and brought her books to the dining table.


Her mother and her brother left the dining table and went to the living room where they sat and watch TV.




Rebecca opened through the pages of her books and tried to study. About 20 minutes later, she gave up and went to the living room. She failed to understand why Richard was the only thing on her mind all along.




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She sat next to her mother and took one of the small pillows on the cushions and placed it on her laps. “Are done studying already?” her mother asked.




“Not really, I feel like I’m having a head pain. That’s why I decided to give it a break for a while,” Rebecca replied.




“You don’t need to stress yourself. You have studied enough, you should rest whenever you are tired,” Her mother advised.




“I will do that mum,” Rebecca responded. After about an hour, the cartoon they were watching ended. Prof. Grace and Emmanuel decided that they will be going to sleep.


“Good night mum,” Rebecca said to her mother as she walked to her room.


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“Don’t forget to sleep early,” he mother urged. “I won’t mum,” Rebecca responded. She continued watching movies until she finally falls asleep unconsciously.

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The next day, Rebecca woke up and did her chores like she usually does in the morning. She got dressed in her uniform and waited for her mother to come out. Around 7:30 am, her mother had gotten ready and she came out for her breakfast.


“Good morning mum,” she greeted her mother. “How was your night?” Prof.


Grace asked.




“It was okay mum,” Rebecca answered. “Good, aren’t you leaving to school with your friends today?” her mother questioned.


“I am, I just want you to call Richard. He didn’t show up yesterday,” Rebecca complained.




“Maybe he had a tight schedule. You know it has not been easily for him to teach you and at the same time study,” her mother explained.




“You are right mum,” Rebecca responded. “You should be patient with him,” her mother urged her.




“Okay mum, I’m off to school,” Rebecca said as she proceeded to her way out of the house. “I will see you after school then,” her mother responded.




Rebecca went to Amira’s home and found her still getting ready.


“You know is already 7:30, right?” Rebecca alerted.



“Oh my God, I woke up so late today, I think I have to go to school with my breakfast,” Amira replied.




There is still time, you can eat before we go,” Rebecca assured.




“Alright then please give me a minute,” Amira requested.


“I have given you ten minutes,” Rebecca laughed.




About 15 minutes later, Amira walked out. They quickly boarded a taxi and headed to school.




The taxi dropped them at the gate of their school about five minutes later. They entered the school and went to their class.


Soon, the bell for the beginning of the lessons was rung and Alice came in immediately.




“Where have you guys been?” she asked. “I’m almost late because this girl,” Rebecca replied pointing at Amira.


“Well, you should be happy you came just right on time,” Alice said.




Before they knew it, their biology teacher walked into the class.


They all stood up and greeted him after which he started his lesson.




minutes later, he ended his lesson. Throughout the lesson, she thought about nothing but Richard.


She desperately wished for school to be over so that she will go back home.



“What are you thinking about?” Alice asked when noticed that Rebecca’s mind was lost somewhere else.




“Nothing actually,” Rebecca responded.




“You have been acting really weird lately, is anything wrong?” Alice asked.




“Not really, I am okay,” she responded.




“I hope you are telling the truth,” Alice answered.


Their school closed at about 2 pm. Rebecca and Amira took a taxi to go back home.




“You know I have been your friend since we were very young, right?” Amira asked.




“Yes of course,” Rebecca answered.




“But I have never seen you acted this way before,” Amira said.




“How am I acting?” Rebecca asked.




“Well, it seems like something is bothering you,” Amira said.



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“There is nothing bothering me Amira, I’m really okay,” Rebecca assured.



“Let’s hope you are telling the truth,” Amira replied.


They got down from the taxi after it had come to a stop close to their houses.




“Alright, I will see you later,” Rebecca said to Amira.




“You too, I hope Richard will come today,” Amira replied.


Rebecca did not say a word; she only smiled and shook her head.




She walked into the house and headed to her room. Her brother was calling her, but she pretended she hadn’t heard him and kept on walking. She walked to her room and lied on her bed.


She held her pillow tight and before she knew it, she unconsciously fell asleep..


About an hour later, she heard her mother calling her by the door of her mum.


“Yes mum,” she replied as she woke up.


“You even slept with your uniform on, are you sick?” her mother asked.




“Not really, I was just very exhausted,” Rebecca answered.




“Okay, I will be going to my room,” her mother announced.




“Okay mum,” Rebecca answered.


She stood up and went to the bathroom and had a shower before coming back to her room.




She wore a green shirt and black skirt and walked out of the room to the dining room. She went through her phone as she eat the spaghetti that was cooked for lunch.



After she was done eating, she laid her head on the table because she couldn’t think of what to do.




About 30 minutes later, her mother walked out of her room and told Rebecca that she will be going back to office.


“Don’t you think we should call Richard today?” Rebecca asked.


“Be patient dear, he will come when he is free,” her mother announced.




“Okay,” Rebecca replied.




She went to the living room and started watching TV after her mother left.




“I want to watch cartoon,” Emmanuel said as he pulled her dress.




“If you don’t take your hands off me, I’m going to slap you,” she warned.


Her brother released her clothe and went to the sofa next to her and sat down.




About 30 minutes later, she heard Richard’s voice by the door of their house.




Suddenly, her heart started to beat faster than ever.


It was like every atom of her body was attracted towards the door where Richard was.




Despite the fact that she was dying to see him, she remained sited and pretended she hadn’t heard him. Her little brother ran to the door and opened it for Richard.



Richard walked into the house and saw her sitting with her eyes focused on the TV. At that moment, Rebecca felt like turning to look at him.


It was a desire she had never felt before. Even his voice sounded sweeter as he spoke to Emmanuel.


But despite all that, she still pretended not have notice his presence.


“Rebecca,” Richard called.


Even though the sound of her name was ringing in her heart, she still refused to turn and look at him.




“Rebecca,” Richard called again. She turned and glared at him angrily and continued watching her TV.




“What have I done wrong?” Richard asked.




“I don’t know,” she replied without looking at where he was.




“Please tell, what did I do wrong?” Richard asked as he walked to her.




“Leave me alone,” she said as she stood up to go to her room.


Richard ran to her and held her hand and pulled her back.


When she looked into his eyes, her heart beat faster that she felt like it will jump out of ribs. “What did I do wrong?” Richard asked her again.




She quickly removed her hand from his hand and turned her back towards him. He then folded his arms and watched her.


“Why didn’t you come yesterday?” she finally asked.


“I was about to come when my mates called me that there is an important thing we need to discuss,” Richard replied.




“So I’m not that important to you right?” She asked.




“Come on Rebecca, you know I will never leave our lesson for something not very important,” Richard replied.




“Okay what was it that you needed to discuss?” Rebecca asked.


“We are expected to have a test today, and the lecturer had only taught us once because we pissed him off. So, my mates called me to teach them about the course,” Richard explained.




“Enough of this long story, aren’t you going to apologise?” She asked.




“Okay, I’m sorry,” Richard smiled.


She turned and looked him with a smile on her face.


“You are lucky that I easily get calm down,” she said.


“Let me show you something,” she said as she ran to her room.


Richard became curious of what she was going to show him.


She came holding her two scripts with a smile on her face.


“Take a look at my papers,” Rebecca said as she handed him the papers.


“Oh my God, is this really your script?” Richard asked astonishingly.


“Whose name do you see written on it?” Rebecca asked.


“You know, for a second, I never doubted that you will be this great,” Richard said.


“Really?” she asked.


“Yes of course. You are intelligent Rebecca, is all written all over pretty face,” Richard complimented.

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Rebecca felt like her heart was melting when Richard said that.


She looked him in the eye and couldn’t say a word.


“You should keep it up, I know you will surprise more in the future,” Richard continued.


“Thank you,” she smiled. “let me get you something to eat,” she said as she ran to the kitchen.


“Come on Rebecca, I have just eaten,” Richard said trying to stop her.


“Don’t even think about it,” She said as she kept walking to the kitchen.


About five minutes later, she returned with the spaghetti she ate for lunch with some fried eggs.


“Wow! I can’t believe you did this,” Richard said.


She brought the food and kept it on the dining table in front of him.




“I told you I’m not hungry,” Richard complained.




“Just say you are not going to eat my food and I will take it back,” Rebecca replied.




“Why would I say that when you are one of the most amazing cook in the world,” Richard replied.




“Come on, just eat,” she said she hit him on the shoulder.


“You know, I will be having an inter‐house sport competition in school in the next two weeks,” Rebecca revealed.




“Is that so? I hope you will be participating?” Richard asked.


“Not really, I plan on not participating in any event,” Rebecca replied.




“Why not?” Richard asked.




“I just don’t feel like participating,” she replied. “You know this is something that you are going to miss so much after you graduated,” Richard told.




“I don’t think I will miss anything from high school after I graduated,” Rebecca announced.




“Well, you are saying this because you don’t have experience,” Richard replied.




“Is that so Mr experience? Okay tell me the things you missed from your high school,” Rebecca asked.




“I miss everything from my high school,” Richard said.




“Come on, you don’t mean it, right?” Rebecca asked.




“Of course I mean it,” Richard assured.




“I missed my friends and the crazy things we used to do. I missed sport, my teachers and the school surrounding,” Richard revealed. “That’s cute, I’m beginning to imagine how your school looks like,” Rebecca said.




“It doesn’t have pretty buildings, but lots of memories have been created there,” Richard explained.



“Really? What is your favourite memory then?” Rebecca asked.




“Well, there are many favourite memories, I don’t know where to begin from,” Richard replied.




“Okay, tell about the best five memories,” Rebecca smiled.




“Okay, the first one was the day we set up our friend.


There was a girl had a crush on called Naomi. We usually have practical classes in the evening.




One evening before we went for the practical class, we took the shirt he was to wear that evening and wrote I love you Naomi on the back. Because it was a white shirt, the writings appeared very well. He wore the shirt and went class with it. During the class, the teacher called him to come and write on the board.


When he walked to the front of the class, everyone saw what was written on the back of his shirt,” Richard narrated.


“Oh my God, what happened next?” Rebecca asked curiously.


“The whole class started laughing, and he vowed to payback,” Richard replied.




“And what did he do to payback?” Rebecca asked.


“Well, he wrote a letter to a girl with my name written on it as the writer,” Richard responded.




“Really?” Rebecca asked. “Oh yes, and it turns out that the girl had crush on me,” Richard laughed.

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“Oh that’s so funny,” Rebecca laughed too. “So what your second favourite memory?” she asked.




“Well, it was the day our school won a match pass parade during children day in the whole state,” Richard announced.




“Wow! Were you among the participants?” Rebecca asked.




“Not only did I participate, but I was also the leader,” Richard announced.




“Wow that great, maybe you will teach me some new moves for our upcoming interhouse sport,” Rebecca said.


“Oh that won’t be a problem,” Richard assured.




When he looked at the time in phone, he noticed that an hour was gone already and they haven’t started their lesson.




“Hey, look at the time,” Richard announced. “Yes, the time moved faster than expected,” Rebecca replied.




“Alright, go and get your book. Let’s do the lesson even if it’s for 30 minutes,” Richard instructed.




Rebecca went to her room and came back with her books. She kept staring at him as he was teaching her.


She felt something which she has never felt before in her entire life. Staring at him made her feel so at ease that she wished that feeling will never fade.



“Is anything wrong?” Richard asked when he noticed how she was staring at him.




“Not at all, what were you saying?” she asked.




“So all along, your mind is not here,” Richard said.




“Yes I am sorry,” she replied. “As young as you are, what were you thinking about?” Richard asked.




“I wasn’t thinking about anything,” She responded.







At about 6 O’clock, their lesson ended and Rebecca walked Richard to the door.




“Will you come tomorrow?” she asked Richard.




“I don’t think so,” Richard replied. “Why not?” she asked.




“I am very busier than I look,” Richard replied. “Please do come tomorrow if you have the chance,” Rebecca pleaded.




“Alright Rebecca, I will try my best. But if you don’t see me, it means I’m very busy,” Richard explained.




“I Know you won’t be busy,” Rebecca smiled. “Let’s hope so,” Richard replied.



“Okay, I will go now,” Richard announced. “Where will you go from here?” She asked.




“To my dormitory of course,” Richard answered. “Do you want to follow me there?” Richard teased.




“Oh yes, I do,” she smiled.




“You have no idea what you are saying,” Richard smiled.




“Of course I do, I heard that boys always leave their surrounding dirty unlike girls,” Rebecca said.


“Whoever told you that is the biggest lair of the century,” Richard laughed.




“Let me get going, it’s really getting late,” Richard announced.




“Okay Richard, see you tomorrow,” she smiled.







The next day, Richard came in the evening around 3 O’clock. Rebecca was sitting with Amira on the bench they usually sit. Amira was helping Rebecca to loose her plaited hair. When they saw Richard approaching them, they both quickly stood up. “Hey, you are here already,” Rebecca said.


“Oh yes I am,” Richard smiled.




“Good evening Richard,” Amira greeted him. “Good evening, how are you doing?” Richard asked.



“I’m doing okay, you left my friend very worried for not coming the day before yesterday,” Amira revealed.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon button on the bottom of the screen



“Stop it Amira,” Rebecca shouted at her angrily and she started to laugh out seriously.




“Come on Richard, let’s leave this girl, she has gone crazy,” Rebecca said as she headed to the house.


“She has every reason to be worried, her favourite Mathematics teacher didn’t come,” Richard replied.




“Yes, I wish you could transform me like you transformed her. You know everyone is surprised at school, even our principal,” Amira explained.




“Hey, I said we should get going, didn’t I?” Rebecca asked while she was some distance away from them.




“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time, I will come when I’m done talking to her,” Richard smiled and continued talking to Amira.


Before he knew it, Rebecca came and held his hand and started pulling him along.


She dragged him all the way to the entrance of her home.




“Why don’t you want me to talk to your friend?” Richard laughed.


“You know she is crazy, she can say all sorts of ridiculous things to you,” Rebecca replied.


“I think she is so sweet,” Richard replied. “Well, you can go and continue talking to her if you wish,” Rebecca said and walked in looking angry.


Richard went after her and found her sitting on one of the sofas in the living room.



“You’ve got a really long hair,” Richard said. “Oh yes I know,” she replied without looking up. More interesting stories available @…


“Why do you seem to be angry with me lately for no reason?” Richard asked.




“Who told you I am angry with you?” Rebecca asked.


“Well, your face says so,” Richard replied. “Don’t you want me to talk to your friend?” Richard asked and she nodded her head. “Can I know why?” Richard asked.


She suddenly started laughing.


“I can’t believe you fell for it,” she said after she stopped laughing.




“I’m relieved that you are not really angry,” Richard said.


“My mum has travelled, are you aware of that?” she asked.


“No I’m not. Do you mean she travelled and left you alone in this house?” Richard asked. “Yes of course,” Rebecca responded.




“And you mean you will sleep alone in this house alone with no one to protect you?” Richard asked.




“Actually not, I am sleeping at Amira’s place,” Rebecca laughed.




“But do you think I can’t sleep alone in this house?” Rebecca asked.




“Yes of course, it is very risky. People nowadays are evil, anything can happen,” Richard replied.



“There are a lot of security men around here in the night, we are really safer than you think,” Rebecca smiled.




“Will you please sit down?” She offered.


Richard went to the sofa opposite to her and sat down.




“Where is Emmanuel?” Richard asked.




“He had gone out to play,” she informed. “That’s cool, he always reminds me of my niece,” Richard said.




“Oh really? How old is your niece?” Rebecca asked.




“She is 6 years old,” Richard answered.




“I Know she must be very cute,” Rebecca commented.




“Very cute indeed, let me show you a picture of her,” Richard said and brought out his phone from his pocket.


He opened the picture and walked to her and handed her the phone.




“Wow! She looks so beautiful,” Rebecca complimented.




“Thank you,” Richard replied.




“She is Emmanuel’s age mate, but she looks much bigger than him,” Rebecca commented. “Maybe he is not someone who grows fast,” Richard replied.




“I love her hairstyle,” Rebecca said as she gave Richard back his phone.




“I plaited it for her actually,” Richard announced.




“You don’t even know how to lie,” Rebecca disbelieved.




“I am serious; I learnt how to plait on my younger sister. I have been plaiting her hair since when we were kids,” Richard revealed. “Do you really mean what you are saying?” Rebecca asked.




“Of course I mean it,” he replied.




“The good thing is that my hair is loosed, you can prove what you are saying by plaiting my hair,” Rebecca said.


“No I can’t actually do that, I can only plait my siblings’ hair,” Richard replied.




“You made that up because you aren’t telling the truth from the beginning,” Rebecca said. “Okay I will show,” Richard said.




“Good,” Rebecca smiled.




Rebecca ran to her room and came back with comb and everything he will need for plaiting. “Here,” she said as she handed him the items. “Sit here,” she pointed at the smallest sofa in the living room.



He sat on the sofa and Rebecca went and sat on the carpet in front him facing the same direction as he. She lowered her head towards him in such a way that he could easily access it.


Hair was very long and very dark. Suddenly, Richard’s heart started beating faster. He began to think of what Prof. Grace will think of him when she comes in and finds him with her daughter like that.




What scared him more was the fact that he had never touched any girl’s hair other than that of his siblings.


“What are you waiting for?” Rebecca asked when she noticed that he was hesitating. “Nothing actually,” he answered.


He stretched his arms slowly to her hair.


It was softer than he had imagined. He started plaiting her with anxiousness. He felt like any moment her mother will come in and see them. But after a while, his mind was set at ease.


“You plait like an expert,” Rebecca said.


“How do you know that? I’m not even through yet,” Richard answered.




.”The way you laid your hand makes you seem like an expert,” Rebecca said.




“Don’t be fast at complimenting me, wait until I’m done,” Richard replied.




After about an hour, Richard was done plaiting her hair. She stood up and ran to her room in order to look at herself in the mirror. “Oh my God Richard,” Rebecca shouted from her room.


“It looks terrible, right?” Richard asked.


“No, it looks beautiful. I can’t believe it is done by you,” Rebecca answered.





“come and look at it,” Rebecca called.



“Do you mean I should come to your room?” Richard asked.


“Yes of course,” Rebecca replied.


“No I can’t do that,” Richard replied. “Why can’t you?” she asked Richard.


“I’m not supposed to go to your room,” Richard answered.


“Okay, if you insist,” Rebecca said and walked out.


“You really plait good, you know I wouldn’t have believed you if you didn’t prove it to me,” Rebecca said.


“I have never plaited any girl’s hair outside my family,” Richard revealed.


“No boy has ever touched my hair, you are the first,” Rebecca smiled.


“Really?” Richard asked.


“Yes Richard, although I will get punished for not plaiting the weekly hairstyle given by our teacher, I really like it,” Rebecca responded. “Were you given a hairstyle? Why didn’t you tell me?” Richard asked.




“I thought you couldn’t do it, but it I love this style,” Rebecca announced.




“I am happy you like it, why don’t you go and get your books so that we will start our lesson?” Richard suggested.




“That will be a good idea,” she replied and walked back to her room.








__ ______





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