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The New Girl – Episode 25

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{ She’s a trouble maker }



Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay EPISODE 25


Skyler’s POV


V was all dressed up ready to leave for his business trip.


Deep down I wish he doesn’t have to go.

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Not that am gonna miss him tho , I’m gonna miss tunting him for two days.


“So?” He said as he got to his car.


Had to follow him to car with mrs Lee staring at us in a strange way.


“So? I guess am supposed to say goodbye?” I rolled my eyes.


You’re silly. Should I get you any thing while coming? ” He chuckled.


Some chocolate bar would do. Take care of your ugly self. ” I Smirked.


Alright I’ll.” He said and drove outta the house.


I walked back into the house and went straight to the living room.

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Would you like anything dear?” Mrs Lee had asked. I nodded negatively.


Okay I’ll be out for awhile be back before you know it. Have to check on my kids. ” She said Calmly.


Good ma’am say hello to them for me. ” I said as I focused on the kdrama that was being played.


Mrs Lee had left so it’s just me myself and I in the big house.


I feel so bored right now how about some little fun.


I stood up and decided to explore the building Abit.


Oh we have a neighbor. Nice one.



I was still staring at the building next block.


A kid stuck her head outta the window and showed me a ‘ you sign.


Wow wow.


I went back inside and looked for so many plastic bags.


I went to the kitchen and filled them with mashed potatoes.


I took it to the spot I was standing earlier.


I started throwing them in the neighbors compound.


I made sure I aim for the kid’s window before firing.


Oopies the house is now painted with beautiful mashed potatoes.


I giggled and ran upstairs to my room.


Needs some sleep.




I was laying down with my eyes closed but I could hear some sounds coming from downstairs.


Maybe Mrs Lee is back.


The door to my room was pulled open that was when I decided to open my eyes.


It was some strange guys.


They were all wearing mask.


“What the heck are you doing here!” I half yelled.



“Wow boss she’s really beautiful just like you described.” One of them said.


I told you.” The boss whose voice sounds familiar.


If you know what’s good for you all you had better leave else you gonna regret ever coming here.” I said and stood up fully.


They tried to ripped off my clothes but I fought them off.


Unfortunately there were too many of them I couldn’t fight off all them.


They grabbed hold of me and pinned me down after ripping off my clothes.


Tears roll down my cheeks for I know what’s about to happen next.


❌ Kim Taehyung ❌


Why do I feel like something is wrong?


I was at the airport but refused to board the plane.


Something tells me this business trip isn’t meant to be.


How come I only got a call from one representative yet any of my board members doesn’t know about it?


Almost immediately my phone beeped.


I brought it out and glanced at it.


Oh no . The security censor had been triggered.




I raced to my car and drove off in high speed.


I hope nothing had happened to her.






Guys what do you think it’s gonna happen now?

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